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  • Weird spot in vision?

    For the last week, in my left eye there’s been something in my peripheral vision and it won’t go away. it’s not a floater, and when i’m where bright light is like outside, i cannot see it. but in duller light i can. especially when i close my right eye and blink a few times in my left. along with that my vision has started to change recently. i have astigmatism in both of my eyes but when my glasses are off everything seems weird. an easier way to explain would be my eyes feel like they do when you have allergies? i’m not sure how to explain all of this properly because it’s so confusing, but ironically i have an eye exam in five days so i’m going to tell them about it. should i get an appointment sooner? am i going blind? i’m only 18 and i’m worried to death, i’ve got so much anxiety over this. if possible, someone please relieve my mind. thank you.

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  • maggots in guinea pig cage?

    i feel so bad asking this, and i’m scared that this is somehow my fault. i got a guinea pig five days ago from someone who could no longer keep her. i already have another guinea pig, so i knew how to take care of her. both of my piggies live in separate cages, because they are different sexes. (not intended for breeding. i took her in because she was free.) anyway, since they said they’d just cleaned her cage, i decided to wait until when i cleaned my piggies cage so i could do them at the same time. this was only a few days later. i go to clean the females cage, and i find large maggots inside of it. i’m so grossed out and i don’t see what i did wrong. my other guinea pig had no maggots inside his cage, so i believe they came with the girl and that could be why they got rid of her. i thoroughly cleaned the cages but if this guinea pig has flystryke, i’m not sure what to do. i’m going to try and give her back to the original owner. i have no flies in the room i keep my guinea pigs in, and since my other one which i’ve had for months had nothing inside, i have to assume that’s why they got rid of her. do you think that’s the case? can the maggots spread to my other guinea pig? sorry for all the questions. i’m just grossed out right now and i feel terrible. thank you.

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  • could my weight be causing this?

    i’m 18 years old and considered obese. about a week ago, i suddenly started feeling chest and upper abdomen tightness. i also suddenly have indigestion which hardly goes away, and that isn’t normal for me. indigestion is something i don’t usually have. i’ve also been getting muscle spasms lately, they’re painless and only last a few seconds but it happens all over my body in any place. my skin sometimes feels hot, but isn’t to the touch. and my muscles seem tired, even when i haven’t done anything. i don’t understand what this could be but it’s driving me crazy, i have severe anxiety and though this is probably nothing i’m terrified of the worst. i went to the emergency room a few nights ago for the chest tightness. EKG results and x-ray of the chest came back fine, and there are no signs of blood clotting so they said it might just be indigestion or anxiety. i’m going to see my regular doctor this week. but i just want to know if this is normal? i’ve also had a dry mouth lately..which also isn’t usual for me. could all of these be a coincidence or is this my weight? i’m sorry for the rambling.

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  • could this be a heart attack?

    i’m not sure if i’m paranoid or not. i’m 18 years old, (i know it’s very uncommon for my age) and for the last 24 hours i’ve had chest discomfort. it just feels heavy, the same with my upper abdomen. i have shortness of breath too which is not normal for me, i breathe fine but since my abdomen area feels kind of tight it’s just kind of hard to inhale but it’s not a big issue to me. i’m not sure if this is bloating and i’m just overreacting but i am overweight so i’m pretty scared. i’m going to the ER in the morning but i just wanted some opinions. i don’t have any pain or anything either; but ive been tired. does anyone have an idea of what this could be?

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  • Essentials for a ferret?

    I’m trying to research the habitat, health & diet, and essentials for a ferret. Though I’ve been looking up everything needed for one, I was hoping to get some feedback here, too. What is the price a ferret usually goes by? What are the risks of not spaying a female ferret? (The gender id be getting) what are the benefits of spaying one?

    Could a ferret starter kit (from Walmart) be something a ferret could actually live in?

    I’d of course let it run around in the House too.

    Do they bite? Are they easy to be litter box trained? I have so many questions, and to be fair I’m not planning to getting a ferret tomorrow. Probably not next month, it might take a while. I’m just curious because I love those cute little creatures and I’d like to own one myself.

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  • How much room should a ferret have?

    I don’t have one, I’m just researching on the animal.

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  • Could a pair of degus live in a hamster cage?

    I’m not getting one yet nor do I plan to do this, I’m trying to research their habitat and I didn’t see anything about this question.

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  • What can I do about my sister?

    I’m sixteen years olds, and though I know I can’t stop my sister with her meth addiction, I’d like to know if there’s any way I could try to help her?

    She lives whenever, staying at any place she can even though our mom is completely fine with her coming back. She just won’t.

    She’s dropped her two children off here at our place, and hasn’t seen them for a long long time. She’s lost her car and job recently, too. This addiction has taken her life. What can I do?

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  • Can small knots in my dogs fur hurt her?

    This probably sounds like a stupid question — so I’ll explain.

    My dogs fur gets about as long as a Yorkshire Terrier, she isn’t that breed, though.

    I groom her frequently, but everyone makes mistakes so I miss a place or two. When I run my hand through her fur I can feel a small knot here or there, she’s probably got four total. But they’re not large clumps stuck to her skin, they’re just knots only scissors could cut off.

    And yes, I’d cut/brush it off/out myself but my dog hates being groomed, she squirms a lot, and I fear I might hurt her. But I still get the job done, but that’s most likely why I miss a few spots.

    And there’s no point in taking her to a groomer, her fur is just fine, other than those few small knots. But my question is: do you think they hurt her, or pull on her skin and make her uncomfortable? Also, is there a solution you can use as a detangler for it? Please no hate, I’m just an owner seeking for answers.

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  • Why do people pressure others into adopting shelter dogs?

    The majority of dogs in the shelters are dogs which run away constantly, hounds, pits, and aggressive dogs. What if someone wants to adopt a puppy? Most are usually spoken for. A lot of people are Afraid of pits, and you don’t know what you’re getting when you adopt an adult dog with no background Info. I don’t mind adopting , and I love pits, but for people who aren’t as flexible at buying them there for these reasons, why do people give them a hard time? As long as you purchase pups from a reputable breeder, I see no problem.

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