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  • Is the psychologist overstepping?


    a friend of mine was raped by three men. She's been recovering and has been going to the psychologist for nearly a year now. She is physically and emotionally attracted to him to the point of wanting to be in a relationship with him. He is married and has a child. She says he doesn't know she likes him. But I am like... how can you be a psychologist and not notice when your patient has a crush on you???

    Also the psychologist has been showing her physical affection as in kisses in the forehead and hugs... 

    I am afraid he might be manipulating her. She was in a very dark place and he has helped her a lot overcoming her trauma. She says she does not like him only because he saved her but because she actually believes he is a good person and has many positive qualities. 

    But again, I am just like... He is a psychologist....isn't it unprofessional and unethical of him to let her keep going with her crush knowing the trauma she's been through???? 

    2 AnswersMental Health3 months ago
  • Relationship Advice?

    So I am living abroad at the moment (exchange student) and my partner is back home. I had told my partner several times that I would be back home by the end of June (24th of June) (the semester doesn't officially end until the 30th of June). I had, however, a change of mind and decided that I wanted to finish my semester at university before returning home. So I would return home at the beginning of July. My partner did not take this well. They said they did not care anyway and that they are used to me changing plans all the time. Then my partner ignored me for the rest of the day (I am telling myself that they are not actually ignoring me but are only busy... but the fact is I am pretty sure they are not that busy and have just been ignoring me since the change of plans) I understand that maybe I could have engaged them more in making this decision but I don't know...

    Sometimes it feels that I am self-centered and they are the one that shows the most "empathy" and I am the selfish one. I love my partner and they been going through some tough times given the quarantine. I have reached out to them several times to comfort them however, me talking with them makes them feel even worse. Because they miss me too much. 

    Any advice on how to deal with me and my partner and just the whole situation?

    Marriage & Divorce5 months ago
  • Dream Interpretation ?

    So, last night I dreamed I was sitting next to my boyfriend in the sofa. He was talking to me very sweet and asked me to marry him. I said yes, then he proceeded to put the engagement ring on my finger and when i turned my hand to look at it, i couldn't see it because it was invisible. 

    Any interpretations? 

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