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  • Friends have video of me being jokingly racist back when I was a freshman in hs?

    It's on a fb group chat some of my old friends still use. It's a video of me imitating murder of a Japanese journalist by isis taken the same year it happened (2015). I'm not a bigot, and im not a racist. I'm active with anti-racism now too, and I've never genuinely "meant" any of it. Now I understand the gravity of what I've done, and I ******* hate myself for it. And Im also scared of the consequences that it may pose on me in the future. There's about 10 of my friends in it, and they r all close friends of mine. But I also think tht telling them to delete it and reminding them abt the video now will put me at risk even more... I have no idea what I should do. Any thoughts?

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