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  • Can a fan write questions for family feud?

    I'm wondering if they can. I love the show and don't know if any fans can write and submit a question for the show. Is it possible?

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers4 days ago
  • How do people who make graphetti get good at it?

    Although I've never done that (nor do I know how) I've seen it on train cars and other places and lots of it looks very artistic. (Which I love art.) I can say that those who've done it are great at art (in my opinion because the appearance is very creative.) I don't know how they get it the form they want; but, (looking at the way it's done) I believe that they should teach others how to create something that is that artistic. So, how do you create it and arrange colors, so that they appear that perfectly? Really, I'd love to learn how to make it. I look at details and that really looks good.

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration1 week ago
  • Can someone tell me how to decrease my libido?

    I've dealt with this for several years and it's interfering with my life. I keep wanting sex and it's not something that I want to feel like I need all the time. It keeps me from sleeping (sometimes) and makes it hard to get comfortable anywhere. I don't want to feel like I have to masturbate every other night (sometimes every night) to get relief. I don't want some sick answer to this, I want a serious answer (because I'm serious about this.) If you can give me any advice, please do so. If a medication exists that can control it, let me know (I'll talk to my doctor about it.) But, if your answer relates to telling me to find a woman or something, don't answer this question. I only want a serious answer.

    Mental Health1 month ago
  • Why does my android phone keep showing system UI has stopped?

    When it started, I had to back up all my data and reset my phone to factory settings. Well, that fixed one problem; but, it didn't fix the system UI problem. Currently, I have my phone in safe mode. But, what do I need to do to make this problem stop?

    1 AnswerSoftware1 month ago
  • How does Prozac do this?

    When I was on it (years ago,) I noticed that it shot my desire for sex through the roof. I did research and found that it did that to a few other people too. What does it contain that would cause that spike?

    1 AnswerMedicine2 months ago
  • Does anyone know if there's any medication to reduce sexual urges?

    This is something that I've dealt with, for several years. I've done research and found out what chemicals get released, after ejaculation and was hoping to find medication that contains those chemicals (or something else that can do something similar to it.) Does anyone know if any such medication exists? I get counseling; but it doesn't help, in that area. I'm hoping that I can find something to reduce these urges to want sex all the time. I'll admit that it didn't bother me, at first; but that's not the case anymore (it does, now.) Even masturbating isn't something that I enjoy anymore (like it used to be.) It's bothered me too long and I'm looking for a way to stop it. If you're gonna give me some stupid answer, don't answer this question. (I'm looking for a serious answer to this question.) Does anyone know if there's anything that can control this?

    2 AnswersMen's Health2 months ago
  • Is anyone having dropped calls with Cricket?

    Until yesterday, I wasn't having dropped calls. My internet and texting works, but my calls drop. I have perfect signal and I pay the bill, but the same thing occurs. The only way I was able to call anyone was through hangouts or Facebook messenger. Does anyone know what's going on with them?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 months ago
  • Can someone tell me about a number that appears like this?

    1 657-233 is what it starts with. I traced it and it showed as a California number and a few sites said it was a scammer number. Can anyone tell me more about this?

    3 AnswersSecurity2 months ago
  • Do celebrities ever give out their cell numbers?

    This is actually more of a serious question than wanting to be able to text a celebrity. I need to know if someone is pretending to be who they say they are. Is this a scammer pretending to be a celebrity? I have never given any of my money to anyone online (and have no plans to ever do so.) I always trace numbers and research everything (which I've caught scammers at their own game and turned the tables on them.) But answer this for me. 

    3 AnswersCelebrities2 months ago
  • Does anyone on anxiety medications experience this when they first begin them?

    Let me explain: I had a second medication added to the medication I was already taking (since it wasn't doing well) and for a while was feeling faint (my chest was heavy and my blood pressure was up.) Although it was temporary, I felt odd. The only time I went through that majorly was when I took Lexapro (I quit after three days because it almost killed me and I found out I'm allergic to it.) Tell me if you've felt these symptoms.

    2 AnswersMedicine2 months ago
  • Does anyone know how to perform sleight of hand?

    This is one trick I've always wanted to learn and don't know how.

    1 AnswerCard Games3 months ago
  • Can anyone give me some tips on how to improve drumming?

    I've been playing for years and love learning new styles. I'm wanting to learn new things that I've never done before on the drums and go even farther. I first played the drums to old gospel songs and later went to the worship songs. I can play high tempo easily, but I'm trying to get even more creative with it. Can anyone give me some advice? I listen to what they want me to play and how it needs to be filled at certain areas (I have to listen to these songs a lot to get it down.) I currently play at a Hispanic church and that's where I started playing worship music (only they're sang in Spanish.) Another reason I'm asking is because my brother wrote a song that never had the drums played to it and I want to help him create a fill for parts of it. If you can give me some tips to help, let me know.

    1 AnswerOther - Music3 months ago
  • Is there any way to use your pokemon ultra moon pokemon  on ultra sun?

    I recently bought ultra sun (I already had ultra moon) and wanted to know if there's a way to use my ultra moon pokemon on ultra sun. On ultra moon, I have some at level 100 and others at level 90 and 80. If there's a way to use them in both games, let me know how to do it. All I can think of is to take a chance at trading them over to the opposite game and hope no one else gets to them first.

  • Has anyone ever gotten a scam text? If so, did it look like what I've listed below?

    I recieved one about thirty minutes ago that said this: Why the **** are you stiII waiting for? [Your name] do it now: 

    2 AnswersComputer Networking3 months ago
  • How do you tell if women are flirting?

    The reason I'm asking is because I have asperger's syndrome and that makes it hard for me to pick up on hints thrown at me (like flirting.) I always thought I wasn't attractive because I couldn't tell if anyone was interested. I've been battling this all my life and have no idea what to watch for. It's a crazy question, but I'd like to know what to watch for. I've heard some will play with their hair (I had to actually research it) but I sadly don't know what else to watch for. Women, can you tell me what to watch for, if I got approached? I just want to know.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 months ago
  • How do I get back in my Google account?

    The recovery email and phone numbers I listed as ways to get my password I no longer have access to those either (making it harder.) If anyone can provide me with help, please tell me. I have things backed up to that address and have no way to get to it. Please help.

    Google3 months ago
  • How do diesel engines stay running, if the batteries die and gas engines don't?

    My father used to drive a truck and told me that after his engine started, one day his batteries died and (obviously) all the electrical stuff in the truck did too. So, what keeps it running, if the batteries die suddenly? Just curious.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 months ago
  • How do you create an app?

    I've just wondered how to create one. If you know how, tell me what to do.

    1 AnswerSoftware3 months ago
  • Does anyone know how to make "homemade" banana pudding?

    My grandparents made the mixture on the stove and put egg whites on top and put it in the oven (since you have to separate eggs and mix them with sugar.) I've done it before, but forgot how much of each ingredient to put. (The mixture is egg yolks, flour sugar, and milk.) If anyone knows how much I put, let me know. I love that better than using instant pudding mix.

    5 AnswersCooking & Recipes3 months ago
  • On pokemon ultra moon, is there any way to get another master ball, or is one all you can get?

    Usually before I go back to the ultra worm hole, I'll have about 200 or 300 ultra balls and about the same in timer balls. I have to carry a pokemon a little above level 60 and have 2 at level 100. The ones that are at level 100, I have to use several full restores on them to keep them from fainting, while throwing ultra balls. I'll use the lower level ones to weaken the pokemon and I'll have to send out one of the ones at level 100 to be attacked while throwing ultra balls. (For one, I threw 60 and didn't catch it.) For most, I usually go through about 20 (but have been able to catch some with one or two.) I used 60 on Entei and didn't catch it. (I had to trade for it.) Also, is ninetails anywhere in ultra moon (or, possibly vulpix?)