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  • Any advice on password management that my tech-challenged, 72 yr old mother can use on both her iPjone Nd CjromeBook?

    It seems like every time my mom has to log into her account for any website , she needs my help recovering/changing her password. Each site, almost every time, every single day.

    Is there any password manager type software that can work on both ChromeBook and iPhone that is dummy-proof and easy to use and that

    keeps her login and password Iinfo synced for both devices? Or any ideas on a different solution to stop the constant daily password changing?

    Whatever the solution is, it has to work with her limited tech-savvyness, short attention span, minimal patience, and horrible memory.

    Thanks for helping!!

    3 AnswersSoftware1 year ago
  • What to get a 12 year old girl for her birthday?

    I want a dozen gifts each containing a dozen of something, to give to my daughter when she turns a dozen years old.

    I think it would be even better if I could somehow incorporate the empty dozen egg cartons into the packaging/wrapping of these gifts.

    Please note, candy and other junk foods are not an option here.

    So far, the only things I can think of are

    -- a dozen cute mini erasers

    -- a dozen stretchy bracelets made with pretty, sparkly crystal a dozen different color schemes

    So I still need 10 more ideas... please help??

    7 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 year ago
  • Does anybody have a phone number for contacting a live person at Google to help me unlock my gmail account?

    I have been locked out of my Gmail account because of suspicious activity. It sounds to me like somebody was trying to hack my email. I have tried the recovery methods, but it hasn't worked. Even after having google email me at one of my other email addresses a security code, and I enter the code on the google site, it still says that my identity can not be confirmed.

    Does anybody know how I can get to talk to a real live person at Google to help me fix it? There are files on my google drive with that account that I have no other copies of.

    1 AnswerGoogle4 years ago
  • Attachment image

    What can I do with this gift certificate I received as a gift for Christmas 2011?

    I have a paper $300 Gift Certificate for a hypnotherapist that I received as a gift for Christmas in 2011. I have never used it, nor have I ever had any desire to use it. I had misplaced it, but recently found it again. It has a serial number on it, and date issued, but nowhere on it does say anything about an expiration date or if it is transferable or not.

    I am wondering if, according to federal and/or California state law, if it is still valid? and if so, can I redeem this for cash? Or, if it is transferable so I could sell it on Craigslist or the like?

    Please, site your sources (when appropriate) in your reply. Thanks.

    (In case it makes it easier to answer my question, I have attached a pic of the gift certificate, with a few things scratched out.. the back of it is blank.)

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • How to clean up an Elementary School Library?

    I am volunteering my time to clean up the library at my daughter's elementary school. The libtary has been closed for around 5 years because they can't afford a librarian. During this time, the books have been shuffled around and are completely out of.order. The principal is.trying to help me recruit.additional help me, but so. far no luck.

    It appears that the library had been set up with 3 main.sections. The books.marked with "E" for.Easy Readers or "F" for Fiction are then to be alpha by author name, then by title. The remainder are marked with the Dewey Decimal System, but it looks like the numbers were only a gideline rather than a rule. There are subsections marked with categories that I can only assume are poular with the kids?

    I have a handle on what to do with the E and F books, but could use guidance from some experienced librarians on what to do with the rest.

  • How to make peppermint scented paper beads?

    How can I use Peppermint Extract to add scent to paper beads?

    I am working on hand-making several hundred cylinder-shaped paper beads that look like a peppermint stick (think: candy cane without the 'hook') for the make-and-take craft table I will be running at the holiday fair fundraiser at my daughter's elementary school next month.

    The materials I am useing to construct the paper beads are white 20# copy paper (cylinder bead), red crepe paper (striping detail), disappearing purple glue sticks (adhesive), and clear top coat nail polish (sealant).

    I am making the beads in small batches and allowing time to thoroughly air dry between each step or layer of the process. I would prefer to scent the all of the paper beads close to the event date. I also do not want the scent to alter the color or compromise the structure of the beads.

    Also, please let me know if you think the scenting process would somehow go faster with the use of my vacuum sealer kitchen gadget.

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)7 years ago
  • Frugal Craft & Activity Ideas for a 6th Birthday Party?

    We are having my daughter's 6th birthday party at a public park. The guests will include family (mostly adults) and her friends (girls and boys, ages 4 to 10). We are expecting at least 6 kids to show up, bur may be up to 12 or so.

    I am mainly looking for some crafting ideas for the kids to do at the party, and want to spend as little as possible on it. I am willing to pilfer my personal stash of jewelry and craft supplies, but cant think of anything appropriate for them to make.


    2 AnswersEntertaining7 years ago
  • How to stop my 5 yr old from wasting toilet paper?

    I need help with ideas on how to limit the amount of toilet paper my 5 yr old uses.

    In our home we have 1 primary bathroom that everyone uses. The amount of T.P. that gets used is not important, as long as it is being used for its primary purpose and doesn't cause any plumming problems.

    The problem is that my daughter is wasting a lot T.P. because she plays with it. The problem has progressively gotten worde over the last year. She tears off multiple long strips of it, then wraps many little rubber bands around it, adds some hair clips to it, and pretends is a doll. She will also sometimes use facial tissue or napkins, tho TP seems to be her favorite. She is really sneaky about it most of the time because she doesnt want me to catch her red-handed, but she leaves the evidence everywhere.

    She has plenty of real toys and baby-dolls to play with. I have a wide range of art and craft supplies that she is allowed to use, and she has her own supplies as well. She is not lacking for anything to play or create with.

    I have tried everything i can think of to stop her from empting roll after roll of TP. Then in despetation, I tried ignoring the problem for a couple weeks, after which I began changing the roll early so she could have the short roll to play with, but she doesnt care about them.. she still empties the new roll.

    Is there an economical way to ration the TP so that everyone can use what they need, and my TP-crazed 5 yr old cant needlessly waste it?

    5 AnswersToddler & Preschooler8 years ago
  • How to watch vides on a Samsung Array phone?

    I realize that the Samsung Array does not support watching streaming videos. But it seems to me that since it has a built in camera that can record videos, that if I can get a video file converted into the right format that I should I should be able to watch it on my phone.

    Video recorded on the Samsung Array is saved with the extention .3G2 and the max length seems to be 1 hour.

    I want to be able to take .flv and .mp4 videos, approx 45 minutes long, and convert them into a format that will play off of the microSD card on my Samsung Array. I can use a desktop pc to do the converting.

    Please help!

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • Where do coins with holes in the center of them come from?

    Which countries have coins that have a hole in them? Also, what is the denomination of them?

    I know there are coins from somewhere that have a square hole, but I am interested in ANY legal tender coin from any country that is made with a hole of any shape or size.

    4 AnswersTrivia8 years ago
  • What does a homeowner need to do to avoid paying for regular garbage pickup service in Alameda County, CA?

    I have heard that proof (i.e. receipts from the dumps) needs to be shown to the garbage company, but not sure if that is accurate.

    Does anyone know for sure how to legally avoid paying for regular garbage pickup?

    (This is assuming of course that the homeowner has an alternate legal way of disposing of garbage)


    1 AnswerLaw Enforcement & Police9 years ago
  • How can I prevent my hand from getting too tired while writing?

    I can easily type on a keyboard or text with my thumbs. But if I need to physically write something out, then my hand and wrist will feel tired rather quickly. (On a sheet of binder paper I am lucky if I can fill even half a page before it starts to hurt!) I have found that using certain pens and pencils can help a little bit, but they don't help enough.

    Does anybody have any suggestions that can help me? Exercises? Vitimins? Diet? Meds? Anything else?

    Please help me if you can!! Any advice that might be helpful would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

    (just FYI:, I was diagnosed with tendonitis when I was only 21 years old. I am now in my mid-30's, and have rarely had any major flare-ups since I was initially treated with physical therapy and medication.)

    2 AnswersAlternative Medicine9 years ago
  • How do I make a jewelry pic template in Photoshop?

    I have pictures of some beaded jewelry that I have made, and the pics are already cut out and on a transparent background.

    I want to turn them into some sort of a template for use in Adobe Photoshop CS3 so that I can easily replace the colors of the beads with that of other beads of the same size and shape that I have in stock.

    The goal is to be able to easily create and save pics of different color combinations of beads, without making any changes made to the other components of the jewelry.

    Thank you for your help!

    2 AnswersPhotography10 years ago
  • What is the difference between a "guarantee" and a "warranty" from a legal standpoint?

    From a legal standpoint, what is the difference between a "guarantee" and a "warranty" for an item being offered for sell online within the USA?

    In practice, what does it mean for the customer? and for the seller?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics10 years ago
  • Which eBay seller(s) consistantly has the best penny auctions with free ship?

    I love getting stuff for free... and paying only a penny for something is almost like getting it for free!

    On eBay, I have no trouble finding a black pouch for a mp3 player, or a single bead to fit a pandora bracelet, but it seems to be quite time consuming to find any auctions that I can actually win with a $0.01 bid and get free shipping.

    Does anyone know of any sellers that frequently has auctions that can be won with only a one-cent bid with free shipping? Or of any good search tips so I can find them easily?

    4 AnswersOther - Internet1 decade ago
  • How can I get Section 8 housing assistance in the Bay Area, California?

    How would I get Section 8 housing in the East Bay Area, California?

    I am assuming that I should qualify, as I am a single mother of a toddler, and my only income is from CalWorks and WIC benefits.

    Where do I need to go, or who do I need to call, in order to apply?

    Is it true that that there are really long waiting lists to move in somewhere with Section 8? How long is the wait? Is there any way to avoid waiting? Or at least shorten the wait time?

    I don't know much about Section 8 or how it works, so any useful tips would also be appreciated.

    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • What do you think of "Skippy the Smart Pup" by VTech?

    I am thinking of getting "Skippy the Smart Pup" as a Christmas present for my 2 yr old daughter... but first I would like to know what others who have already bought it have to say about it. I can't find any actual customer reviews anywhere!

    This is a link to the product description page:

    My little girl loves dogs, remote controls, and toys that move on their own. And I like the idea that it doesn't have lots of little parts to get lost or scattered everywhere! (from what i understand, there are only 2 parts... the dog, and its bone-shaped remote.)

    I would like to know what others think off this toy...

    Is it sturdy and well made, or does it break easy?

    Does it always function as described? or just sometimes? never?

    Is it a toy that still gets played with weeks/months later, or does it usually end up buried and forgotten at the bottom of the toy chest?

    Any feedback will be appreciated!! Thanks!!

    2 AnswersToys1 decade ago
  • Removing stains from hand-me-down baby clothes?

    My friends and I have had a nice 3 step hand-me-down system for baby clothes going because our girls are about a year apart. As the clothes get bigger, the "mystery" stains also get bigger and more noticeable.

    I need laundry tips for making hand-me-down baby clothes look better and newer, and less like hand me downs!!

    10 AnswersCleaning & Laundry1 decade ago