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  • Help ASAP!!!?

    Tomorrow I have been pulled in for an informal chat for a job I applied for and they said a work trail also does that mean the same day? or another day? and how long for as I know for your first you don't get paid. 

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment2 weeks ago
  • Failed my driving test.?

    I know I have failed by panicking but I also noticed that getting the biting point is hard than before doing my lessons. Do all driving instructors put their foot on the clutch when you do to make it easy but when it comes to the test you struggle to get it.

    1 AnswerOther - Cars & Transportation2 months ago
  • Feelng depressed from 3 weeks not hearing English language?

    My boyfriend is German and I am happy in learning German but we have been living together in a shared house and the TV is Polish tv with no subtitles and he speaks Polish and Russian as well and he shows me daily Polish videos and my roommates are Polish and Romanian it s been 3 weeks and I m feeling isolated and depressed what should I do?

    10 AnswersLanguages3 years ago