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  • Adderall question!?

    The first time I took addy was over 2 months ago when my (ex) bf gave it to me for work (I’m a cashier) I took it before I went In and felt great and was productive and could do my job better obviously. so I bought more. I don’t remember how much I’ve taken but I know it haven’t been more than 4 in the 2 months and not more than once a week. and I started keeping track of when I do. I only take them for long shifts at work so I can be nicer to the customers, Enjoy scanning their items without cussing them out in my head. I want to take it for recreational use too but I don’t wanna develop an addiction or reliance on it so I don’t.  I do think ab it a good amount  of time when I’m sad (which is most of the time) cause I wanna feel better and count down the days till my next shift that I get to take it. So I feel myself wanting it but I have self control and I’m usually good with self control too so I wait. Recently stopped smoking (thc products) too which was hard cause I’d go thru $135 on carts alone (a thc product if u didn’t know) every week or so and couldn’t do anything with out it And I’m still off of it so I do have self control. I also involved a family member and told him ab what I was going and to help me keep an eye on it. So my question is, do you think I’m developing a problem with adderall because I want it more often, or am I okay if I  keep only taking it when I do and being cautious? (5 left, took one today, don’t need another this week based on work schedule)

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  • Vomiting after drinking ?

    I’ve consumed some larger amounts of alcohol than I should and I’ve never thrown up this much. I had maybe 4 shots last night around 11-1130 and I’ve been throwing up all night and all morning. No headache or anything else just the vomiting. I also don’t eat enough which I thought could be a big factor in it. But I’m also stressed and it’s also possible I could be pregnant (didn’t know this till looking back at my calendar this morning) I also threw up outta no where the day before the drinking happened. That’s never happened before either. No warning or anything just started vomiting. No drugs, no alcohol in my system, normal amount of food. Really weird for me. so my question is do you think the vomiting is  alcohol related or a different cause. 

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