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  • Helpful advice needed to expand my dog walking business?

    I set up my dog walking business 18 months ago and after a slow start, has now really taken off. I've branched out into house sitting and word is now getting around. I have now got to the stage where I need another dog walker to help me out.

    I'm a little dubious about this, but I have to be practical, I haven't had a day off this year!!

    There are many points I need to consider, first is my insurance, this could be costly by adding another person onto it. Another main factor is how much to pay them, I couldn't afford to pay a vast amount. I charge £8 per walk and extra for petrol if applicable. I can't just let them take the full profit. Do I? I know £8 per walk does not sound much maybe, but I don't live in a big city, believe it or not, I'm doing very well. I just need to know what an acceptable amount would be.

    This would have to be classed as casual work and it couldn't guarantee it would be regular, I obviously want to do the right thing. I have someone in mind, I wouldnt just take on anyone of course, I need to keep up my reputation! So if anyone can give some advice I would appreciate it.

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  • Need advice on an elderly dog with incontinence?

    My brother has 15yr old Boxer x, for a while now she has had urinary incontinence, it is now getting to the stage where it is getting very stressful, constantly, washing bedding, carpets etc despite using pads. Our other dog is suffering with it too, because she only seems to do it in her bed! within seconds of lying down she has a leak. She takes a syrup which the vets have given her, apparently she is on the highest dose and there is not much more they can do and after a year, the situation has not got any better. She is obviously very embarrassed when she does this, as she tries to clean up the mess quickly by licking it, natural thing of course. There isn't much else wrong with her, though she is going senile and has arthritis. A few weeks ago, she just suddenly dropped to the ground and thought she was having a stroke, but was fine. She is my brothers soul mate and I know it is difficult. She is a good age, but is she at the stage now where we have to say goodbye?

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  • I'm needing to find a car park near Earlsdon Street Coventry?

    Can anyone help me please? It doesn't matter whether it is short or long stay, I just need a car park near to this location please. Thank you

    1 AnswerCommuting6 years ago
  • I'm wanting to find a car park near to Earlsdon street in Coventry?

    Can anyone advise me please on the nearest parking facility to this street please? It doesn't matter if it is long or short stay, I don't know the area and I would like some guidance please. Thank you

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  • I can't play recordable dvds on my lenovo laptop?

    I have some home movies of holidays etc which I want to play on my laptop that are on disc. I want to burn them onto my computer, but when I insert the disc, nothing happens. I can watch ordinary dvds, but not the recordable discs. Do I have to download a software, or is there something very simple which I am not doing. I have Windows 8 and apart from media player and Lenovo dvd, I can't get anywhere with this. I would have thought they would play automatically. If someone could give me some advice I would appreciate it thank you.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks6 years ago
  • Can i buy advance tickets for Epcot Florida?

    We are going to America this year and have four days in Florida, we always try and plan our days and to save money, we like to pay for trips etc in advance, such as Every site I've been on, you can only seem to buy multi park tickets or for so many days. All we need is just an entry ticket for Epcot on a specific day. We can get tickets for the others. Can someone please give me a link for it please, much appreciated, thank you.

    3 AnswersOrlando6 years ago
  • I'm wanting my website added onto a search engine such as google. How can I do this for free?

    I have just designed my dog walking website with the 1and 1 web builder. I'm perfectly happy with that, but if I did this process with them I would have to pay a further £9.99 per month. I would rather not do that, so I am looking for another way so I can do it free. Could I have some tips please?

    4 AnswersGoogle7 years ago
  • I'm wanting my own website for my dog walking business?

    I set up my dog walking and pet sitting business 12 months ago, I feel now I need to build my own website. Having never done this before, I want to know which is the best free web builder site. I would rather it be a uk one.

    As I already mentioned, I've not had experience in this, so as much advise as possible will be appreciated. I've looked into, but this is not a uk one, but reviews are good.

    5 AnswersSearch Engine Optimisation7 years ago
  • I want to expand my dog walking business?

    I have been running my dog walking business for 12 months now and I now have a reasonable number of customers, who appreciate my services. This wasn't going to be a full time job, but I have had no success in finding employment, my only option now is to remain self employed. I feel I want to do more than just walk the dogs. Pet sitting is an option, but I can only house sit, as I have a German Shepherd who will not appreciate company in her home!!

    A few people have approached me about this, but charges have been negotiable and I need to be specific on what I will charge to house sit to make it look professional. Could I look into caring for other members of the family, such as rodents, or feeding the odd cat? I'm a huge animal lover and have lots of experience, including various college courses in Animal Care. But dogs are my passion and would rather focus on them.

    I'm looking into building my own website, but need to decide on the safest web builder first. Any suggestions? I have done the most obvious, which is advertising with flyer's, business cards, local magazines etc and I do have public liability insurance. I just need something other than the actual dog walking. Doggy day care would be ideal, or run my own kennels. I think that is a dream for now, unless anyone can advise?

    All answers greatly appreciated and thank you in advance

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  • Ideas for a photo book title?

    I've decided to design and have printed a photo book of a selection of my photos from America. Everyone tells me I should have them published, I'm proud to say, they are worth seeing! The proposed book will be sent as gifts to family and friends, if this goes down well, then I may consider bigger things! But I want a title for this. The photos cover many states I've visited over the years, but I don't want to mismatch them. Having a theme is the best way, but its knowing where to start!

    Basically they are memories I want to share and just need an appropriate title.

    All ideas and advice greatly appreciated

    4 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • Strange noises coming from my cooker hood?

    I have an Electolux EFT615 cooker hood and for a long time now, there has been a squeaking almost short whistling noise coming from it. I never use it, just every now and then, the annoying noise happens. I don't know whether it is the fan itself, or an area by it. But I want this seeing to. Should I get an electrician to view it, or another expert? I need this sorted, I can hear the noise from one part of the house to the other!

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • I need to decide on my chosen career?

    I'm not getting anywhere at the moment. Last year I gained my level 2 Teaching Assistant qualification, with hopes of getting a job in primary schools. 12 months later, after numerous of applications, i'm still looking for work. I know I need more experience, well how do you get experience if you can't get a job? I'm not able to attain the higher level qualification, because I don't have a job. In desperation, I've set up a small dog walking business, this is going quite well and at the end of the day, I'm probably making more money doing this than if I was working as a TA, minus tax and NI etc. But at the end of the day, despite enjoying this and working for myself, it isn't financially stable. My first love is working in travel and tourism, I have my qualifications and used to work for Servisair at Gatwick Airport, circumstances changed after 9/11 and a case of last in first out, including myself. Since then I've just been getting what job i can. But I just need some advice and suggestions. Do I pursue finding a school based job?, Carry on with my dog walking and build that up? Or go back to my first choice, find a job in the tourism industry? Easier said than done, my age will soon be an issue if I'm not careful, I enter the big 40 category next year and I want my life to look more positive. Thankyou for any answers

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  • Will i need to take bug spray?

    I'm travelling to the USA next month, we havn't been told to take repellent, but i'd like to know please. We shall be in National parks in Colorado right through to California, i'm not entirely sure what sort of environment mosquitos like to be in, but when i spent time in Connecticut, i needed bug spray and they did very nicely on me. If i do need to buy some, what do you recommend? Thankyou in advance for any useful answers

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  • What would be the most acceptable cost for walking dogs?

    I'm in the process of starting up a small dog walking service in my town, just to earn an extra income. I've been reading that £10 is a standard charge, but as we are in hard times at the moment, maybe that may be a little too high. Someone told me £8 per hour is about right. Would that be an acceptable charge?

    I'm an experienced dog owner and used to be a dog groomer and have various animal certificates, so i would like to think i could charge a reasonable amount for my services.

    Before i get my flyers out, i need to be sure of what i am going to be charging.

    Thanks in advance for any good answers

    4 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Will there be an official dvd?

    I was hoping to record the opening ceremony of the olympics, but i've no dvds. Do you think there is going to be an official dvd out later on? This is a big event for our country, i would have thought this would be likely, but i would like to know. Any ideas. If anyone is thinking of replying with sillly senseless comments about how expensive the games have been, or any other anti olympic quips, i wouldn't bother, they won't impress me.

    3 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • Wil there be an official dvd?

    I shall not be able to watch the flotilla on tv and my dvd player will not allow me to record it. Do you reckon the bbc will release an official dvd of the celebrations? I'm sure there are thousands of people who will not be able to watch it. They had an official dvd of the Royal Wedding last year, so surely the bbc will be doing one for the jubilee. Any idea?

    1 AnswerReality Television8 years ago
  • Who thinks that putting the olympic torch up for sale on ebay is the right thing to do?

    I just can't understand the reason behind this. These people have been nominated to carry the flame in the relay, by members of the public who took their time in supporting them because of their special services, charities etc. Why then do they turn round and sell these torches on ebay? In most cases, they havn't even used them. I understand these are worth under £500, but i've seen that one is currently selling for over £100.000 and one has a starting bid of £100.000. This is just crazy. Now if i was one if these lucky people, i would want to treasure this special souvenir for the rest of my life and be proud of it.

    I think it is just wrong that these people can feel they can take advantage and make money from this,

    I appreciate it if money is going towards a deserving charity, or good cause, but not if the seller is going to spend spend spend on useless gadgets, or go on a luxury holiday. They are taking advantage of being part of an olympic dream and they should be proud of what they are doing.

    I'm expecting mixed comments from this one, if any!!

    13 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • Best time to visit southern usa?

    I'm wanting to plan a trip to USA next summer, hopefully to the deep south, including Texas possibly My main concern is the hurricane season. I know it is hard to predict when these happen and nobody wants to think about it, but i need a rough idea of the time of year to avoid. I know in the past Tenesse has been badly hit and also Florida, so if i knew, then it would be easier to plan. The only problem is, my dates are limited to July and August!!

    3 AnswersOther - United States8 years ago
  • How can i find out if this so called company is no more?

    12 months ago, i was scammed out of over £2000 in order to work as an escort for a rogue firm called Perfect Company. I realised soon after, i was conned and tried my hardest getting it back, but to no avail. I'm not the only person to be the victim in this, but i'm intrigued as to whether these people have been found out, as their website is no longer available. I'm sure there is no way i can get my money back now, but i want to know that these people are not conning anyone else. I hope they no longer exist. I'd like to think all that money is not in their bank accounts anymore!! Is there a way of finding this out?

    2 AnswersOther - Business & Finance8 years ago
  • I need to cover them up!!?

    I used to have 2 wired smoke alarms in my hall and landing. They had to be partly removed because they were faulty. Now i have 2 unsightly gaps in the ceiling, where the base of the alarms were, you can see the wire and there is a hole in each. Everytime i look at it, i cringe, i'm fed up with it and want to hide them somehow. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do please?

    Just to let you know, my house is like the house that jack built, the building company who has since gone bust, built the estate from materials and labour from cheap, which is why the alarms were faulty. I wouldn't trust the ceiling too much, so i'd better not give it too much trauma!

    Incidently i do have battery operated smoke alarms now!

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago