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  • Did my friend use me? ?

    On Thursday I stayed over at my friends house, I brought some jack daniels as we were going to be drinking, she kept pouring herself glasses of it and we used her own coke a cola, I also had cigarettes and we were drunk and she kept asking for some she smoked about 8 or 9 of them despite having her own tobacco to roll cigarettes, I find it very difficult to say no to people and she knows this, in the morning when we woke up before I left she asked if she could have another one and I finally stood up for myself and said no, I was grateful to stay at her house and thanked her, in my time there I was not offered any food or drinks (not that I was looking for any whatsoever but just thought I would mention that) 

  • Would you consider this rude? ?

    I was in a piercing studio and told the woman at reception I would like a lip piercing the receptionist (who was not doing the piercing) told me with a tone "you'll need to take all that lipstick off" I thought this is quite cheeky as she wouldn't be the one to do my piercing and by the time I went through to the room the piercer would give me a wipe to wipe the makeup off, would you consider this disrespectful as it wasn't her place to say this and she sounded cheeky

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  • What are some of the meanest comments people have made at you?

    Mine was when someone I barely knew asked my name and his response was "a pretty name for an ugly girl" 

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  • Can someone go to court for using a racist word?

    In the UK (Scotland) can someone go to court if two people have heard them use this word (p*ki) and the two people who heard it gave a statement

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  • I can't say no to anyone, how can I change this? ?

    Yesterday I was waiting on my friend and a group of 16/17 year olds approached me to ask me if I could go in the shop and buy alcohol with their money, I immediately agreed to it without thinking even although these were people who are bullies and have bullied people I'm friends with, I didn't want to go in the shop, it made me nervous and uncomfortable doing so but I did it anyways, im ashamed of this and I wish I had the courage to say no but I just can't seem to do it 

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  • Why does my dad get angry at me for being upset?

    I was in my grans house and we were looking at photos and I pointed out I didn't like my hairstyle in one of the photos and my dad angrily raised his voice "that's not why we are looking at them" it did make me feel a bit upset because I was only passing a comment and he seemed to be mad out of nowhere, a few minutes later my gran said that my whole demeanour changed and I just explained that I was angrily spoken to when I was only passing a comment and my dad denied shouting at me and then continued to be anhru at me and said "control your emotions when you're in someone else's house" and "we aren't down here often" as if it was all my fault and I was ruining things but he literally got angry over nothing. I feel I can't say anything infront of him, he always gets mad at stupid things and he's so judgemental

    (he wanted to look at the photo to see his ex wives expression, after he had seen what he had to see I passed that comment, I was in no way rude) 

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  • Can I expect results after 2 months of weight training once a day(for bum) ?

    Tomorrow I'm going to start a 10-15 mins routine using a weight lifting bar but with no weights (maybe I'll add a small weight when I'm ready) I plan on doing this everyday for two months possibly take one day off if I really need to a week, can I expect results from this? 

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  • Am I a bad friend? ?

    Last night my friend called me to talk she sent a message saying she needed someone to talk to, it was 1am and I told her I couldn't talk on phone call because it would wake my parents up as their room is next to mine, I was available to talk over message but not on phone, despite me telling her this she still kept trying to phone me, if I had answered my parents would have been very angry with me and I couldn't go into another room as they would hear me and think I was sneaking out. The next day (today) she tells me she found out her boyfriend cheated on her, am I a bad friend for not answering the phone? 

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  • How do you make friends? ?

    Hi, I'm a 19 year old female, I have had friends in the past but I no longer consider anyone around me to genuinely be a friend as they have shown their true colours, I feel very lost and alone as I don't make friends easily and feel like because of my lack of social understanding I'm easily taken advantage of and used, I don't know what to do anymore, sometimes I feel like I'll never have friends. Its difficult seeing many people my age able to go out and have fun with a group of friends I feel as though I'm wasting my teenage life by being a complete loner but I just don't know how to change this. 

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  • Is this controlling behaviour? ?

    (I'm 19 years old) Yesterday my dad wanted to go outside for a walk and told me to get ready, I didn't want to go but just got ready anyways as I feared if I had said no I would've been shouted/screamed at. So we are out the house and about 5 minutes later he moans at me for not walking fast enough and I tell him my calf is tight to which he starts being sarcastic and mean towards me about that, I tell him I don't want to go out a walk and he can't handle this he starts shouting at me, people passed us and he used certain phrases and I quote "you need to be put in a psychiatric home if you can't even come out for a walk"

    "what's the point in living together" 

    "you have no respect for me" all this because I didn't want to partake in a walk outside, he could easily go a walk outside without me. He was very angry about this situation and screamed at me for 40 minutes Is this normal? 

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  • My friend didn't include me, are they a bad friend? ?

    A band I have loved for 4 years now recently announced they were touring (after not touring for ages) anyways my supposed best friend and I love this band. Today tickets went on sale for them and it turns out my "best friend" got her ticket and is going with someone else, their playing in a different country and the tickets went sold out very quickly which was as expected, I previously had mentioned to my friend that I would love to go see them. She didn't include me though or say she was going to go and now I have no chance of getting the ticket, I feel really disappointed as this was my only chance and thought I would've been going with her, I asked her if she didn't want me there and she replied "why would you say that" is this a true friend? 

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  • Help? Autism, can't understand this joke/sarcasm?

    I put on my story for a joke "send me a drink for a sweet suprise"

    This boy popped up saying "is the suprise you got a drink when you never" 

    I'm confused as to what this means, is he implying that no one would buy me a drink

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  • Is my lack of social interaction unhealthy? ?

    I study from home, I have like 3 friends, onw of which I see every other weekend, then I see the other two maybe once a month, this is the only time I communicate with people who aren't my parents, could this have implications? I'm already socially awkward as it is

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  • Attachment image

    How do I do these factorising questions? ?

    Hi, just wondering how I would do questions 5 and 6, thank you! 

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  • Do all manslaughter go to court? ?

    I have a friend who told me when he was 13/14 his uncle came into his house looking for money and my friend let's call him Peter pushed his uncle then his uncle hit his head off the sink, Peter told me his uncle was lying unconscious for 3 hours before Peter called an ambulance. Then his uncle went to hospital and died because ehe hit his head when pushed. My friend told me that he did not go to court for this because there was alcohol in his uncles system and because Peter had marks on him so it was ruled as self defence. Peter also said he could smell the body. I'm not sure if any of this is true but I was suprised to hear it didn't go to court. He said he went to the police station everyday for 2 weeks and he never got charged with anything. 

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