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  • What to do if my husband doesn’t believe in compromise?

    When I say compromise I mean that we seek to make decisions together that we are both 100% satisfied with. I believe that this is the way marriage should be, but my husband disagrees. He is very religious, and believes that the Bible teaches that whenever a husband and wife disagree, then it is the wife’s responsibility to submit to her husband. In other words, a wife should always go with what her husband wants in areas of disagreement. But I don’t think this is quite right. I do believe that couples should make sacrifices for each other, but I don’t believe in one spouse always getting their way without being willing to consider their partner. For example, he thinks that if he wants another kid but I want to wait, it is my duty to have another kid anyway because that’s what God would want me to do. Anytime I say I disagree, he just says that I can’t back up my position with the Bible but he can. It’s like my desires don’t matter, even though he says they do. I’m not sure I can truly be happy living this way. But when I’m feeling down about it he says I have to choose to be happy, because this is God’s way and the Bible commands us to be happy. As though I can turn on happiness like the flip of a switch regardless of how he treats me! It’s really frustrating and depressing. How can we make our marriage work when we disagree so strongly on HOW marriage should work?

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  • What should I do if my Grandma wants to call me way too frequently?

    My paternal grandmother is very chatty and has been wanting to call me on a regular basis ever since I got married. I am very uncomfortable with this because I am introverted and don’t like taking phone calls unless they are urgent. I never use my phone just to chat. I told my grandma this and let her know that I have a very strict texting only policy. She said she has a hard time texting because of arthritis in her hands, but that she would be willing to text anyway. I was extremely relieved. But next thing I know, she calls my dad and complains that she hasn’t been able to get into contact with me. So my dad texts me and says that she can’t contact me and if I would give her a call, that would be great.

    It seems as though she is trying to use my dad to manipulate me into calling her. What makes this situation worse is the fact that before I got married, she was perfectly fine only calling me once a year on my birthday. Now that I have a husband and a baby on the way she wants to call me a lot more. This is not acceptable to me. I am trying to invest in relationships with my new family rather than clinging to my old one, and I don’t appreciate the intrusion.

    What should I say to my grandma to get her off my back? And should I say anything about this to my dad?

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