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I am a proud citizen of Manchester , in the north - west of England . It's almost 3 years since I retired from my long career as a high school teacher of art & design, so I am relishing the freedom and flexibility of my new senior citizen status ( and growing old disgracefully , of course )! I try to paint every day now, and always seem to be getting ready for the next exhibition or working on a commission . Love socialising in the city ( never a dull moment here) , going to the cinema, reading , cooking, listening to a variety of music, visiting my mum at the coast , so we can stroll by the sea. I have lots of friends of all ages , both nearby and far away, so never lonely. My husband still works full- time , my daughter is grown- up and living in London. Our lovely old ginger moggy , Simba , allows us to share his house and totally runs things , ha ha

  • can you change it all back to the way it was?

    I'm sure I'm not the only member of Y/A who dislikes the new format, finding it a bit like a maze !

    2 AnswersOther - Computers7 years ago
  • My old cat is suffering from dementia and other health issues?

    He disturbs us every night, howling or mewing loudly - I can't recall when last got a full night's sleep !

    He eats and drinks all the time, demanding a variety of delicacies ( side- effect of his medication for Hyperthyroidism or maybe forgets he's just eaten)

    We're at the end of our tether and dread it getting worse, especially with winter coming ( he drifts and wanders in and out of the house - forgot how to use the cat- flap )

    Any advice would be appreciated

    8 AnswersCats7 years ago
  • Are things that happened in the family years ago best left alone, or do they need closure?

    Something occurred many years ago, involving two people in my family and trying to ask them about it caused so much distress to them and me, that I buried it and got on with my life.

    Unfortunately, that bad time has surfaced in my mind again recently, for various reasons and I wonder if I should seek counselling, or try to regard it as ' water under the bridge' after so long?

    It has been a destructive force, even as a ' secret'

    3 AnswersFamily8 years ago
  • Is it a bad idea to keep a small dog at home when the family are out all day?

    My friend has been offered a sweet little terrier by someone who is unable to keep him. Although she's warming to the dog, having looked after him at weekends a few times, she has doubts about leaving him for many hours every weekday.

    Any ideas, suggestions or opinions welcome

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  • How do I stop pigeons invading my garden?

    During the winter, when the weather was really bad, we put out seed a few times a day for the birds. We made a rod for our own backs, because all we get from morning til night now is a huge, greedy flock of pigeons acting really scary, as if they're auditioning for Alfred Hitchcock !

    I know we must stop putting any food out, but is there such a thing as a pigeon deterrent ?

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