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  • Should I back out home loan ?

    For almost a month I been in underwriting stage. Lender lender assist and the processor are all unprofessional. 3 times my realtor and I have both got a clear to close then they turn around and told us it was a mistake or tell us clear to close then the next day underwriter ask for another document. I had to delay my closing 4 times because of them . It got so bad that the headquarters had to get involve in my file. They told me my issue was not having enough cash reserve even though I have two months worth guess that’s not enough so now they told me to have someone gift me about 2k and that should work. Should I back out on this i am tired of dealing with this company 

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  • Missed my closing date again ! ?

    I’m so frustrated. A week ago I got a clear to close by a “mistake “ . Two days later they turn around and ask for more documents. My loan officer came to my house to get the documents they needed and while he was there he had me sign the closing disclosure that was last Saturday. Monday morning the processor ask for two more documents I then turned everything in that following day now as of today my loan officer called me and told me the underwriter computer had shut down and he will let me know first thing tomorrow morning for clear to close I’m just so up to here with everyone it’s either and excuse or mistake being done with these people what more should I do at this point ???

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  • Unprofessional mortgage company? ?

    I had it up to here with this mortgage company I seriously wanna walk away at this point but I’m at the very end point approved with conditions so I met all conditions and a day later my realtor and lender both called at the same time and told me clear to close ! Then two days later they call me and ask me to provide more documents!? Has this ever happened to anyone !?? 

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  • Buying a house clear to close ?

    Long story short me and husband are trying to buy a house. Yesterday our realtor called me and told me we are clear to close then right after that my lender called me and told me we are clear to close. Meanwhile while I’m waiting for closing disclosure which I haven’t received yet my realtor gonna call me and ask me if I can send her a copy of our current lease agreement. Why is she asking for this if we are clear to close yesterday ? I am getting really frustrated and do not understand 

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    Okay I am at the end of the road and don’t know what to do I been with my husband for 5 years. He always told me I was the most beautiful woman he has ever been with and always says I’m beautiful and sexy and how lucky he is to have someone like me. This was all I heard from years from my husband but today was a whole different story I don’t know how this conversation came up but me and my husband was talking about looks and I ask him “what do you view me as” and he said average and I got upset and soon as he seen I was upset he switched it to say he thinks I’m beautiful average no woman wants to hear being called average I’m at the point where I want a divorce don’t know what to do

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  • How do I forgive my fiancé or break up ?

    We been together for four years going on five he says he wants to marry me but I can’t get over him writing a girl on Facebook three years ago and he asked her hey how you doing I know it’s only a sentence but is the principal why would you even ask another girl how she is doing on your Facebook? And every time I mention Indian people he gets offended and the girl that he was trying to talk to you was an Indian girl I can’t get over it is should I break up with him or learn to forgive

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  • Should we break up?

    I been with my boyfriend for 4 years. We just had a fight last night . Well three years which would had been our one year mark being together I made him delete his Facebook because I caught writing another girl asking her hey how u doing she never responded to him but my thought is if u in a relationship with my why do u feel the need to be friendly and message other girls? She was a Indian girl now even today anytime I say something about a Indian person that’s negative he gets upset as if I’m talking about his mother or something and he not even Indian he is German so yesterday it happen we was driving in car next to us was a old Indian lady playing music and all I did was I hate Indian music and he flipped out trying to defend the music it got so bad that I cancel our dinner date and went home we argued at home also I’m sick of this Gould I break up with him ?

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  • I hate my fiancé family !?

    Okay I been with my fiancé for 5 years we are getting married next month. Problem is I never met his family and this is why since day 1 they got so jealous and envious when my fiancé started spending all his time with me and found happiness his sister is controlling and tried to break us up numerous of times. She even called me racist words not just her but three other people in his family did too. When he moved in with me his mom got mad and upset because she said her son was abandoning her by moving out with me like what? How does that make sense because of their drama racist words hatred it made me never want to meet them or be around them we are getting married in a month and not sure wat to do since I really don’t want to invite any of them advice please

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  • Feeling offended by husband !!!!?

    Okay so to make a short story short me and my husband been married for seven years we have a daughter together. He is very close to his family and loves his mom. He gets upset when I call him a mama boy because he claims he not. But to jump to the chase my husband took 20k out of his 41k earrings from his job he told me he was gonna take half of the 20k and take the other half to give to his mom so she can put it in her savings account which makes no sense to me ! I asked him why he don't just put it in his bank account and he tells me because he doesn't trust putting it in his account because he fear he will spend the money I ask him why don't he out it in mine since I am very good with saving money and he still assist to give it to his mom I feel really offended by this as if he trust his mom note than he trusts anyone else not even me his own wife! I feel he is more married to his mom n not me should o be ofeended

    16 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 years ago
  • Roach problems!?

    Me and my fiance lives in a two bedroom apartment first few days moving in I seen a few baby roaches . I would kill them and call it a day . then when I started investigating the house more I found that there was a whole bunch of baby roaches in the broiler room. I cannot get rid of them I bought sprays caulk up tiny cracks holes even bought sticky traps which has been useful because I would see a lot of them get stuck on them behind fridge stove ans broiler room . we are super clean and I just recently seen a adult roach in my house now this will be the first one. I called landlord and she said they will have a company come out to spray but I am afraid no matter how much extermiator comes and spray nothing will work and I am terrified of them what can I do?

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  • Divorce help???

    I wanna divorce my husband because I feel he puts his family first n me (his wife) second. He cares note about pleasinh them and making them happy even if it makes me miserable.his family is very needy controlling and has you be involved in everything he do n show little respect for out home marriage

    My husband tonight just told me no woman is gonna walk into his life n break up his relationship with his parents I feel like he accusing me of this even though I never said anything about him breaking a relationship up or for them to not socialize and it really hurt me that he made that comment the most I do is compkain about how needy n controlling they r n its ruining our life ! I dont know what to do anymore neef advice

    6 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 years ago
  • Husband and I constantly fighting !!!!?

    We always fight about his family. They are controlling and tells him what to do . they feel like they got to be involved In every little thing he does and at times it gets annoying. I don't want to seem like I'm being dramatic but just recently his dad debated that he starts picking him up from work everyday because he lost his n my husband lives 30 minutes away I just find it ridiculous that he had to travel 3o mins to his dad job then to his dad house then another 30 mins from his house to ours. Sometimes if I have something planned with my husband I have to wait to do it with gim because ge has to get his dad. He still see nothing wrong because our plans get done its just I dont like the fact I have to revolve my plans around his father work schedule am I being misunderstanding? Or wrong?

    2 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 years ago
  • My husband and his family troubles !?

    I've been married for five years going on 6 . I love my husband dearly he is a good guy but I dont like how close he is with his family. They are a little to close . everything my husband does in his life they have to be apart of it or know about it. He runs around multiple times a week running errands for his family and he is there for them through the beck and call. It got so bad that our plans would get ruined because he has to run and do things for his family I'm getting tired of it I talk to him about it but he thinks ita normal. We know moved away 40 mins from his parents and his father expects him to pick him up every day from work which is 30 mins from our house then dropped him off to his house which is another 30 mins then fron his dad house to our house which is 40 mins everyday ! It is so annoying because I feel his parents dont have any consideration that he has his own life now. On our days off during the weekday we have to schedule our plans surrounded by his father work schedule and its to much for me because I shouldnt have to revolve my life around his fathers . what makes me more mad he doesn't even have to work he just works to work. I want to know is this normal? Fo any in laws interrupted your life ? His mom and dad has each other and they still have an adult child living at home with them but still rely on my husband for everything !

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  • Don't know wat to do about my marriage anymore help l !!?

    have been with my husband for five years married for one. We have a daughter together. Since day one his family has been nothing but disrespectful and filled with drama. His sister tried breaking us up numerous of times n disrespect me and my daughter and even called me the n word. I am black and my husband is white ( born in Europe) I been. Treated so poorly by them and every time I confront my husband about something disrespectful they done he never sticks up for me right away he either tells me to ignore it or he waits until I explode in tears then tells me he gonna handle it.

    I never feel like he sticka up for me when it comes to his family all this emotional and verbal abuse I've getting from them then is ruining me and my marriage IDK what go do anymore

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 years ago
  • Big roach issue ! Help!?

    Okay so me and my husband have moved into this apartment about five months ago. At first we loved and the first month had not seen not one bug. But a month into living there we started seeing water bugs maybe four in total for a month or two later we haven't seen anything but just recently we started to we big roaches in our apartment and I am terrified of them

    We are clean people we dont leave out dishes or foods we clean with bleach and everything everyday and still see them we even have exterminator to come and spray every week and nothing is working ! Its got so bad that we have been spending nights at hotel plus money out our pockets to patch up holes cracks through out the house and a lot more. We also have a little girl and I'm afraid for her the thought of these big things crawling on her while we sleep is getting to me what can we do snout this issue !

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • Black history month poem please help me !!?

    I writing a black history month poem for black athletes I need some help what are some lines I can say?

    2 AnswersPoetry5 years ago
  • I'm 8 days late I took a pregnancy test came back negative?

    I'm 8days late and the test came back negative. I was on birth control pills the last two weeks in October then just stopped taking them. Then on November the 16th I got my period. Me and my husband was getting intimate on November 24th. He never penatrated inside me or came inside me we where just grinding on each other . I am now start to wonder could I still be pregnant. Around the time we was grinding on each other I was not ovulating until days later. I am just really confused why is my period late if he never ejaculated inside me and was never penetrating me.

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