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  • Should I just ignore it? ?

    Im in community college and plan to transfer to a 4 year school and hopefully law school afterwards. Unfortunately, it might take me a little bit over 4 years to complete my degree because I took some extra classes. But my dad’s side of the family always like bragging about their life. My aunt (dad’s sister) always likes to show off about anything. She also has a college degree and my mom was telling me about a conversation she had with her a few days ago. My mom told me my aunt was worried that I won’t graduate and she thinks I’m taking too long to get my degree. My dad is the same way. He has said things that have offended me. I once complained about that I won’t be able to finish some of my classes on time and he’s said “well some people have already took college classes in high school.” As if he’s disappointed that I didn’t do AP classes. He always seemed disappointed when I didn’t start at a 4 year college. He said “it’s best to start at Bowie state first year.” Me and my dad had a conversation about this and he apologized but I just hope that he really supports me. I’m not book smart at all , but I’m really trying my hardest to reach my goals. 

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  • Should I make amends or would it be a waste of time? ?

    There was this guy I had a “thing” with 9th grade year. Then , my ex boyfriend I dealt with before him (who unfortunately was a friend of his) came in and ruined it with his jealously. My ex was plotting to ruin us because he said “it won’t last anyway”. The new guy broke up with me and weeks later he texted me sending a angry and hurtful message. I never knew why he was anger with me. I knew my ex had something to do with it because he knew about the whole situation. Now I’m 19 years old and me and the guy never made amends nor did I ever find out exactly what I did. We never spoke again. About a year ago , I saw him on Instagram. I followed him. The next day he followed me back. He also liked a couple of my pictures. I know that confirms that he isn’t mad anymore but should I still talk to him to clear the air or leave everything as it be and never speak to him?

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  • Do I have Covid-19 ?

    Last month , my doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis because I was feeling congested and had thick mucus but I wasn’t coughing up mucus at all. I didn’t have a fever. The doctor said my temperature was normal. My doctor prescribed me liquid azithromycin. I took it for 5 days. I went back to the doctor for a follow up and told them I still felt bad . The doctor listened to my heart and lungs said they sounded fine. It’s been weeks after that I’m starting to fill congested again and coughing with mucus stuck in my throat. My upper ,idle part of my back feels weird. I have no fever still, not coughing up ANY mucus, no chills . I’m really scared. I’m 19 with no underlying diseases. I’m going back to the doctor on Monday. Im scared because I read about a 77 year old man who had COPD and he died from Covid 19 and his family members said he had some lung congestion , went to the doctor and they said he was fine with no fever and clear lungs. Days later, he started having a fever and had trouble breathing and lungs were contested and he got tested for numerous things including pneumonia and he got tested positive for Covid 19. Please help. I’m terrified right now and I can’t keep calm.

  • I’m interested in both fields , what should I do? ?

    I’m a psychology major but I have 2 career options and I can’t decide which one to do. I can’t decide on which career I want to do : psychologist or psychiatrist. Both careers fascinate me. I like psychologist because I want to be a therapist and listen to patients problems but I’m also fascinated with psychiatrist because I can be a medical doctor and prescribe medicine and I can make more money. The only thing is I know yo be a psychiatrist I have to go to medical school , which I know is highly competitive, and I’m terrible in math. I’m in college algebra now and I’m struggling in that class. I also hear the MCAT is hard. I also don’t know if medical school is strict about what you major in your undergrad. I know most pre meds major in biology but I want to stick with psychology. I decided when I transfer to a 4 year college I will major in psychology and do a minor in biology and only get As and Bs for the rest of my semesters. I currently have all Bs and a 3.0 gpa and I want to go higher. I’m confused on which one to do. 

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  • What does it mean when someone doesn’t want you to achieve something they’ve already achieve? ?

    A friend I know played in band all through high school and the minute I told them that I played the violin from 4th to 7th grade they looked like they were mad that I told them. They had nothing positive to say even when I showed them my violin and they said “what is that” . Why was that? 

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  • Would it be very beneficial or am I being too paranoid?

    Since this whole coronavirus thing, I was thinking of purchasing a thermometer online to check my temperature on a daily basis . My parents think it’s not necessary. But I’m so worried and I think it would actually be helpful.

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  • What health issues do you think is going on with me?

    I know no one here is doctors but I would like to know people opinions. With everything going on with this coronavirus , every time I go through something with my health I immediately think I got it. I’m 19 years old and I just don’t want to lose my life. And I’m so sorry for those people who have unfortunately. For the past days , my chest has been feeling very congested . I’m coughing up mucus (clear). The mucus wouldn’t come out of my mouth but it would come to the top of my throat . Sometimes it’s thick.Theres no fever though . No runny nose. A couple times , when I breathe in a small part of my chest would hurt. My top back has been hurting a lot lately as well. I’m scared I got a heart problem , or my lungs are failing , it’s pneumonia or worst the coronavirus. I was gonna go to the doctor last Thursday but my parents seem to think I’m overreacting and think I’m going through sinus issues because of the weather changing . What do you guys think? 

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  • What happens when someone tries to “Hoover” you back into a relationship and you don’t fall for it? ?

    “Hoovering” someone I saw means to lure someone back into a toxic relationship after a long period of no contact.

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  • Why did this mf reach out to me again?

    So my verbally abusive ex who discarded me 5 months ago comes back and texting me “Happy New Years” on my IG and text message. I’m pissed off that he had the audacity to bring his *** back. So I text back saying “don’t text me wtf” and he asks did he do something wrong and I said I don’t think you showed me any respect when we were dating . He kept typing and typing and eventually left it on read. WHY TF ARE YOU EVEN HITTING ME UP IN THE FIRST PLACE?! I’m sure his dumbass got another girl at the time so why tf are you trying to associate with me . 

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  • Will he try to come back?

    My arrogant and insecure ex , who had 15 relationships before me , told me after he discarded me , “I’ll let you know if I want to try it again”. He’s only 19 and he’s a highly arrogant verbally abusive bastard.  I’m not going to be a fool again trust me . If he comes back again I’m chewing him out real good . But will he try to come back? Or will I be lucky and he stay away forever. 

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  • If he really felt that way , why didn’t he?

    I remember my boyfriend who was criticizing me all the time on everything and acted like he was so much better than me told me one of his friends (a year before) , who was a hoe, said that he could’ve found a better girl than me. He tells me about a year later to hurt my feelings , so if he really felt like he could’ve did better than me , why did he come back to repair our relationship? 

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  • Should I feel stupid cause I did not take AP courses in high school? ?

    I remember my ex bf that criticized me on everything and made it seem like he was smarter than me tried to throw it up in my face that I didn’t belong with him and his friends (who also took AP classes who were real smart) because I don’t take AP classes. Yet I’m in college working so hard to do good and he has no plans to go to college and failed in the military. If took AP courses than why was he not in college ? If I was stupid and he’s smart then why he date me? I know it would’ve been helpful to take AP courses but I still got to college without it. I never took high school that serious I just wanted to pass so I can go. Now I’m in college I’m taking it more serious .

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  • Was this friend just trying to put me down or was they right , I’m stupid?

    I’m in community college and I wanted to transfer to a university fall 2020 but now I would have to transfer in spring 2021 because I found out I took classes at the CC that weren’t eligible to transfer to a university because they were not part of the courses I needed to receive my B.A in my major . I told my friend I would need to complete one more extra semester at CC to be eligible to transfer university and instead of them supporting me , they put me down and make me feel bad by saying “most people can complete it in 2 years” . This friend is always putting me down and acting better than me and they wasn’t even going to college at all. 

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  • Does she have bipolar disorder?

    My little sister is extremely severe mood swings 24/7. She's never approachable and she barely has any friends. All she likes to do is sit at home all day and be on her iPad. One minute she's okay to talk to but 9/10 she's not. She's very weird. She anti-social. My parents do spoil her. But I on the other hand , is very different. I'm the complete opposite. I'm a very kind , and people can talk to me. I do not have severe mood swings and I have tons of friends. I love to socialize. My mom confronted her on how her face expressions always look so mean and she got highly defensive and got very upset with my mother. My mom seem to think something is mentally wrong. My mom thinks it could come from the fact that my dad is 17 years older than my mother and he was in his late 40s when my sister was born. I don't know what's going on with her. She's very smart . What is it?

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  • Should I keep him on Instagram? Or block him ?

    I was wondering if I should block my ex who would always criticize me and put me down and acted like he was better than me on Instagram ? It’s been months and at first I was just keep him on there to gloat like “look what you lost” type thing . But now I’m wondering if I should block him .  

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  • How do I let that go?

    I have been beating myself up everyday about the fact that my verbally abusive ex that always put me down , always tried to act like that he was more superior , always bullied me and ALLOWED IT! I didn’t know why he was behaving that way at the time I was completely unaware. He picked me obviously because he thought I was weak and I hate myself for that. I’m always a kind person and cared about other people and he took that for weakness and always provoked me but the minute I said he was arrogant and an *** and narcissistic he plays the victim. How do I stop hating myself for it? I’m 19 years old and I should not be feeling this way. I know I might have not been the only one who’s gotten this treatment before because he had 15 relationships before me. And yet he doesn’t even treat his friends like that and he came out and said that he only hung out with smart , straight A nerds . And one of my friends said that he hangs out with them just so he try and fit in with them so he can feel better about himself .

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  • Why did he end it with me?

    My verbally abusive ex who (I called arrogant and narcissistic to him) always put me down and made me feel worthless to apparently make himself feel better (even though he was the one who was feeling inferior) was the one who ended up ending our relationship. Why? It only went on for a month. I’m glad he’s my ex but why did he decided to end it? Has he found a new person to put through hell? He had 15 ex girlfriends before me and I was just curious. After the day he broke up with me , he still told me to come over so he can show me how to play video games. And I thought we gonna have sex but he didn’t want to even though he was kissing me and touching me.  Why was he like that? 

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  • Why was he being such a damn hypocrite?

    When my ex said something very insulting about me having to spend some extra time in college and I brought it up to him , he made it seem like as if I was being too sensitive and should’ve just got over it . Yet when I said something to him , he went complete crazy and played the victim . What type of crap is that? I was suppose to endure his insults on me doing good in college but I was not suppose to say anything to him . I told him he was not even going to college so he wouldn’t know and he just completely ignored that part and justified it by basically trying to say his friends (who go to college) were doing better. All I thought was “I’m talking about your friends , I’m talking about YOU”

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  • Am I ridiculous for not going?

    A friend that I haven’t seen since we graduated HS over a year ago , invited me to hang out with him and other people this upcoming Friday . The problem is , he asked me if I was cool with my verbally abusive ex (who is like his best friend) and said the chances of my ex not working is pretty high. I told him I was gonna show up but I’m thinking about canceling because I don’t want to have to be around my ex . In my previous questions , I talked about everything my ex has done to me . I really don’t wanna be around my ex. Maybe I’m just weak, but the sight of seeing him is gonna make my stomach turn considering that i completely despise him now. We haven’t talked in 4 months . Am I ridiculous for not going? Should I decline?

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  • Why would he say that to me?

    I remember my ex boyfriend who always put me down and tried to make me feel inferior to him , once I told him I in college and he knew I made through one year already and he tells me “You know you got to pay that financial aid money back right?” What type of crap is that? Instead of him showing that he’s proud of me , he tries to make me look stupid and act like I don’t know what I’m doing? Yet he wasn’t even going to college.

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