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  • Moving out questions and concerns.?

    So to start off im 17 and finishing up high school and vocational school. I study air conditioning and plan on getting a full time job and go to college in like 4 months. As of right now i work in a restaurant and have 2,000 saved up. I would like to continue saving so that i could move out of my parents house. i dont pay any bills right now, so moving out and paying for everything i need is a HUGE change. I  want to move into a 1b1b apt  once i have like 10,000 saved up. Do you guys have any advice how i could prepare my self. if you have any experience of what you went through, problems etc it would help :)

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate7 months ago
  • Question about microdosing lsd, or just taking a small amount.?

    So im in high school and ive smoked weed and done edibiles, dabbed,etc but never tripped. Im buying a tab of acid (one piece of paper) and i was gonna microdose at school but now i want to lightly trip at school. Does anyone know how many pieces i should cut it into, or if i should trip at school or not etc.

    3 AnswersAlternative Medicine9 months ago
  • Senior in hs wanna film **** during school ask people **** make interestin ****?

    So im a senior in hs, im not trynam be a youtuber or none of that but i wanna film **** in school during lunch and between classes, something dope and hard type ****, and make it interesting and funny, any concepts or ideas ? its kinda hard since were in school and school is lame as ****, it would be better if it was out, but i can only do it in school at the moment. make it a hobby type **** edit them out make it a cool piece

  • Trouble ONLY being friends with a girl.?

    Male Senior in HS and every girl i meet i always end up seeing her as more than a friend, i barely ever maintained a long friendship with a girl. So now i met this girl who wants to be friends and a lot of the time im thinking how pretty and nice she is. Help me ONLY be friends with her ! I wanna be super tight with her and for her to become my close friend.

  • Failed at losing weight multiple times,any advice ?

    So i'm a guy about to be a senior in hs, i'm average height but chubby and borderline fat. But with clothes on i sorta look okay not that fat. Point is i have tried going to the gym but i always stop going and i intermittent fasted for a month and then stopped because i'm not persistent. I mostly want to lose weight obviously because being fit is way better and because with women i wanna be comfortable naked and i wanna be more attractive. So whenever i start having a close relationship with a girl i began to want to lose weight. Well any advice ?

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 year ago