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  • lightheadedness since one week.. whats wrong?

    It started last week and since then has come back every day, mostly after 4 p.m., but also once or twice during morning/afternoon, especially after walking around or just doing exacting physical or mental work. Sometimes it lasted one hour, sometimes until i went to bed.

    those are the SYMPTOMS: feeling weak/exhausted and lightheaded. Kind of like i was tipsy/a bit drunk without having touched alcohol. Im dizzy but not like vertigo, where everything spinns around me, or when you get up to fast and feel weird. it's more like everything is dulled, my senses are slower, my field of vision is limited (not like tunnelvision thoug, its rather a problem of focus maybe). Also i was less concentrated, (very) few times even lost track of what i was saying. When walking i felt weak on my legs, even with fear of falling at some points... Also sometimes i got light headaches.

    What could it be? Since it occurred i have paid special attention to drinking enough, eating balanced meals (except for meat) I have a lack of iron () and b12 (), but could this effect in such symptoms so suddenly? Also exactely one day before it started, I had a minor medical intervention where i was given propofol which made me sleep for 30-60 mins. Afterwards i was a bit drowsy and tired for the day, but else totally fine. could it have to do something with that?

    I have already arranged a meeting with my GP, but in the meantime I wanted to ask here aswell....

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  • Risk of having to t* up blood after gastroscopy with biopsy?

    i will have a gastroscopy with biopsy in a few days.

    as I have very strong fear of vomiting (emetophobia) i want to ask about the risk of internal bleeding after taking a tissue sample inside my stomach, which could lead to haematemesis. (I have no known issue with coagulation, so i know i should not even think about this.. but the phobia is controlling my mind here...)

    So my question really is: if there was (severe) bleeding, how soon after the procedure would the vomiting of blood occur? Or put differently, after how many hours of nothing happening can i be sure to "be safe"?

    So maybe i will ask if I can remain at the hospital for that amount of time...

    I know i could just ask the performing doctor, but I want some other opinions (or experiences) since he tends to downplay stuff...

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  • Which Martial Art is the right one for me?

    About me: i am female, in my mid-twenties, not too sporty but with a bit of training I can get an okay stamina. Not very strong, tall and slim.

    About what i am kind of martial art i am looking for:

    -it should combine gaining strength aswell as "mindfulness"

    -rather defense than attack, rather hands than feet, rather standing up than being on the ground.

    -not too slow (like taichi) but not too agressive

    Can anyone give me a suggestion? THX!!

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  • Left opened hummus outside for several hours - still edible tomorrow?

    Hey i bought some hummus today aswell as another dish made of whole chickpeas.

    They were uncooled for at least 6 hours and opened for about 2 of them.

    I put it in the fridge now.

    Can I still eat it for lunch tomorrow without worrying?

    thx a lot!

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  • Have to hand in a sh*ttyPaper at Uni. should i let the prof know in advance?

    so yeah.. i didnt have time to do it the good way, still i think its good enough to pass.

    have to send it by midnight so i have like 50 mins left.

    Now I am not sure whether i should say anything in my email about that i know that it s not my best work or that i am not completely satisfied with the outcome..?

    I know the Prof and will see him regularly next semester, as we are a very small institute.

    I dont care about the grade (as long as i pass of course), but i feel a bit ashamed handing in something crappy that may waste the profs time... -> i am concerned for how the prof "sees" me rather than how he grades me..

  • Do i have to bring a gift?

    so we are invited to a friends bd-party at their place tomorrow evening.

    in the invite, all the guests were asked to bring something to drink or a sweet/savoury snack.

    Now: Am i expected to bring a gift aswell? Or will a bottle of fine wine or a homemade cake do the job?

    ps most of the guests&the host are in our midtwenties, the host is amongst the ones with a pretty well paid job!

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  • "Home-made-Cake-voucher" as Christmas-Gift for my parents - a good idea? (i m a grown up person)?

    my parents have everything they need and i dont want to get them something uncalled-for. So i thought something to eat would be nice, because it will not be around forever & bc I like to bake...

    But then i thought: it is Christmas, and everyone already has so much stuff to eat, cookies, leftovers from all the feasts etc.

    SO my new idea is, to give them a voucher, so they can "order" 5-6 cakes which i will make for them during the next year.

    do you think this is a good idea? they like sweet stuff a lot. But i am already 27 years old, am i too old to make such vouchers (I remember, as a child I used to give them "I-ll-clean-up-my-room-vouchers and such...)

    also, how many cakes do you think i shold include in the voucher? is 6 an okay number? or does it look cheap or lazy?

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