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  •  I payed first and last rent, can I stay the last month without paying more?

    I'm renting a small back house studio in California for 3 years now. Upon move in, I deposited 1st and last months rent ($1600 in total). No official rental agreements were signed. Just a form filling out my information. 

    Now I have found a new apartment and I want to move in on January 17th 2020, but i need money for the deposit. 

    Can I stay in my current rental for the last month without paying more? Will the landlord use the initial deposit to cover the last month's rent? 

    I will talk to him soon but I'm unable to at the moment. I'm just doing my research before I talk to him. 

    13 AnswersRenting & Real Estate9 months ago
  • What is controlled demolition?

    Does it mean to demolish a building so that it falls in a specific way or directions, or does it mean to just demolish it intentionally no matter which way it falls?

    4 AnswersPhysics1 year ago
  • What do you call people who always have nonsense arguments, and will tell you the sky is green just to win an argument?

    I have a friend who always like to contradict what I'm saying, and it gets so rediculous that he will argue the opposite of common knowledge.

    For example: Everyone knows if you are feeling cold, you drink hot chocolate or coffee or tea to warm yourself up, right? Not with tbis guy, he really argued with me to say that if you are cold, you should drink ice cold water to warm yourself up because your body works harder and blah blah blah.

    Another example: We were talking about restaurant workers who dont use gloves while handling your food. I said that i preferred the person who's handling my food to be wearing gloves. This guy goes on to say that its more healthy if the person is not wearing gloves because the gloves have chemicles or some dumb s*** like that. And he really argues hardcore for these points.

    Another example: I was telling him he should try a PC video game. I told him how the PC gaming industry has taken over the traditional video game industry like PlayStation and Xbox. This guy then proceeds to tell me he had a PC game before video games was even invented. So now he's telling me that computers were invented before video games.

    See the pattern? Thats why i said this guy will tell you "The sky is green" just to win an argument. Its weird as hell.

    Is there a name for people like this besides "kook"?

    7 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 year ago