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  • Who was the best girl group?

    Who was the most successful? Destiny’s Child, TLC, or 3LW.

    10 AnswersHistory7 months ago
  • Why is my bum not getting bigger?

    I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m insecure about the size of my bum. I’m petite (5’0 or 5’1) and my body is slim ( not skinny and not fat) I have been trying to naturally get a big bum for about 6 or 7 months now by doing basic squats, ever since I’ve not seen any results. I even try to eat foods like dried apricots, beans, milk, nuts, yogurt, berries that have fibres and protein yet still it hasn’t really been working. Everyday I try my hardest to repeat these things and I’m getting tired of it, of not seeing the results I want. Sometimes I feel like my bum got bigger then I feel like it shrunk. I’m not gonna give up, but I’m very tired of having a small bum. Please can someone please me why I’m not seeing results or if so any other exercise or food suggestions? Thanks. 

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 months ago
  • Why are cancers so quiet?

    I noticed that a lot of cancers tend to get quiet and not talk much. My brother is a cancer born in June and he is very secretive and doesn’t like to get out of the house much. There’s also a cancer girl at my school who barely ever talks. I’m a gemini so we tend to be more talkative then them. I don’t know if it’s a water sign thing because my mom is a scorpio and she talks the most outta everyone in our house.

    4 AnswersHoroscopes9 months ago
  • Why are cancers such negative people?

    Almost every cancer I’ve meet in my experience give off such bad vibes. Some of the ones I’ve seen are are short tempered, violent, evil, bullies and over dramatic. There’s this one girl in my class who is always rude for no reason she is very aggressive and gets mad easily. But she seems emotional and cries when hurt. And another boy who is also in my grade has no kindness in his heart whatsoever. He calls his friends ugly and other fu*ked up sh*t, and sometimes wishes death on people. I honestly can’t believe that cancers act like this! I thought they were supposed be kind hearted people but majority of the cancers I know clearly act nothing like what they say. Luckily I have met some really nice cancers but only like 4 of them. The rest are just miserable souls. Can someone tell me why are they like this? Thanks.

    10 AnswersHoroscopes9 months ago
  • How can I get a big butt naturally and fast? Please be nice. ?

    I am 14 years old and petite and I really want a big butt. I have been trying to get a thick hourglass type body naturally for weeks and weeks by doing basic squats every night, and eating foods like dried apricots, peanuts, blueberries, milk, beans, yogurt. I even started doing side squats about 2 weeks ago, yet still I have not seen any “big” improvements. No matter what I wear leggings, jeans, shorts, tight dresses my butt still won’t look big & round and my hips aren’t wide. Some kids at my high school even have naturally bigger big butts than me and it makes me a bit jealous cause I want to get a thick body so bad. I’m tired of doing all these exercises and stuff and i can’t get the nice thick body I want. I know in my heart that I will be happier with a big bum. Can someone please tell me why my body hasn’t changed and if so can you give me more tips or food suggestions? Please don’t give me any weird answers. Thanks :)

    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness10 months ago
  • Why are scorpios so sexual and nasty? ?

    Almost all scorpios ( some not all) always have to make it about sex, love and are dirty minded freaks. I gotta be honest I’m a gemini girl and I’m quite dirty minded but I don’t think I’m much of a hopeless romantic. I watch The Real Daytime talk show and one of the co-host Adrienne Bailon is always making stuff about sex and has nasty habits. I even have some friends that are scorpios at my high school and I wouldn’t say they are extremely sexual but are hopeless romantics. Why are scorpios like this though? Is it a water sign thing? 

    3 AnswersHoroscopes10 months ago
  • Why do so many Capricorn’s lack emotion?

    I love me some caps but it’s hard to associate  with them because they lack so much emotion and can “sometimes” be cold. I know some of them they are deeply sensitive but don’t show it. Why are they like this? most capricorns that I know at my school are stoned face and have extreme resting bi**ch face. 

    6 AnswersHoroscopes10 months ago
  • Mexico or Dominican Republic? Which is safer for tourism?

    I’m trying to decide where I want to go for summer vacation this year between these 2, but I heard they aren’t that safe. I really want to visit DR, I’ve been wanting to visit for about 2 years but I have to make sure that me and my family is safe. I don’t hear much bad stuff about Mexico expect for drugs and bad stuff going into your drinks. In my opinion as think as long as I go to a “kid friendly” all inclusive resort I should be fine. These are both very popular tourist destinations but just to be sure, which is a safer option for vacation?

    2 AnswersOther - Mexico10 months ago
  • Do some people smile more in real life than in pictures?

    Why are some people like that? I know one of my teacher who is very friendly and loves to smile but whenever she’s in certain pictures whether if it’s with me, another student or not her smile is not so big and happy looking than in person. Like seriously that doesn’t make any sense to me at all, it actually makes me really mad like how are you gonna be a cheerful person but can’t even smile properly in pictures 🙄? Like what kind of nonsense is that 😒🤦‍♀️.

    1 AnswerOther - Beauty & Style10 months ago
  • Please help me! How can I get a flat forehead?

    I’m 14 and my forehead is very round and hard and I hate it! Especially when I put my head down on my desk or table it’s very hard and a irritating feeling. I notice that most people have flat foreheads regardless of age, but why does mine have to be so big. So please can anyone help me? Is their some kind of exercise I can try or something?

    12 AnswersHair10 months ago
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    Why are scorpio eyes so creepy?

    I like scorpios but sometimes I find them a bit intimidating. Like one time I had a teacher in 8th grade who had these big intense green eyes, and sometimes whenever shes in photos her eyes look like there bulging out it creeps the living sh*t outta me. If she’s in the sun her eyes bright up and look sparkly. Whenever she gets mad and starts yelling her eyes are wide open that scared me an everybody else too. And also whenever someone talks to her she sometimes puts her face right in their face and talks like that when she’s interested. It’s the same thing with my mom and my friend, they are both scorpios expect they have dark eyes so it’s even scarier. Whenever my mom gets mad her dark brown eyes turn light. My friend on the other hand she tends to give me this intimidating stare (not in a rude way) before she says hi to me in the hallway but in general too. What is it about scorpios why do they look at you a certain way and have certain head movements. 

    4 AnswersHoroscopes11 months ago
  • Why are some scorpios so dumb?

    I love scorpios but some of them are such dumbheads especially the ones born in November. I had a teacher 

    born November 19th she was really sweet but wasn’t very smart. Like for example she would not erase the board till the next day, repeat everything you say, copy what you do, follow you where you go (not all the time). And she was also a bit childish like she would give you tight teddy bear hugs even when they aren’t really needed and say “yay” or “oh no” as if we are in kindergarten. My mom, math teacher and classmate are all scorpios born in October and they are way more mature and have more sense than the November scorpios I know. Like I said I have nothing against scorpios, I get along with them very well I just think they are a bit unintelligent.

    4 AnswersHoroscopes11 months ago
  • Are you scared of elevators?

    I used to feel safe taking the elevator but not anymore, I’m scared because I have a fear of getting stuck. I honestly rather walk up the stairs or escalator no matter how lazy i feel.

    12 AnswersPolls & Surveys11 months ago
  • Do you like your fries salted or unsalted?

    I always make sure my fries have salt on them, I know it’s not good for me but I gotta have some flavour in my French fries.

    21 AnswersCooking & Recipes11 months ago
  • Why are geminis so rude?

    I’m going to be completely honest, I am a gemini myself and we seem to be the biggest b**ches out there. We are non-stop talkers, we don’t have the biggest hearts, not loyal to everybody, vulgar  when angered. Why are we like this? geminis aren’t labeled as rude. I even know some Aries and Scorpios from my experience who are wayyyy nicer than me and they are labeled as the meanest signs. 

    6 AnswersHoroscopes11 months ago
  • Why won’t my bum grow? ?

    I’m 14 years old and want to have a big butt so bad. I have been doing basic squats for about 3 months now and have not seen any outstanding results. I even try to eat foods like apricots, milk, beans, berries, rice etc and it still won’t work. The thing that really upsets is that one minute it feels like the squats worked, then the next minute it looks like my bum got flat! I’m also petite and my bum isn’t even that flat, but it ain’t big either. Please help me and give me some tips on what I can do more, I honestly don’t know what to do at this point matter what I wear (leggings, jeans, tight dresses) my bum won’t look big :( but I will not stop trying.

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness11 months ago
  • Why are high schoolers( teens) so rude?

    I mean I can be rude myself sometimes but  seriously like only 1/4 of the people at my school are truly nice. Does it have to do with us growing up and puberty? 

    2 AnswersAdolescent11 months ago
  • What does it mean when a teacher calls you “hun, honey, sweetie, dear”etc ? ?

    I hated that when my elementary and middle school teachers did that! I don’t like being called nicknames, like call me by my name. I still found it nice. Why do teachers do that to students?

    7 AnswersTeaching12 months ago
  • If my mom was 54 last year(2018) and now 55 in 2019 is she a boomer now? Read the description! ?

    I really hate the fact that my mom is so old, and the reason is because I’m 14 in grade 9 and I feel like the only teen with a mom this age. A lot of teens parents are usually in their late 30s- 40s and My mom is in her mid 50s. I love my mom with all my heart but don’t like the fact that she might be part of this generation. I personally consider my mom generation x but clearly she’s a baby boomer since she was born in 1994. I hate this! 😭.

    15 AnswersAdolescent12 months ago