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  • Can anyone name this yaoi/shounen ai?

    I read this yaoi/shounen ai awhile back, the main character are in high school

    The uke wears a legendary jacket that is passed down when the previous owner graduates. The uke is constantly being chased by people from different schools that want the legendary jacket, but is protected by his two friends. The seme transfers into the ukes school and is rumoured to be a thief, he has a pair of handcuffs that he uses to capture the uke at one point. The uke doesn't remember but when they were younger him and the seme met.

    I remember at one point during a school festival the uke puts his coat on the basket ball net while he is dressed as a girl in a play so as to keep others from getting it. When the seme notices where his coat is the lights go out and the uke uses night vision google to grab the coat and escape.

    I think the cover picture is of them being handcuffed together on a bench in the park or something, I'm not sure if this is for this manga or not.

    Please help me find it its really annoying me cuz i just cant remember it.

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  • Any Ideas On Manga I Should Read???

    k so i want some suggestions on some mangas that you think i should read.

    i like:Action, Adventure, Supernatural (things like that)

    i dont like:Romance and stories where the main character is a girl with big boobs and skanky clothing.

    i like books like:


    -Death Note


    -07 Ghost

    -Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

    -1/2 Prince


    -Dogs Bullets & Carnage

    -Hand x Red

    -Zennou no Noa

    any manga like those i would like to read thank you

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