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  • Boyfriend and I don’t have much in common is it doomed or a good thing? ?

    So my bf and I just kinda talk about our day then watch tv then sleep! We have nothing in common no common interests only travelling which we can’t do at the moment. We are saving for a house but I’m thinking will I be happy with this forever? And is this normal as men and women are very different? Are most couples like this? We don’t find the same things funny we rely a lot on each other and have sex a lot and I think that’s good but should we have this best friend connection or is what I stated above enough for a happy life? 

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  • I’m very bloated two weeks before my period how do I stop this? ?

    It’s very annoying two weeks before my period and up until my period comes I get so bloated it looks like I’m pregnant. It’s disgusting is there any tablets or anything you can take for this 

    1 AnswerWomen's Health3 weeks ago
  • Is this a reasonable request? ?

    My partner smokes weed. He holds down a full time job and he has cut down on the amount he smokes but for me I want him to give it up completely as I don’t want my kids to grow up in a household where their father does drugs that they may some day find and use or think this is normal and start doing it. I used to smoke weed it made me lazy and basically was a waste of time and money. I gave up and gave up easily. He told me before he would do anything for me but when I bring this up he gets angry and screams and says I don’t make you give up stuff i am a hard worker etc. I feel like weed is much more important in his life than I am. I think I need to break it off I’ve been with him for 8 years and have wasted that time now I’m probably too old to find love again I’m 27. What should I do I definitely feel second best to a drug which is very upsetting. 

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  • Anyone got any cooking book recommendations for loosing weight ?

    I have belly fat and leg fat that has come out of no where and I need to sort it out. However I know I’ll never loose weight through running and walking alone I need to change my diet. I mostly eat carbs and meat. I don’t want a book made for people who have to spend hundreds on grocery’s and I like simple food too because I’m not the best cook. Any suggestions? 

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  • How do I convince my bf to go live his life even if it means doing long distance? ?

    My bf is so unhappy since we moved home from travels for a year. He has no money no degree and no prospects at home and is getting upset about it. I keep telling him to move away or get a degree or just do what he wants that will make him happy but he won’t leave without me. I’m getting older want to progress in my career and don’t want to be planning my future around him And don’t want him held back waiting for me to settle someplace and try to find work around there to suit me. 

    I want for us both to get to a place where we are happy in our careers and our lives before we get married etc. how do I get him to see this is the right move he won’t listen he just wants to Be with me all the time no matter how unhappy it makes him 

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  • My bf really annoys me but I love him am I just mad or does this happen to anyone else? ?

    I know I’m gona get a lot of hate from keyboard warriors but I need answers. He constantly interrupts me even shouting over me mid conversation. He constantly says I’m wrong about things interrupting me mid point to say exactly what I was saying in a different way. But he’s great in all other areas I try not to get annoyed but it’s very frustrating. It’s like he will over shadow me in conversations and I hate it but need to find a way past it because he is not going to change 

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  • Is this controlling behaviour? ?

    Gf told me that my tattoo on my arm of an ex bothered her so much I had to pay 1000$ to get it covered up my ex And I only kissed nothing else. She made me stop going to exercise classes alone because she said I was looking at other girls and she made me stop talking to a Co worker because we were talking outside of work as friends and she saw messages. I love her should I leave or is love enough 

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  • People keep thinking me and my bf are brother and sister is this a bad sign? ?

    People keep thinking this and saying it to me in the last 3 months 4 people have said it to me I mean does it mean we are not affectionate or seem like we love each other in that way? 

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  • What do you think is happening here? ?

    So this guy was really nice to me we got on well both have partners brought them up a lot to each other so I don’t think there was any flirting happening. We had a party he wasn’t supposed to bring the gf then I text him to see what time he was arriving and the gf ended up coming to the party and they were very late. I added him on fb he never liked any of my things but likes every other girls. I added him on insta Because he suggested it and he never followed me back so I deleted him off both. Could the gf be threatened by him talking to a girl and why me if so I have talked to her and thought we got on well? Or does he just not like me at all? Which I find strange because we always have such a laugh together 

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  • When thinking of breaking up with someone how can you tell the difference between regret and guilt? ?

    I often think I need time on my own before I get married and have a family to be myself and see who I am without my partner because we got together so young. I tried to end things in the past and he has begged me to stay and I’ve always said ok I’ll give it another shot and things get better but I still have this feeling of what if. But when I think about doing it I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach. How can I tell if that’s guilt because I know how upset he will be or if it’s my way of subconsciously telling myself I’m making a big mistake 

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  • Boyfriend of 8 years does not know the colour of my eyes? Bad sign? ?

    I rang him someone had mentioned the colour of my eyes that day so I asked what colour are my eyes and he said brown they are blue!!! I think after 8 years he should know this unless he only sees me as a sex object 

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating9 months ago
  • How can you tell lust from love? ?

    You think of someone all the time are disappointed when you don’t see them you get nervous around them. You want to rip their clothes off but also just want to laugh with them. How can you tell if it’s lust or love. And do you have to be in a relationship with someone to love them is love at first sight or more realistically first conversation a thing. 

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  • How do I approach a co worker for a very small sum of money? ?

    So my co worker told me that I could have 30$ back for my social club event because my partner did not eat any of the food. She works in a different branch of the company and at different hours so she said she would give it to a woman for me. There are two women working in the company with the same name it’s been about a month or two and I’ve seen both women since and no one has given me any money. Should I write to the woman who said she would give my money back and ask which woman she passed it to because I haven’t received it or should I approach both women and ask them if they have money for me? 

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture9 months ago
  • Why do I keep having sex dreams? All different guys never the same one ?

    Randomly dream about someone I saw on tv or Facebook that day most of the time they won’t even be attractive but in the dream oh wow I love them then I wake up and I think yuck 

    9 AnswersDream Interpretation9 months ago
  • If love is caused my chemicals in your brain, can you get love back if you don’t feel it anymore? ?

    Just a thought. Love is caused by chemicals in your brain making you feel love towards a person. Doesn’t it make sense if you could recreate these chemical reactions you could fall back in love with someone? If so how? 

    Psychology9 months ago
  • How do I get rid of spots on chin? ?

    I’ve never had spots before now at 26 I have so many on my chin. I do a daily skin routine cleanse in morning and evening face mask twice a week. Anti aging serum at night and day and moisturiser. I have spot treatment which I use on the spots daily but they won’t go away 

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions9 months ago
  • I tried to make friends with this guy and I think he now thinks I want to bang him. Would you? ?

    So I moved to a different country he’s the only one at work my age and who I have a lot in common with. He would spend hours talking to me so I asked him to go places with his gf and my bf and he always said no. I added him on fb he accepted then insta he didn’t follow back so I deleted him. Then he started acting cold towards me and I think he got the wrong end of the stick. I’ve both guy a girl friends I don’t think it always has to lead to banging or being in a relationship we are Adults after all and I think that thought process is very childish. So I’m asking guys would you have thought I was coming onto you? Also I think he started being cold after I joked about him being my gal pal when we were discussing guys who were hot in the office 

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  • Boyfriend will call me out in front of groups tell me what to do what not to do is he embarrassed of me? ?

    So we were watching a match on tv with a group at half time when the ads were on I listened to a voice note and it was funny so I laughed. He said if your going to be laughing just leave. Other times when we are out he will tell me don’t do this don’t do that your annoying this person etc then I will apologise to the person I annoyed and they would tell me what I wasn’t annoyed at all. 

    He does this a lot it’s getting to the stage where I think he hates my personality and in front of people will try to tell me to stop doing things so it looks like he’s not doing it or involved he’s the nice one and I’m out of control. It basically makes me feel like a child when the things I do are normal behaviour that my friends and family love about me 

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating10 months ago