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  • Is my family being inconsiderate about my pregnancy?

    So I’m 10 weeks pregnant and I have a subchlorionic hematoma (bleeding between my uterus and the baby) and hyperemesis  gravidarum (severe morning sickness) I’m also anemic and experience vagina bleeding everyday which is normal for me because I have the hematoma and my dr said everything is okay with my baby. Anemia when losing blood daily can make you extremely sluggish. So I have a high risk pregnancy because of all my health problems and all I want to do is sleep. My family doesn’t let me lay down or nap. They want me to do things like clean the bathroom and I literally have bags under my eyes and dark circles and I just want to lay down. I can’t get out of bed right away otherwise I throw up. My mom believes she can relate to me just because she has children, but it’s like every pregnancy is different and she wasn’t high risk. It’s just frustrating because I experience aches and pains from my hematoma daily. Dizziness, I eat about 1 1/2 meals a day and they keep telling me I’m lazy! I wish someone understood that I’m serious and I really don’t have the energy for anything and they keep making me feel bad for it and screaming at me causing me stress. 

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  • Should I leave my baby’s father?

    So I’m currently pregnant and I feel like my boyfriend is emotionally abusing me and it’s getting worse and worse. Before I was even pregnant he treated me bad. He knows I have a history of abuse already and I have terrible depression and anxiety. when I try to vent to him he doesn’t want to hear it. I tell him how I feel worthless and he proceeds to make it about him and say things like “well my life sucks” and all I want him to do is support me. He constantly accuses me of cheating doesn’t let me wear leggings. I send him money and buy him thing she never says thank you. Ever since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been exhausted and since we don’t live together right now we fall asleep on FaceTime. Every time I fall asleep before him he hangs up and calls me back to try and keep me awake. He gets mad at me for crying. Whenever we argue he does things like block me. Tells me to shut up never to talk to him again. I told him I was feeling suicidal and he said “K”. I told him I just want him to support me and tell me everything is okay and he hung up on me. I hate that he deprives me of sleep just because he’s awake I have to be awake. He can never be mature and have an adult conversation. I tell him not to stress me out and he’s always telling me if you don’t do this I’m gonna go to a party. He’s so disrespectful. He makes me cry everyday and I’m reaching my breaking point. Everything I say is wrong. He hung up on me because I was crying not too long ago. 

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  • First names for a baby girl with the middle name eve ?

    Originally I went with the name Madelyne Eve but I feel like I’m not liking it anymore. So basically what first names for girls go good with eve 

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  • Am I having a miscarriage?

    So I’m about 3 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. I had my Implantation bleeding which was a light pink color and light in flow. It started last Wednesday. I had sex a few days ago and after that I started to bleed again. I went to the er and they said my cervix is just irritated and everything should be okay because my cervix is closed. Today I’m just kind of having brown blood it looks like and I’m not sure if it’s just old blood being carried out with regular everyday female discharge or what. I normally got a lot of discharge before I was pregnant. And my periods were always very very heavy. Soaking tampons in an hour. It’s not a lot of blood just a little and it’s a light brown color. I had cramping a little but that was the first couple days. I’m also extremely tired. I can’t even think straight. My hcg when I went to the er was at 431. 

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  • Names for mixed baby boy?

    I hate to be that person to put race to a name but a lot of my friends are telling me I have to be careful with what I name my child because number one my baby’s father is fully white, but I’m mixed with black and white. I’m going to assume that the baby will mostly look more white than black considering I am half white and my boyfriend is white. I’m trying to brainstorm. Any ideas?

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  • Is child support terminated if I’m pregnant ?

    So I live in New Jersey and in New Jersey if you’re enrolled in college full time child support can continue until you’re 23. I just found out that I am pregnant and I am 18 so I was wondering if child support is terminated if they find out that I am pregnant. 

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