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  • can my public school refuse to take me?

    im 17 and going into my senior year. around this time last year i was enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school due to some mental health issues that was fully paid for by my school district. after a year of attending i can confidently say that this environment is not what i need at all. i feel worse there then i ever have in my life and i want to come home to finish out my senior year more then anything. however, the issue here is that my mom has told me that my school refuses to except me back for the distant future. i love my mom but she is without a doubt an extremely manipulative person and has no problem lying to me about things big or small. i also wasnt sold on this claim because i came there for treatment of some mild bipolar disorder (type one) and have never really been too problematic at public school. ive gotten leagues better as well, im medicated and my bipolar is hardly a problem. can my school really refuse to take me back?

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  • running away to Europe at 16?

    im writing a shortish story my creative writing class about a kiddo stealing his parents credit card and running away to backpack europe at 16. i have no idea how the process of getting there would work out realistically or if thats even possible some how. anyone wanna give me a detailed description of what tanner (main character) would have to do? thx for the help!

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