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  • Is The 1994 crime bill the reason why black people are not voting for Joe Biden?

    We know that many black people don't wanna vote for Joe Biden this year at The Election.

    There's many reason why, but the main reason is all because of the 1994 crime bill that may have increased mass incarnation.

    Joe Biden's been getting a lot of heat because of it and it may hurt his chances at defeating Trump, unless if Biden gives black people what they want.

    I don't really know Joe Biden that well to say anything negative, but I also despise Trump because what's his done to this country.

    Joe Biden's way too old to be running for president, when it should be Kamala Harris running because she's younger than Jim Crow Joe.

    Well tell me what's the real reason why blacks don't wanna vote for Joe Biden and if that's the case, then we might get 4 more years of segreivision.

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  • Between Trump and Biden, Who's gonna win this year's election?

    The Election's 2 months away and anticipation's getting hyped about who's the right man for the white house.

    But we got some people who are unsure about who to vote for, this year's election's not even about right and wrong, it's more about evil vs evil.

    The Internet trolls and commentators have all the enmity against the democrats because they feel that they won't look after the black community and give them reparation, They definitely has a grunge against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because of the 94 crime bill that increased mass incarnation.

    The Internet trolls and commentators have referred to Joe Biden as Jim Crow Joe because of the 94 crime bill and not black comments and I don't really know what Kamala Harris did to make them have all this enmity against her.

    Unless if they give black people a black agenda and reparations, then Trump will get another 4 years.

    The black vote is up for sale this time and the only way that Joe Biden can win this election is if he give black people what they want and owned.

    The Election's 2 months away and It's not looking too good for the democrats and the enmity is not even against Trump, that's the funny part in all this.

    The hype and uncertainty is definitely through the roof and it's kind of a no win situation if either man wins, because if either man wins then black people still don't get what they want, no matter if it's Trump or Biden AKA Jim Crow Joe.

    Well gimmie some answers and tell me what you think about this.


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  • Will Black People ever get reparations?

    The 400 years of slavery's well documented and it's a tragic history that'll be in the minds of every American until the end of time.

    But it seems like many black people over the country are asking for cash payments for decades of mistreatment and oppression, and reparations might be the ultimate vengeance for it.

    This year's election's gonna be undecided because Joe Bided and Donald Trump are gonna face off,  But people don't wanna vote for either of them.

    You got one side that don't wanna vote for Trump because what he's done to this country so far and you the other side who don't wanna vote for Bided either because they feel that he's not gonna live up to his standards.

    so this talk about reparations has been the trending topic for a while now and it's not gonna stop anytime soon.

    Blacks are so hellbent on reparations and they'll be damned if they don't get it.

    Well gimmie your answers and tell what you think about reparations and black people being hellbent on it.

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  • Do you think that TNA/Impact's 6 sided ring would've been outdated if they've kept it???

    For most of it's existence, TNA used the 6 sided ring and it was the 1 thing that separated them from WWE at the time.

    It was the coolest thing because it had like a MMA sport feel to it, then we all know what happened after Hulk Hogan came in.

    Then in 2014 it was brought back and fans were happy to have their 6 sided ring back. 

    but by 2017, it kinda felt like it was going out of style and stale, all of a sudden they went to the squared circle and I will say that Impact Wrestling's survived for nearly 2 decades.

    But I'm like everybody else when I say that I loved the 6 sided ring because it was the coolest thing in wrestling at the time and it was the that ring that gave them an identity and pretty much put them on the map and also pulled in wrestlers from other promotions to their brand.  

    So let's talk about this, gimmie your thoughts.

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  • Do black people hate white people for what happened 400 years ago??

    400 years of slavery was a long time ago and the world's changed.

    Some for the better and some for the worst, and in some cases with black people, they seem to keep reminding the media that they haven't quite forgotten about it.

    Not all white people are racist, but black people don't see it that why, all they can talk about is the 400 years of oppression, discrimination and racism that's happened and still happening to this day.

    But I don't really see what's the point to keep talking about it and they're so caught with this hatred for white people that they can't even see who's really racist and who's not.

    I get that we can't forget our history, but it's also clear to live for what's in front of us and not relive the past.

    it was 400 years ago, we're in 2020.

    That was then and this is now.

    Now tell me what you think that we need to do to look forward to the present day.

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  • Would fans still be watching TNA Wrestling if they still had the 6-Sided Ring??

    TNA Wrestling was the hottest commodity in the 2000's and the legit #2 promotion after WWE.

    The 6-sided ring was the only thing that separated then from WWE and Ring of Honor, but everybody knows what happened when Hogan and Bischoff came in to the company.

    By 2014, they 6 sided ring was brought back, but the damage was beyond repairable and the company was never the same since.

    Even though they've recovered and started to somewhat invest in future stars like tessa blanchard, IMPACT WRESTLING never really recovered 10 years prior.

    But by the grace of god, the company's still in existence.

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  • Has AEW Surpassed Impact Wrestling as the Legit #2 Promotion?

    For nearly 2 decades, Impact Wrestling)Formerly Known as TNA) has manage to somehow survive in the wrestling business, TNA's had some epic moments, but made a lot of terrible decisions in their nearly 20 years of existence.

    The best TNA years were The Cross The Line Era, it was like watching The Attitude Era all over again and even when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in, it was still cool to watch because no one knew what was gonna happen next.

    But now Impact Wrestling's fallen all the way down the ladder and almost faded into obscurity and AEW exploded into the mainstream.

    AEW's the hottest thing right now and even going head to head with NXT.

    It's not even a battle between 2 companies, it feels like a war between 2 alternatives and nobody can't find Impact Wrestling on TV.

    But Impact Wrestling has finally learn from their mistakes and started to invest in future stars like Tessa Blanchard, Brian Cage, Taya, among others.

    But the hype for Impact once know as TNA has died a slow death because all their homegrown superstars are in the WWE.

    You know what they say "it was fun while it lasted" but now it's the era of AEW.

    Tell me your answer.

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  • Is Monty Brown a footnote in TNA/Impact history or TNA never was???

    1 of the 1st true TNA Originals was "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown, he was like The Rock of the company and his pounce was outta this world, he was also from the serengeti and the fans were connected to him.

    But for some reason he never won the world heavyweight championship and he was kept down by TNA management, lost in the shuffle and turned her in the progress.

    His momentum was completely ruined when Christian Cage and Sting came in TNA and then he left for WWE.

    Monty Brown will always be a what could've been.

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  • Does racism still exist in the WWE??

    We've talked about this topic before and probably will talk about it some more, most people still believe that the #1 company in the world is racism towards black wrestlers.

    If this wasn't the case, then why did it took Kofi Kingston 11 years to win his 1st WWE Championship??

    Booker T should've defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania XIX after being called out on his race or his WCW career or Black Wrestlers playing stereotypical gimmicks that reflects their culture.

    Most fans believe that Vince Mcmahon's part of the Klan and he never wanted a black wrestler to win the WWE Championship and that Kofi Kingstin winning the WWE Title don't change that fact that it's been 11 years.

    so what does that tell you??

    I don't know, maybe it's just me blowing it all outta proportion or maybe the're be truth to what everybody's be saying for years.

    Just tell me what you and let's talk about this.

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  • Has Impact Wrestling disappeared forever?

    Impact Wrestling's had a lot of ups and down over the past 10 years.

    From losing their home grown and top superstars, lawsuits and getting canceled from every TV on cable, it was pretty much a matter of time before they went outta business.

    But Impact's still breathing under water and they're on AXS TV, fans have given up on Impact Wrestling for the last few years. but it doesn't change the fact the they've out lived WCW and ECW.

    Many people don't have AXS TV and with the formation of AEW, Impact's fallen all the way down and they've never recovered.

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  • Attachment image

    With Tessa Blanchard as Impact World Champion, what happens to Impact Wrestling going forward??

    At Hard to Kill, the most shocking moment happened, Tessa Blanchard became the first woman to become a world champion in the company's history.

    For the past couples of months, she and Sami Callihan have been fighting in inter gender match and every one of them were epic, but Hard to Kill was really epic because it was a 23 minute battle for the Impact World Title and probably considered Impact Wrestling's great battle since AJ and Angle.

    But some fans are not too excited about it, fans are now wondering what's gonna happen to the company now, who's gonna be the top guy now.

    Tessa gonna have no choice to defend the World Title against the male wrestlers and don't be surprised that Taya Valkyrie might be the next challenger

    This can be looked at both ways, it can be looked at as history in the making because Tessa the first woman to be a World Champion, She did something that no woman has ever done and probably will never do again.

    Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Awesome Kong, even Becky Lynch will never win a World Title in a major company.

    It can also be looked at as the worst thing ever because TNA/Impact Wrestling has made too many mistakes over the last 17 years and there's too many to name, but this one might be the biggest one yet.

    I don't know and I can't really comment on this, but regardless of what I think and what everybody else think, Tessa made history and the wrestling landscape changed forever.

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  • Can AEW have their own Wrestlemania??

    Wrestlemania's been around for 36 years, other companies tried to replicate it.

    Impact Wrestling has Bound for Glory, WCW had Starrcade and Ring of Honor has Final Battle, and n with all of those replications, they've never been able to come close to WWE grandest stage.

    But AEW might have that chance to do it, it's been a year since the formation of the company and it a short matter of time, it's made a giant impact.

    I think AEW can pull it off, their fan base is to the roof and wrestling fans have been waiting for an alternative for years now.

    TNA's dead and Ring of Honor's faded into obscurity, but AEW has all the tools to pull off a Wrestlemania of their own.

    It's only a matter of time.

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  • Is it better for AEW not to go up against The WWE??

    For years companies have tried to go up against The WWE, even WCW were on the verge of putting them outta business, TNA didn't stand a chance at all and I'm not even gonna mention Ring of Honor.

    Now AEW's comes along and in a short period of time has taken the wrestling world by storm.

    But I just think that AEW should just stay focus on themselves and not go head-to-head with WWE as a whole.

    It ain't easy going up against the machine, look what happened to WCW and ECW, infact WWE has been buying territories and libraries of defunct federations for years, so unless AEW don't want history repeating itself, then they need choose another day of the week and not go up against The WWE.

    Fans don't want another war, but they like an alternative.

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  • Would Stone Cold vs. Hulk Hogan been the biggest match of all time if it happened?

    It s forever considered the biggest match that never was, along with other dream matches that never happened.

    Sure other dream matches like Stone Cold vs. Bill Goldberg, The Rock vs. HBK, and of course Undertaker vs. Sting.

    Those are only a few, but the biggest one that never happened was Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan.

    The Golden Age vs The Attitude Era, many thought it was building towards Wrestlemania XXIII after being teased plenty of times, but it never came to fusion.

    I believe Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold were still healthy enough to make it happen at the time they were in the WWE at the same time.

    But I guess we ll know what would ve been.

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  • Was 2013's Lockdown that last great PPV for TNA???

    From 2005 to 2016, Lockdown was the event that held every match inside a steel cage, it was the most dangerous PPV in TNA, I would say it was better that WWE's Hell in a Cell, it was the event that saw Samoe Joe defeat Kurt Angle from the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

    I was certain that TNA would be able to pull in over 50 thousand fans in the Alamo Dome, but they only managed to pull in 7,200 fans.

    But it was still memorable because that fact that Bully Ray became the president of the Ace's &8's and the TNA Champion in the process and fans throwing trash in the cage reminded me of the old days of WCW.

    Talk about doing something memorable.

    I need answers, I need to know if Lockdown was the last great PPV for TNA in 2013.

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  • Will The Wednesday War be any different from The Monday Night War??

    Nearly 20 years after WCW died, WWE's been the one true global empire of Wrestling. In the years since Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor had moderate success, but they wasn't anywhere near WWE's massive empire.

    AEW's success is unheard of and their 1st PPV's was awesome and now that their on TNT, The Wednesday Night War had begun.

    It's NXT vs AEW every wednesday night for ratings, but it's not really a war because AEW's not focus on beating NXT, they're more focus on their own and making AEW the biggest company in the world.

    The wrestling boom is back because fans having seen nothing like this since The Monday Night Wars back in the 90's and AEW's the first massive company to be on TNT since 2001.

    It probably won't be the same as The Monday Night Wars, but I know that more fans are watching AEW more that NXT.

    I'm just waiting to see what AEW's gonna do next.

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  • What's next for The Marvel Cinematic Universe???

    11 years and 23 films later, The MCU's the biggest franchise of all time, Iron Man and Captain America meet they're endgame and Iron Man dying marked the end of an era.

    The Avengers are no more and now they'll be new heroes taking over, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel will likely lead The MCU into the next phase and will fill the void of the original Avengers.

    New heroes like Shang-Chi, The Eternals, and Blade are the universes future, but out of all the heroes, Thor's coming back for a 4th sequel, making him the longest running trilogy in history.

    The MCU will never be the same again after Endgame with Iron Man dying a hero and Captain America passing the shield to Falcon, But The MCU will continue to bring new heroes and new teams into this unprecedented universe.

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  • Will Green Arrow ever get a movie??

    Since 2012, Green Arrow has become a the biggest T.V. hero, launching the ArrowVerse that's still going strong to this day and they're gearing up for the epic Crisis on Infinite Earth's storyline and that'll become their own Endgame.

    For years, Green Arrow was kinda of B-List hero, a arrow themed knock off of Batman and now that's he's more recognizable than before, it's time for him to get him on the big screen.

    Green Arrow should get a movie that won't be part of the DCEU, just his own trilogy, like The Dark Knight Trilogy.

    Arrow may not be the biggest hero like Batman and Superman, but he at least needs a a Dark Knight like origin story on the big screen and a trilogy to go with that and now that after 7 years, Green Arrow's the biggest hero in the ArrowVerse.

    Now he needs to be the biggest hero on the big screen.

    Gimme answers.

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  • Are we witnessing the fatigue of superhero movies??

    Since the early 2000's, superhero movies have had a resurgence in the world of cinema.

    Over the last 19 years, we've seen the resurrection of superheroes on the big screen, and the greatest trilogies of that era was Spider-Man and The Dark Knight.

    These two epic trilogies captivated the world and we've also witness the beginning of the greatest cinematic universe of all-time.

    For a 11 years, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor have been the cornerstones of The MCU, obscured heroes like Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange Captain Marvel and even Ant-Man are now a-list heroes,

    but most recently, there's been like a fatigue going on, it's seem like fans are getting tired of seeing superhero movies

    and the bubble's still growing and it's only a matter of time before the bubble burst.

    I think after The Endgame, that's when people said "enough is enough"

    The DCEU's still trying to find an identity and The era of The Avengers is over and now with Valiant Comics entering the frame, it's seem like they wanna fill the void that Marvel left, but it's no way they can duplicate it.

    Anyway, there's fans that wanna see more superheroes on the screen and some are getting tired them.

    Gimme some answers.

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  • How long will Avengers: Endgame stay #1 at The Highest-grossing films List ??

    Avengers:Endgame is now the new #1 highest grossing film of all-time, snapping Avatar into dust and out of existence after 10 years.

    But It may not last long because Avatar 2's hitting the cinemas 2 years from now and the sequel might get back to the top and they got Avatar 3 following behind them, so it may not look to good for The Endgame.

    Many believed that Avatar would stay on top forever, but they were not match to The Avengers, Avengers Endgame blew past Titanic and Avatar to the top and if Avatar claim back the top spot with their sequel and just when we though that the battle for box office supremacy was over,

    It's looks like the fight will continue 2 years from now with Avatar 2 once again fighting The Avengers.

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