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  • Lonely in a relationship ?

    I’ve been with my sons dad for six years. He’s a good guy. Hard-working, smart. I’m thinking about leaving him because he never spends time with me. We never eat out, go for a walk, or even sit home and watch a movie together. When I take our son to church, park, museum, etc. he never joins us. At dinner time, he eats away from me and our son. Always says he doesn’t ‘feel’ like it. If me and our son are playing and I ask him to join in, he refuses. I beg him to choose something HE likes we can do together but says he never feels like doing anything. He’s always tinkering with his cars, at his moms house hanging out with her or working on a buddies car. It’s like he hates being around me. I’m not a nagging person. I let him know how I feel but he doesn’t care. I’m not nagging or angry person. So I just proceed to do things alone and just me and my son on the weekends. But I’m so lonely. I see other couples and families out and it makes me so sad. I want to leave him for this reason only. Should I give him an ultimatum? I might as well be alone than have someone around who makes me feel like crap. I financially do not need him and my son may miss his presence, but I do everything for him anyway.  I have to add I don’t feel like I’m u pleasant to be around. I’m just as hard working, love to have fun or just make fun out of anything. 

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