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  • Is Mt.Vernon IL a decent place to live? ?

    I'm considering a job transfer to SIL,  Mt.Vernon to be exact.   I've never been to Southern Illinois,  how is the quality of life, home prices, and things like that?   

    2 AnswersOther - United States2 days ago
  • Does it look Tacky or Creepy To wear a Speedo in America?

    In High School I swan competitively and was on diving team one year.  Myself and my team mates always wore a speedo, I liked it way better then swim trucks. A speedo does fill up with air and doesn't feel like it's dragging you down. 

    Outside of that, I've never had the courage to wear a speedo to the beach or public pool. I know in Europe, Australia, and in South America, its the norm from what I understand, although I've never been there.

     I'm now 40 and have mostly gotten past the point of worrying what others think of me, for the most part. I'm about 5'11, 200lbs.  A little out of shape but by no means fat or Obese.   I'd like to wear a speedo but I am worried it's going to get me dirty looks or worse, at the beach or pool.   I just don't wanna be creepy or tacky. 

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 month ago
  • What can I wear with Red Sperry boat shoes?

    I really think they look cool but not sure how versatile they would be, I already own a tan pair. I don't want to look tacky or effeminate by wearing these.

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories2 months ago
  • Is Erie Pennsylvania a nice place to live?

    I'm speaking of the city proper but also surrounding suburbs/towns.   What are good things about living there?  What's not so good?    

    What safe areas to live and what areas should I avoid?  

    2 AnswersCleveland3 months ago