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  • I am looking for a poem. ?

    I am looking for a poem.

    What I know about it:

    A traveler is present and an old man

    I believe war is  the subject, or society in general? 

    It is not Ozymandias

    It is not The Parable of the Old Man and the Young

    It is not The Bridge Builder

    It is not A Weary Traveler

    It is not The Mental Traveller

    "foreign crowds" or   "distant shores" is used  at least once.I am pretty sure it was written in the early 1900's There is a phrase repeated throughout the poem. Can't remember what is was. What I do NOT know:If the poet was American or English. 

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  • I'm looking for a poem ?

    I'm looking for a  Narrative (Sonnet?)  poem about these things: An old man, A traveler   He talks about generations, One of the words it uses is foreign shores and it may be a war poem. I've looked about everywhere and I can't find it!  I am certain it is done my an american poet 

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