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  • How do I flirt with a construction worker?

    There's a cute construction guy doing work on my house, I've seen him twice already. How can I subtly flirt or strike up conversation? I am a shy girl and I blush like crazy, and I also obviously wouldn't want to distract him from his work but when I go with my parents for meetings, him and the main guy are just walking with us so he's not gonna be actively working.

    Singles & Dating2 months ago
  • What are stereotypes for Australian high school aged girls? (preferably from an Aussie perspective)?

    I'm talking physical aspects, personality, likes and dislikes, hobbies etc. For example things like the iconic orange tan, getting drunk off of one cruiser.... It's for a character for a comedy skit

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  • My wrists and ankles constantly feel out of place?

    So my ankles and wrists constantly feel out of place so I crack them - by circling my hands or feet in circles and sometimes I hold my wrist and turn my hand til it feels back in place - to the point the joints start to hurt. And one I’ve cracked it so it feels normal, I have to keep it still or it will feel out of place again. I went to a doctor and they said it doesn’t seem like an issue, but it only started two years ago, I’m 17 this year. It keeps getting worse too and people are starting to notice and my brother especially makes fun of me. I do it subconsciously too! Is there a specialist for this kind of stuff?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management3 years ago
  • Lump under skin below right eyebrow?

    I have a lump under the skin just below my right eyebrow. It s not visible except for a purpley tint to the area of the skin it is under. If you touch it, it s kind of squishy but still pretty hard. It is quite painful, about a 4/10 on the pain scale. It is not very big, about 2 millimetres wide and a millimetre high. I googled it and it might be an eyebrow cyst but those seem a lot bigger and bulby.

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions4 years ago
  • Bumps on my face after beach?

    So I went to the beach yesterday and my skin was fine. I used sunscreen and swam in the water. The next day I wake up with bumpy skin. The bumps are tiny, and they are a bit rough. They are also a bit itchy. They have no colour. I've had it before, and they go away, but I would like to know what they are so I can g rid of them fast! I've exfoliated and moisturised and it seems to have helped a bit. I think it could be from the salt water. Also I checked and they are not sea lice or bites because it covers my whole face.

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions5 years ago