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  • Is it possible to see cells by crossing your eyes and staring at distant lights?

    So i know that those tiny invisible things that float by your pupils are white blood cells or something. And whenever i go crossed eyed and focus i can see them properly.

    But, i was staring at the street light and i started to blurr it out, because i'm that bored. Then i covered one eye up and stared at it, and noticed that there were these things that sorta look liked cells if they were under a microscope. Whenever i blinked the scene would change, new cells or something just appeared. I did try not blinking so i could see them split apart but i couldn't.

    So yeah, you try it (if you do know how to do it and i'm not the only one in the world) and see if you see what i see. Tell me if they're cells or if the light's just playing tricks on me.

    BTW. please don't call me dumb or stupid, i seriously don't know and i'm curious.

    2 AnswersBiology6 years ago
  • How to get rid of sun tan!(for light brown people)?

    How the heck do you get rid of sun tan!!??

    I'm light brown, or at least i was i until athletics carnival in the middle of 2013! it totally made me black, and i used loads of sunscreen but i still got tanned! it's not that i hate the color, i just have really messed up tan lines and everything. Since than i have been staying indoors and i have tried every way possible to remove sun tan( including lemon), but nothing worked!

    it you know how, or if you know a website it would be great help, but don't mention lemons because my cat scratches me and it burns like hell when i use lemon!


    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body7 years ago
  • Would you pay it forward?

    Paying it forward is the greatest idea ever! last week i watched the movie 'Pay it forward', than i the next day i decided to pay it forward. My first attempt totally failed...i decided to help an old lady across the street but she thought i was mugging her so she started whacking me over the head with her walking stick.

    my second attempt was to one of my neighbors. Every Sunday morning she would mow her entire lawn(she is 78 years old), so i went over to her house and asked her if i could mow her lawn for free, and she said yes. after 2 and half hours i was done, that she pulled twenty dollars out of her purse, but i said "no thanks, what you could do is pay it forward to 3 different people". Than she asked me what the hell that was and i said, "instead of paying me back for mowing your lawn, you can pay it forward to someone else". (i still don't know if she did pay it forward).

    anyway, i was wondering if you guys would do something like what i did and pay it forward. It is the greatest act of kindness i have ever done and i'm still paying it forward. Just yesterday i gave my birthday present ($50) to a homeless guy, told him to buy some food and get a job, than asked him to pay it forward.

    so would you pay it forward, and what would you do?

    3 AnswersOther - Arts & Humanities7 years ago
  • what is your favourite nintando3Ds game and why?

    be creative imaginative and explain why, my friend and i made a bet to see who would vote what game the most and why

    2 AnswersOther - Games & Recreation7 years ago
  • what would you call a new planet and why?

    be creative and imaginative make sure you say why

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • How the size of the cell impacte the brain?

    how does the size of the cell impact the brain

    2 AnswersCancer7 years ago
  • HELP!!!!!HELP!!!!!HELP!!!!!?



    1 AnswerGeography7 years ago
  • where can I watch the Filipino TV drama Dahil May Isang Ikaw (Because there is only you) online?

    I watched it a few years back and I never completed it.

    (If possible include the ones with English subtitles)


    1 AnswerDrama7 years ago