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  • Transmission Problems What to do?

    Ok i have a 2004 Saturn ion, its a sealed transmission meaning i cant drop a pan and change the filter, i can drain it through a plug on the bottom and fill it through the dip stick hole. When i bought the car i paid 1700$ for it. Everything about it is great but now that i have had it for a while i have noticed that lately slightly more and more the tranny has a problem shifting up while accelerating. So i took it in to get it flushed scared that it might make it worse or hopefully fix it. Went to fletchers down the street to get it done and they inspected the oil, levels are good but its a dark brow and the frear that there may be metal fragments in the oil. So the mechanic said that he did not wanna service it because they weren't sure it fix the problem or make it worse. I know the oil is supposed to be red/pink. so now im driving on bad oil and its shifts up funny. what do i do? I dont have money to get it rebuilt, and if i did might as well sell the car as it is and use that money to get a better one, find some one to flush it, or go iffy on what the mechanic said if i wannted to try and service myself is drain it measure how much came out and purchase the right kind and fill it back up with new oil.

    Side Question: if i flush it what will happen to the filter sense it can not be changed, is it ok to flush?

    Should i even flush it?

    anyway if any expert with a good knowledge could give me any kind of pointer to help me out would really appreciated it, im not to bad with cars but when it comes to a transmission there's many opinions on it so? idk. Thx for any help. Rebuilding it would be my 1st option because i do like the car and i know if i rebuilt it i would have a completely reliable car.

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  • White eyes/yellow in photos of teen?

    So I have noticed this happening very often (i can make it happen over and over) but sometimes when i take pictures my eyes glow white or yellowish and its kinda creepy. I have looked into thinking it was some effect of red eye but what you get is some eye disease like Retinblastoma that are fatal or cancer.

    This has happened on two different cameras that i have tested it with, both were cell phones and had flash on. I have taken dozens of pictures trying to get a friends eyes to do it but it wont. but i can take like 5 pictures and it will do it 3 times. I have noticed that there has be rather low lighting and you have to be at least 4 feet away. Seams like one eye is brighter then another in the some of the pictures but i haven't tested it enough to know for sure.

    My eye site is so so, i have to where glasses but i have ever sense i was a kid. My eyes are very very photosensitive, i cant even go into the sun sometimes cause it hurts, i have to bear though it for a few minutes for my eyes to adjust. My room is really dark and its where i spend most of my time, i have really good vision at night once my eyes adjust, if it has any relativity i tend to be naturally nocturnal and sleep all day but thats probably cause im a teenager. My vision for the most part after all that isn't impaired at all i can see everything fine, no spots or anything of concern so its another reason i don't think i have a disease.

    I don't have insurance so we cant go to the eye doctors and get it checked out, last time a when was like a year ago and they didn't say anything, but i don't know if it was happening then or not. its been about 4 months sense i noticed it and it's still happens in pictures.

    I know that it happens in animals because they have a film over the cornea that reflects the light back and you get odd colors. Could my eyes of adapted to always being in the dark, its the only explanation i have for it... My anatomy teacher says my eyes could be making a different protein or something but she is kinda lost to... I just want to know if i should be concerned or not.

    Oh yea in the pictures i don't have on my glasses.

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  • where can i buy a Schwinn ranger 2.6 fs derailleur?

    I broke the derailleur on my bike and i need to get a new one so i can ride it. I also need a kick stand for it to, but i am mainly concerned with the derailleur. I am looking for a site where i can buy it online and have it shipped to my house. Anyway thanks if you can help out.

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  • How many scorpion stings dose it take to build up a tolerance?

    I got stung by one on my index finger a few weeks ago by a scorpion and it hurt pretty bad but went numb and stayed like that for a week. Then last night i got stung again by the same type and size one but on my pinky finger, it hurt just as bad as the other one did but it was gone when i woke up with no numbness or pain at all. Was it the amount of poison or am i building up a tolerance to it? If you were to build up a tolerance how many stings would i take?, I know you can but im thinking it must take a lot right?

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  • I get the ikernel.exe error and i cant fix it.?

    When i try to install my sound or chipset driver i get an error with my ikernel.exe.I have a dell dimensions 4550 and i just reinstalled the OS windows XP with all the service packs. I tried the to delete the C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Engine and reinstall didn't work. I tried the deleting of all the contents of (C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Local Settings\Temp) but no luck if u can help me out i would be very thankful cuz im just trying to install my sound driver so i can listen to my music and watch u tube videos. Please help me out.

    the error is [ Error installing iKerel.exe: (0x10000)] for the sound and its [The instalshield engine (ikernel.exe) could not be installed the system cannot find the file specified.]

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