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  • Compressive strength of concrete?

    We design the structural components with C20, C30 & C35A concrete and cast accordingly with ready mix concrete. Later we find that the respective 7day, 14 day, 28 day compressive strengths are exorbitantly high (cube crushing strength) compared to what we expected (we expected 2/3 of 28 day strength for 7day, 90% of 28day strength for 14day & so on with the specified limitations). Can you guess what happened & what will happen if such higher strengths are allowed instead?

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  • Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 has been cancelled in my laptop. It requests product key to activate.?

    It requests the product key to activate & it's not available with me. How can I solve this?

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  • Questionnaires to gather informations.?

    I'm required to identify the management policies & practices of a selected organization in relation with human resource management, production management, marketing management and financial management. For instances;

    Under the human resource management - recruitment, selection, training & development, safety & health etc. and under the marketing, product, price, promotion, distribution etc. And similarly others.

    It's a great help if four appropriate questionnaires are sent to survey aforementioned four areas. You may attache such questionnairs to;

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  • Is this a variation for the contractor?

    A project has been awarded to a contractor (design & build - FIDIC) to construct a water treatment plant & he, at his technical proposal to tender, had noted the finished ground level (FGL) of the intake being +16.0 MSL & as well as in the priliminary design report (the existing was around 15 MSL & was initially a paddy field just behind the embankment of the reservoir). Now the client wants to get this raised to +17.5 MSL saying what contractor proposed wasn't esthetically good & would be susceptible for flooding (there is, in fact, no flooding situation as the premises located just at the downstream of the sluice & the possible floods would definitely cater the reservoir & the spillway of it. The maximum downstream water level that could raise at a worse case is + 16.02 MSL & the canal embankment (in between the premises & the canal & the canal runs outside the premises) protects the flow. Contractor is willing to raise provided that a variation is issued whereas the client says that this is not a variation under design & build contract. What's your openion?

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  • Have a problem with my laptop and it says "SMART Failure Predicted on Hard Disk 0; SAMSUNG HW 641JI - (S1).?

    WARNING: Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent. Press F1 to Continue.

    But it takes bit time to get start & working after recovery. How can I repair this? Please help

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