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  • if 2 bigger parents have big children, and skinny parents have skinny children, what about one of each?

    just a small curiosity. a fast metabolism and skinny genes run in my fathers side, while a slower metabolism and not really fat but just curvy genes run in my moms side.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 weeks ago
  • had a dream about getting shot?

    first i was in a store with some friends and we were shopping for skincare items. when we got to the checkout, i realized i forgot my money at home and so i just put everything back. 

    then we were like in this field, there was weird looking animals and me and my friends were just hanging out there.later that night i was in the backseat of a car with my dad and brother and we were ordering drive thru at a mexican restaurant. i had ordered nachos, but i got a taco instead. all of a sudden this person drives up and starts shooting us but none of us died. i got home sobbing and my mom was on the phone with police. she told me my dad was going to prison for 3 days (no clue why)

    does anybody know the context to this? i'm really interested to know the meaning behind this

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation1 month ago
  • how do i care for my pasty, mottled skin?

    when i wake up my body is smooth and renewed. as the day passes, my skin begins to get pasty, mottled, and dry. my hands and feet get a light pink color and look all dried out and sometimes mottled as well. my chest is pretty much always mottled no matter what. the only places on my body that don't have this problem are my back and face. it's in my genetics, because my mom has the same skin. i wash my body with a goat milk soap bar and use cetaphil lotion. any tips to help this?

    Skin Conditions2 months ago
  • how to care for dandruff and wavy hair?

    I have 2a/kinda 2b mid length wavy hair and also have dandruff. it's not very much the flakes that's the problem, as i get those only sometimes but my main problem is oiliness and how my scalp always has that weird smell literally even the day after i wash it. when i wash it i first put on a moisturizing curl conditioner to the ends and then scrub my whole scalp with head and shoulders. i wash it every 2 days, if i wash it any more often my hairs gonna be very dry as it already kind of is. i let the shampoo sit into my scalp and the conditioner sit on the ends for about 3-5 minutes and rinse it out with lukewarm water. sometimes i like to go in with a protein hair mask on my ends to also add in more moisture. literally the next morning when i wake up it starts smelling and then the day after that it's oily and smelly. does anybody know of any tips to help this?

    1 AnswerHair3 months ago
  • are you actually inverted?

    i've been thinking about this recently. i heard that how you look in the mirror/front facing camera isn't really how you look and that when you take a picture of yourself using the rear facing camera, that's how you really look. it even makes sense because when i take pictures of my friends using the rear facing camera they still look the same as they do in person. however for me, when someone takes a picture of me i look all weird and lopsided. my face looks pretty much normal and mostly equal to me, but if i'm actually inverted then my mouth and teeth is all lopsided, one eye is smaller than the other, and i just look extremely weird. it would seriously bring down my self confidence by a lot more if i am inverted! but anyway, do we really look the way we do on the rear facing camera??

  • Wash routine for wavy hair?

    I have 2b waves, and i've been lately researching on different hair washing routines for my hair. everything says i shouldn't really wash it, but i really can't do that because i have a dry scalp. i do use sulfate-free conditioner, but i have to use a shampoo with sulfates (head and shoulders) to prevent flakes and itchiness. do any wavy hair experts know a good routine for me to keep my scalp healthy, but still have good, defined waves?

    1 AnswerHair4 months ago
  • does he like me?

    there's this guy i think might like me. he's actually my guy best friend, but still? today he was looking at me then when i looked at him he immediately looked up and just gave this smile. he also kept looking at me when i would pass him or he would pass me. he smiles/laughs a lot when we talk. he's always joking around me and it makes me laugh if i'm being honest. a couple days ago i laid my head on his shoulder and he just let me do that, my friend said it looked like he moved his shoulder over so my head wouldn't fall off his shoulder. when my other friend (it's like a friend group) laid her head on his shoulder he put his head on hers but when i looked he immediately popped his head back up which i thought was weird. he always teases me but tries to jokingly ship me with this guy friend of mine. he shows all these signs, but at the same time he admitted to liking his ex still and he shows ever clearer signs? such as only SOMETIMES trying to be around her or his face turning red when she passes. i don't know it's all confusing. my question is, does this mean he might like me? i just thought i needed feedback from some others lol.

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  • i like my best friends crush and now i hate myself?

    we have this little friend group. i have 2 of my bestfriends and my guy best friend in it. as we've been facetiming most of the break, i realized how much i like his humor. he's funny, his laugh too, and were always being funny around each other. i realized, "wait, am i catching feelings?" he (i'll call him B in this situation) and my best friend, i'll call her A in this situation, dated for about 2 weeks until they broke up because B realized he's not ready for a relationship. they still like each other. A was talking to me all about how he complimented her eyes, he sent her a heart, and all that and that's what best friends do. i was happy for her, but deep down inside i felt like being punched in the stomach, even though she liked him and also dated him first. maybe it's because i'm not used to boys being nice to me. i don't have lots of guy friends and having him as a friend just makes me feel special. i'm mad at myself because if i was gonna crush, did it really have to be my best friends? i know we will never date, he loves her and i can't compete with A. she has a thick body, long silky hair, and less of a clear face than me but even then she's way prettier. i'm all skinny, pale, face is kind clear, and i have brown wavy hair which is often poofy. none of the guys i dated seemed to really like me, if i got manipulated and then the other left me for another girl. not compliment fishing in any way, it's just i'm not worth it for him. what should i do about this? thanks x

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  • my best friend keeps rubbing her relationship in my face?

    my best friend recently got into a relationship, which great, happy for her. her and her girlfriend, (she’s homosexual btw) got into an argument and she was crying to me about it. i was there for her to comfort her and help her. now that they’re good again, she turns around and starts to make me feel like a total loser for being single. the first couple of times, i laughed about it like “hahah i knowww” but now it’s going too far. whenever they go to each other’s place, they call me just to remind me that i’m single. and about 10 minutes ago, i got a snap from her of them cuddling and kissing, with her calling me single as f***. i’m fed up with it now and am writing this. you really can’t say anything to it, except “at least i don’t have to worry about my heart being broken” but even then, she says “at least i found someone”. so really there’s nothing for me to say and she always wins. any tips, advice, anything to say back? thanks lots xx

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating8 months ago
  • there’s a rash around my mouth?

    i’m confused on whether its a a sign of oral cancer or not, there’s small rash around the top of my lips and around my nose, that burns a bit but not super bad. there’s also a small bump in between my 2 molar teeth that bled a little bit as well as when i brushed my teeth, but it’s going away. an hour ago my throat felt sore for like 5 minutes, but it’s better now. it doesn’t necessarily hurt when i swallow, but it hurts a little bit when i cough. what’s the problem with my mouth?

    2 AnswersDental1 year ago
  • my family is embarrassing?

    When my mom takes me out with my friends she talks and when she does, she doesn’t watch what she says. my sibling and a friend were planning something as well and when she got their mothers name, it was a muslim name because that’s they religion. my mom said “i think the name sounds muslim” and don’t get me wrong, my mom would never be racist and is very respectful of people and their religions. however the tone and the way she said it made it sound as if she was like “ew, she’s muslim?” and my friend gave me a weird kind of look. also, my brother kept trying to butt into the conversation and said “you’re acting like a black girl” in which i wasn’t, there was a meme called “beat me up sis” and i was referencing that. that of course made him look racist in a way i think? i am self-conscious so i get embarrassed easily and my friends’ facial expressions make it worse. he also said “i’m gonna snack your butt when i get home” which he doesn’t do that, he was being an immature 9 year-old i guess. but my friend has sisters so and has no male that lives with her, so she had a look on her face that he’s a pervert or something. and then i see my friend and her 2 sisters getting along, having stuff in common, and always having fun. i’m bored because my brothers are like the complete opposite of me. it just makes me feel jealous and embarrassed. my friends sisters and moms didn’t embarrass them

    while they took me out!

    1 AnswerFriends1 year ago
  • Does my best friend even like me anymore?

    so me and this girl have been best friends for awhile now. we have a lot in common. now that it’s the summer, we have hung out a few times. today we made plans to go to her community pool and then have her mom drop us off at the nearby frozen yogurt place. so earlier i had my bathing suit on, and my little pool bag packed as always. on the way there, she texts me saying “u know actually i don’t rlly wanna go anymore” and my mom got mad at me because we were literally almost there and she had to turn around last minute. ok, i get it maybe she just didn’t feel like it anymore. later on, we hadn’t texted so i sent her a meme, as we always do if we have nothing much else to really say. she kept leaving me on read, until a few minutes later, she sends me a conversation of her and another close friend of hers getting along. i’m not sure if i’m jealous, which if i am, please tell me so i can fix it, i do not wanna be like that. but anyway, does she really have to send me a conversation of her and someone else talking? i don’t care that she has other friends i’m completely cool with that but i just felt that was unnecessary maybe? i’m also too afraid to bring it up. i’m too afraid of losing her. i didn’t even do anything to upset her, i just don’t know.

    3 AnswersFriends1 year ago
  • I got played?

    So there was this nice guy that asked me out back in November. I rejected him nicely. He asked me out again last week after dating a girl in which his relationship lasted a few months. He also dated a popular girl for a couple days until breaking up and now he asked me out. I went for it. It’s been a week, and now his ex, the popular girl texted me and said I don’t even like him. I did like him, but it wasn’t that strong yet of course. Then my friend sent a screenshot of him saying “I like you” “jk” to her which i think was the wrong screenshot. So I thought we were good. Until his ex texted me again, saying “I want him back sooo” and I just didn’t reply. He said “if you don’t believe me, that’s fine but just know that I love you ❤️” and I didn’t know if I wanted to say it back yet, because I didn’t know if I could fully trust him. Turns out I couldn’t. He then told me “we should take a break” I agreed so we did. His ex then texted, “y’all broke up?” Me: “no? He said we’re taking a break?” Then the ex texted me a screenshot of him saying to her “we broke up” “I don’t like her” when he just said “I love you” and “we should take a break”. I’m mainly pissed off right now, and not sad. I confronted him and he said “I didn’t know” of course I didn’t believe that. How do I get over this? ~sorry about the long post

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating1 year ago
  • People always roast me?

    I feel as if I’m just easily able to be stomped on by everyone. Everyone’s able to roast me, but I don’t know how to do a good comeback for when that happens or when someone insults me. I sound incredibly stupid but, how do I practice having a good comeback instantly when somebody tries to insult me or something like that. I just feel as if it’s good to have good comebacks, because I don’t believe in ignoring it. It will just make them wanna do it more to me. How do I practice having good comebacks?

    4 AnswersFriends1 year ago
  • My best friend puts me down?

    Look, I probably sound like I’m overreacting a bit but she’s my best friend. We’re always trying to hang out and we recently did, we’ve told each other our personal secrets, were always texting, etc. and she is a real friend. Only problem is when I feel confident about a picture of myself which is just a regular selfie, she responds with “ew” “wtf” “no” I never do that to her. I always try to make her feel more confident about herself but she just puts me down, help?

    4 AnswersFriends1 year ago
  • Why do boys at school hate me so much?

    I’m a female and just about every boy is rude to me. I don’t even talk to them. Everyday when I’m at my locker, about 3 times a day a boy comes and out of nowhere, shuts my locker when I’m trying to get my stuff. I’m too afraid to do it back to them, because they’re actually popular and will have their little “squad” get on my case, just for that. My best friends had to end up telling them not to do that, (not that I made them but they wanted to). But they never listen. Then most days on the bus, there’s another boy who’s extremely rude to me. Normally he talks to me rudely, sometimes he grabs my purse and goes “what’s in here?” And I try to go grab it but he’s too strong. He does know how to fight and knows self defense. Then he threw my purse on the dirty bus floor, and I tried to clean it when I got home. Yesterday is why I’m typing this. Same boy, as I said he likes to fight. He juuls, fights, etc. he’s been suspended many times this year. When I was about to get off the bus, he came up to me and punched me kind of hard on my arm, and said “said I’d punch you someday”. I’m too scared to tell anyone, only 2 people that know everything is my best friends. I’m too, embarrassed to tell my family and school people. It can’t be because they like me, they already have girlfriends and they’re nice to EVERY other girl but me. I mean I’m not even that pretty and I’m very socially awkward. What do I do next time this happens? Do I hit back, or what?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 year ago
  • My mom calls me selfish?

    Lately, my mom has been acting different. Today she started calling me selfish, ungrateful, etc. everytime she gets me something, I say thank you. I’m very grateful for the stuff I have. If I’m out with friends and we go out to the store, I get a candy that she likes and stuff. I do nothing but help her out. And getting blamed on, taking her anger out on me, and calling me selfish and ungrateful is what I get in return? She’s somewhat selfish herself. She scheduled a nail appointment for herself while her nails are painted and looked completely good, while my nails aren’t painted and don’t even look that good in general. But of course, she’s the one who needs to get her nails done and stuff. I’m tired of this, what am I supposed to say to her?

    5 AnswersFamily1 year ago
  • I’m blamed on for everything?

    Earlier today, my brother went into my room while I was gone and dumped out my glass of juice. I came home and found a whole mess on the floor, and the empty glass. I got some towels and began cleaning it. Then, I told my parents. Instead of them telling my brother to stop going into my room and spilling my stuff, they blamed it on ME. They didn’t even put a tiny bit of the blame on my brother. I get good grades, I help around the house, I do chores, and I don’t sit around playing roblox and fortnite unlike my brother! Yet my parents treat him way better than me. I get honor roll (a’s or a’s and b’s on your report card) and my parents barely care. But my brother, who gets D’s, C’s, and maybe a few b’s, my parents reward him!? He almost failed last year! But back to what I was saying, this isn’t the first time he did this. He did it on my birthday which was last week, and many times before. What do I do??

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  • My bisexual best friend likes me and I’m straight?

    So I have a best friend and she’s biesexual. Of course I completely respect her for it. But...I’m straight. Today she told me she liked me. She’s giving me time to think about it, and right now I am freaking out. She’s my best friend, and I don’t wanna hurt her. Also being with someone the same gender as you is a sin in my religion. I don’t know what to say. What do I do/say??

    Thanks x

  • comebacks?

    Today this girl called me ugly and told me I would never get a boyfriend. She has had 4 boyfriends in one semester, she’s in 6th grade and literally kissed her boyfriend on the lips, as if they’re mature high schoolers, like wtf. Is there any good comebacks that involve her not being able to keep a guy? Because she will date someone for 2 weeks, and than she dumps them because she likes someone else. She hasn’t heard of true love. Comebacks?

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