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  • Are there other auctions besides Ebay?

    I don't like Ebay, got burned on it too many times both as a buyer and seller. I want to see some thing, some items are old, but I don't know of any other auctions. Are there places I can send items to be sold for me or are there online auctions? I have tried apps that are like online garage sales and don't care for them because I don't like meeting strangers because it just seems sketchy. I do use Mercari, I like that because you mail the item to people.

    2 AnswersSmall Business9 months ago
  • Why don't they put you to full sleep for a EGD?

    I've looked up endoscopy and it says the doctor makes you relax but you are fully awake and know what's happening. Why? Can you request to by knocked out, no just sleepy or paralyzed?

    4 AnswersOther - General Health Care9 months ago
  • Is 41 too young to start menopause?

    As I m writing this I am 6 days late starting my period. Up until now I ve never been this late. I m not sexually active so I m not pregnant. I was under stress recently. My sister went to the hospital to get her appendix removed and I had to stay with her in the hospital for a week. No sleep and poor eating. I know stress can affect you but now that everything is ok I figured my body would relax and get back on track. Anyone else experience this? Could I be starting menopause or should I be worried?

    7 AnswersWomen's Health10 months ago
  • Why take medication if it destroys your body?


    I've just been told I need to start taking medication to see if it will help a type of health condition. I've been told what could happen, side effects and that the drugs may not 100% work, that they will help a little. The choice is mine if I want to go through with it but I just want to know what is the point? I take the pill to try and fix 1 problem only for it to cause another problem. I don't even get a guarantee that the pill will fix the first problem so I may end up with 2 or 3 problems. Over the counter medicine is the same, the warning is they can cause stomach bleeding and kidney problems. Is it better to just live the best you can with your condition and hope your body will sort itself out or is medicine worth taking? 

    6 AnswersOther - General Health Care10 months ago
  • Does daily word count matter when writing?

    I see people on YouTube saying if you want to be a real writer and churn out finished novels within a year you need to meet a daily word count. Does it really matter? I try to set aside a few hours to write, no interruptions but most of the time I can't find the words and get noting written in that amount of time. I can get a paragraph or three done a day depending on what's happening but I can't match the daily 2,000-word count goal I've seen published writers say they hit. 

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