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  • A woman keeps on wanting to buy my horse even though I made it very clear she's not for sale.?

    I have a dutch warmblood mare who I love to bits she is a great horse and gentle as a lamb. In exchange for a discount on board I let the stable owner and riding instructor use her for lessons.This young girl who is a student at the barn rode her twice and told her Mom she wants her. She doesn't have her own horse. Her Mom came forward about two weeks ago offering to buy for $1,500 I told her no.She keeps trying to buy her and tries contacting me daily. I have made it clear multiple times she is not for sale. When I brought this up with the stable owner/riding instructor she informed the girl and mother she was moving her to a different lesson horse as soon as the business returned to normal. I thought that'd be the end of it but she still is trying to buy her raising her offering price to $2,000 but I still told her no. I am thinking of moving my horse to a different stable where a couple of my friends board their horses. Is this too drastic?

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