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  • Should I let them?

    The father of my 2 year old wants nothing to do with him. He barely comes see him, he made up his mind to not be a father to him. He's on child support now and threatens me everyday pressuring me into dropping the case, trying everything possible to get me in some kind or trouble so she wont have to pay. He's mother however wants to be in her grandson life. I understand she has nothing to do with her sons behavior but if I want to move on and forget about her son, letting her into my son's life wont help that process. I've gotten to a point where I want  nothing to do with him or his family.  I have nothing against his family but what's the point of taking my son to see them if his own father wont step up and be responsible.

    5 AnswersFamily7 months ago
  • What can I do?

    The noncustodial parent has been threatening me, harassing me into dropping the child support case since I put him on it. What I can do.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics7 months ago
  • I think I was raped..?

    It was consensual but he did some stuff that made me uncomfortable.. he spit on me, I asked him to stop and he didnt.. he choked me.. and slapped me.. and when I was in pain I asked him to stop be be continued anyway saying he was degrading me.. I've been feeling emotionally wrecked.. but I've kept it to myself. Who would believe me. Yes I agreed to having sex with him but I didnt agree to all that. What do I do..

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating7 months ago
  • Where s the trust?

    If someone came to you and spread rumors about your sister to you, wouldn t you come to your sister and tell her about it? Would you keep it to yourself? Or go tell someone else about it.. my ex messaged my sister and told her lies about me, and she didn t tell me anything. I had to find out from our mom. Because she told her. And im hurt as to why she didn t bother coming to me first about it especially when it s about me

    4 AnswersFamily1 year ago
  • Child support?

    The father of my 1 year old either quit his job from avoiding paying child support or either lost his job. He told me he got fired but I don’t kbk what to believe. I haven’t been receiving any payments. What do I do?

    15 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • State ID expired?

    My state ID expired. Planning on renewing it as soon as I can. But in the meantime can I still use it to buy alcohol and get a hotel room?

    4 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits2 years ago
  • Orgasm without being touched?

    Having an orgasm without being touched.. just by looking at that person during intimacy. No penetration.. no foreplay.. I love this man just so much and I’m thinking maybe that’s why.. I orgasm by just looking at him naked during sex.. I orgasm by giving him head... am I weird? And how is this possible., I start shaking uncontrollably and sometimes I cry.. it happens right before he’s about to go in.. I lose it and just start shaking and moaning..

    4 AnswersWomen's Health2 years ago
  • Squirting?

    What’s the best sex position to squirt in? And how do you know when you’re close to squirting?

    4 AnswersWomen's Health2 years ago
  • Controlling mother?

    I stay with my mom and my 19 month old. My credit score is low so I have to stay with her until I build my credit and get myself an apartment. But living with her comes with it’s ups and downs. We just recently got into an argument about baby powder.. I’m against baby powder for babies or toddlers. It gets messy and I just never liked it. This morning I was changing my sons diaper and she seen me she threw the baby powder on the bed.. I ignored it, I cleaned my son with wipes and just put his diaper on.. she asked me why I didn’t put the powder on him and I told her I didnt think it was needed since he doesn’t have a rash., she got upset at me saying I never listen to her and always wants to do things my way.. and that I always think I know everything.. I just turned 27 yesterday and this is my child. I think I’m old enough to know what’s best for him or not... but since I stay with her I have to keep taking my moms verbal and emotional abuse.. do you guys think I should listen to her about everything and do whatever she says when it comes down to my son just because I live with her?

    7 AnswersNewborn & Baby2 years ago
  • Depression?

    Any single moms battling with depression, stress? How do you cope with feeling down all the time with no energy.. faking smiles and laughs.. feeling empty and so lonely.. and drained.

    2 AnswersMental Health2 years ago
  • Letting go of someone bad for you?

    Why is letting go of someone who keeps hurting you and letting you down so hard.. what can I do to stop loving and caring for someone who hurts me every chance he gets and never apologizes.. why can’t I just walk away from him easily and not look back and not care and not miss him.. smh I know I deserve better but yet I stay thinking one day he will change.. it’s been 3 years now and things are still the same..

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Toddler congestion?

    My almost 19 month old is congested and I’ve tried baby rub and saline drops but nothing is working. What else can I use for his congestion. He has a hard time breathing

    5 AnswersNewborn & Baby2 years ago
  • Netspend prepaid card?

    Can I collect child support payments of my netspend card?

    4 AnswersCredit2 years ago
  • Can I get a restraining order?

    The father of my child has been harassing me and pressuring me into dropping the child support case. He has threatened me and also used psychological abuse on me saying my son was going to be a bastard. Not sure what he meant by that. Anyways I didn’t drop the case now he has to pay and I’m scared of what he might do to not pay it. My intuition is telling me my son and I are not safe. He knows where I live. Can I get an order of protection against him? He hasn’t physically harmed me but I have the fear of it happening.

    9 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • Was I raped?

    If you’re having sex with your partner and then you both agree to anal sex but then you feel the pain and ask him to stop but he ignores you and continues was that rape.. he told me it was consensual but how is it consensual if I asked him to stop but he pinned me down and forced. Himself in and out of me even though I was in pain and begging him to stop... I just feel like something wasn’t right but he’s the father of my child and I’m not sure what to do.. what are my rights?

    10 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • Child support question?

    If the case says “off call” what does that mean. And if the paper says unallocated support payment $378 does that mean how much he will be paying monthly?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • Ladies? Help I’m so confused?

    The father of my 17 month old who hadn’t been around at all and only comes over to see him son once a week without bringing him anything just text me saying he wants to come pick my son up and take him to his moms crib without me.. he has another daughter with another woman and he wants both kids to spend time together with the family.. he hasn’t been taking care of my son at all and we’re currently going through the child support process and he’s been getting me to drop the case saying he would help me with $60 every two weeks. I used to take the baby to his mom myself she’s very nice and she has nothing to do with his sons behavior but still everything is getting to me now and I don’t even feel like taking my son to her crib. He doesn’t come and spend time with his son so why should I let him come get my son and take him anywhere without me. I don’t even trust him. He wanted me to abort him while I was pregnant. He wasn’t there for my pregnancy and I went through labor alone..

    10 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • What would you do ladies?

    Got court coming up for child support. Dna testing was done because he wanted one although he knew he was the father. Paternity test showed he was the father and now he really doesn’t want to pay child support. He said he was going to help me out if I drop the case by giving me the money himself. I asked him how much he was going to help and he tells me $40 every two weeks. Saying he doesn’t have money.. $40 isn’t going to buy diapers, clothes, food and toys for his son. He’s threatening to disappear and never see his son again if I don’t drop the case.

    9 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • How do you ever over a horrible heartbreak?

    How do you let go of someone who hurt you really bad. Someone you gave everything to put gave nothing back to you and hurt you really bad? To the point where you lost yourself? Your self esteem, your worth, your confidence.. someone who messed you up emotionally and mentally? How do you let go and heal.. how can you make the pain stop and move on.. how do you accept it’s over and start over.. how do you trust again.. anybody here ever been through a horrible break up that has left them empty and just so broken?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Am I doing the right thing for my son?

    The father of my 15 month old son is not in his sons life. He admitted himself saying he knew it was his son but but yet doesn’t help out. I do it all. We’re going through the child support process.. he asked for a dna test knowing it’s his son. He doesn’t want to pay child support at all so maybe I think he’s trying to drag everything. We did the dna test and now waiting on the result. His mom wants to be in my sons life. She knows it’s her grandson and I’ve been taking him over to her house and she loves him. Her other two sons loves their nephew as well and my son met his daughter. He has a daughter who he cares for, and loves. I can’t force him to be in his sons life but my question is how is it fair for my son to go over there and see his mom and be around his family when his own father don’t want to be in his life. I know they have nothing to do with their sons immaturity but how is that fair. His daughter now knows she has a little brother. They met for the first time. I can’t take that away from her but I’m just so confused.. what if my son grows up and start asking questions.. like mom I’ve seen my grandma and my uncles and my half big sister but what about my dad..

    7 AnswersFamily2 years ago