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  • Please explain the following about how trump hypes himself?

    The "billionaire" who hides his tax returns.

    The "genius" who hides his grades.

    The "businessman" who bankrupted 5 casinos and lost over $1B in ten years.

    The "playboy" who pays for sex.

    The "Christian" who doesn't go to church or read the bible.

    The "philanthropist" who defrauds charities; like the trdump foundation.

    The "patriot" who dodged the draft five times and received five deferments.

    The "innocent man" who refuses to testify and blocked witnesses from testifying/ ignored subpoenas from lawmakers.

    The "married family man" who is divorced twice and had affairs behind the backs of all three wives including the first lady with a porn star Stormy Daniels.

    The "hard working and minimal golfer" who not only has golfed more than other Presidents has made the american people pay his resorts to feed and house secret service

    The"elected official" who has done nothing but try and get himself reelected by staging rallies all over the country and sticking us with the bills

    The "leader" who accepts no responsibility.

    The "doctor" who knows more than the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for the last 35 years.

    The racist who doesn't understand or more likely care that words matter.

    The "scientist" who suggests injecting disinfectant to clean out the inside.

    The "psychic" who predicts the virus will disappear.

    The "Nobel Laureate" that has a super duper missile.

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  • Tax question about updating 2020 taxes?

    I didn't receive my stimulus check because supposedly someone had me listed as a dependent on their taxes which makes no sense because I receive my refund. I filed married filing separate and only claim my son from a previous marriage on my taxes and my wife claimed her two biological kids from a previous marriage on her taxes and we did not list anyone else as dependents. My wife filed married filing a separate. I spoke with the IRS and they said I would just have to claim that information on my taxes to hopefully get reimbursed for the stimulus on my taxes. I am not sure how I would claim it or if I would need a special form for that

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  • Why is it that woman ask how was the other when you cheat on them?

    I know that the woman probably wants the man to reflect and re asses if that cheating was worth it. Logically speaking it makes more sense for the woman to say was it worth it? It is not like by asking how was she that a woman is looking for information to improve her bedroom skills. It is unlikely that at the moment of a affair a woman is asking because she is interested in a 3 some with the other woman. It is not like the pain from the cheating would be reduced if the other woman is inferior in bed. 

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  • How can I improve on being faithful and stop lusting after other women?

    I am 38 years old my wife is 39 years I am truly blessed that I have my wife she is beautiful, sexy , hardworking a good mom and great home maker. But I struggle with lusting over other woman. I was lucky my wife forgave my indiscretion but I don't want my lust to cause me to not appreciate her , cheat on her and lose her. I often fantasize about women that are 22 years, 25 years or ex lovers . I lost one marriage in the past due to me and my ex not being a good fit and my cheating did not help. I am blessed with my wife and I want to be the husband she deserves but it is hard not to have lustful thoughts about other woman. I wish I could turn off these thoughts like a light switch because I know how counterproductive they are and I do not want to hurt my wife. Lately it feels like i am in survival mode in which I am just focused on getting through the day without engaging in cheating and it is unfair to my wife because she deserves me to nurture her and be in the moment

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  • Question about the American Dream?

    Why does it seem now that we have to do more to achieve the American Dream and for many if they just do what their ancestors did achieving the American Dream is not attainable?

    My parents came to the US 40 years ago . My parents have been US citizens for almost 30 years. My mom came from Guatemala, My dad came from Cuba. When my parents came to the US they could not speak English my mom had a 4th grade education and my dad had a bachelors in Engineering. They both worked in factories in Illinois for almost 30 years. My parents went from first living in a apartment to living in a town house to living in a big house in Chicago. After selling their house in Chicago for a profit and briefly living in Florida and selling their house for a profit they moved to Indiana. They bought several houses took out a loan and rented out their houses. I was born in Chicago, IL . I am bilingual . I served in the military to pay for my bachelor’s and Master’s degree. I work as a Social Worker in a clinic. My wife works as a Director in a daycare. For me and my wife to accumulate what my parents accumulate almost as much as my parents did in property me and my wife have to do much more than my parents: we have to be fluent in English and other languages, have higher education, I served in the military and we had to inherit property , plus use my VA home loan to buy property.

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  • Why are massive spring break Gatherings allowed in Florida but WrestleMania is canceled?

    If the coronavirus is so bad that you can't have massive gatherings in schools have to be closed than major events have to be postponed why is Florida allowing massive Gatherings for spring break.? Why is the wrestling community not calling out Florida for their hypocrisy

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  • Who else thinks it was racist for trump to refer to coronavirus as kung flu?

    Keep in mind all the diseases Europeans gave Native Americans when the piligrams, conquistadors andother european settlers brought here

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  • Why won't hulk Hogan fans accept that Hogan's career was built on steroids, stealing a gimmick, and screwing over wretlers?

    1. Hogan admitted to using steroids. 2. Hogan's ability to get over and sell merchandise was based on his look and charisma. A good amount of Hogan's look and charisma was plagiarized from superstar billy gramn. 3. Vince wanted hogan and took him from AWA based on hogan's ability to sell merchandise and get over based on hogan's steroid influnced look and plagiarized gimmick. 4. Hogan would have never been choosen for rocky 3 if it wasn't for the steriods enhancing his look and many aspects of stealing superstars gimmick. 4. Hogan would have never been in japan if he did not stand out based on his look and grahms gimmick. 5. Hogan has killed the push of many stars because he did not want to share the spotlight. 6. Hogan's snitching played a role in killing unions from being established in wwf. Hogan was rewarded by vince for being a snitch

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  • Please explain the following about price gouging laws?

    1. If minimum wage is increased and business choose to raise the price to make up the difference when would it be considered price gauging?

    2. How is pharmaceutical prices and health care cost not price gauging?

    3. What laws are in place to insure that utility companies do not price gouging when AC is a must do to extreme heat or cold weather?

    4. How is it not price gauging if you go to a club or bar and get a bottle of water for $3.50-$4.50 and pay $4.50 for using ATM. When the business buys the water as a 24 pack for about $3.50

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  • Who else thinks political debates would be better if they incorporated the following from pro wrestling ppv and reality tv shows?

    1. Pro wrestling ppv have advertisement that have significantly more transparency. For a ppv for the most part yiu know the competitors, stipulation for the match, the type of match. Debates lack transparency in letting everyone know ahead of time what specific details are going to be in place about a proposed policy and where is the reaserch to support the idea?

    2. Reality shows call people on their bs. If a candidate did not answer a question or told a lie on the spot fact checking and accountability makes a difference

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  • Instead of giving Randy Orton a big contract could they have done the following:?

    Depending on the details of any NDAs told Orton he is free to act, wrestle in the indies, wrestle in japan but if he chooses to wrestle in another major wrestling company in the US the WWE will kill his career by disclosing details of Orton's allegations of harassment and bullying. Also they will disclose that Orton went to a military prison for going AWOL. 

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  • 3 questions about gun laws?

    1. Why is it that you are least likely to go to jail for shooting someone that is stealing things from your house if you are a distance from them shout at them to stop and let go of property and shoot them then if you run up to them and stab them or run them over. 2. Why are parents whose gun was used by teens in mass shootings not persecuted for negligence? 3. In states where bartenders are required to not serve you any more alcohol and take away your keys because you are intoxicated and letting you drive would be a danger to yourself and others why are they not required to conficate guns from intoxicated individuals

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  • Who else thinks that with trump support of dictators it is hypocritical to attack bernie about his comments about Castro?

    1. Acknowledging someones strengths does not erase their transgressions , mean they should be a saint or get the nobel peace prize. 2. Why is it a bad thing for a program to significantly improve literacy and access to health care. 3. The reason cuba's economy is bad was not due to universal health care and education it is due to US trade embargo, US threating embargos on countries trading with Cuba and corruption. 4. The US is the only major developed country without universal healthcare and with the exception of Cuba and Venezuela all of the major developed countries that have universal healthcare spend less and have a higher ranking in quality of healthcare. 5. Trump counties to have businesses relationship with dictators and foriegn governments that continue to enrich his personal business. 6. Trump said he fell in love with a dictator and wrote love letters to him. 7. Trump asked Russia to look for dirt on Hillary. 8. Trump with held aid to Ukraine to get them to investigate political rivals. 9. When US intelligence noted that Russia meddled in our elections he attacked US intelligence. 10. When asked given the human rights violations against LGBT community , mistreatment of women, religious presicution, attack on American journalist how could he do business with Saudi Arabia he responded you think US is so innocent. They are buying lots of US weapons which creates jobs.

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  • Do you think it's corruption or being a coward that prevents Mitch McConnell from presenting bipartisan bills to the Senate.?

    It is obvious Mitch McConnell is doing this because he is picking party over country but is that because he is afraid that his party is ill-equipped to handle being bipartisan and needs to be fear-mongering hateful individuals and that's the only way she can actually maintain a leadership role.

    Or is Mitch McConnell so corrupt that him and Trump have to rig elections by deceiving voters as well illegal activity

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  • Who else thinks it is hypocritical that trump and his supporters make homophobic comments about mayor Pete?

    I personally feel Democrats have stronger canidates. 1. Unlike trump mayor pete served in the military and is a decorated veteran. Trump dodged the draft several times. 2. Mayor pete did not go on tv and brag about falling in love with dictators and exchanging love letters with them. 3. Mayor pete is multilingual and a academic scholar.  So by all measures trump is academically inferior, military wise a coward and a liablity with his love letters to dictators and draft dodging

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  • Who else thinks that if WWE would have pushed Macho Man more than Hogan as of WrestleMania 9 wrestling would have been better overall?

     After Hogan beat Yokozuna shortly after he insulted the WWE title yet again went to New Japan wrestle there went against Yokozuna and pretty much sat out the rest of his contract after that. He then signed with WCW. If WWE with a pushed Macho Man Randy Savage think of all the superstars he could have put over. Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Randy Savage would have had significantly better matches than anything Hogan had. With Savage there that would have been a good chance that Vader could have possibly had a shot at holding the title well. Think of all the scandals and drama Hogan brought to the table his shelf life was limited and if Macho Man would have been pushed it would have been significantly better for everyone. Can you even imagine CM Punk could have had Macho Man as his mentor

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  • Who else thinks that wrestling would have been better overall if WCW would of waited to push gold until he was ready?

    It's Goldberg wasn't so green there's a good chance that he wouldn't have killed the career of Bret the Hitman Hart. If Goldberg wasn't so green there's a good chance that William Regal wouldn't have been fired for embarrassing him. WCW would have still stayed competitive for a while longer with a better main event scene and by the time they would go out of business The Invasion angle would have been done a lot better because a lot more of the top Stars would have been available. This would have led to it and either having a WCW show or at the very least better invasion

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  • Can you imagine all the good that could have been done by Obama if he would have been enabled like Trump is enabled now?

    1. Obama could have had Merrick Garland as a Supreme Court judge cool wealth and power the country

    2. Despite what some moronic anti-immigrant think the DACA program has its recipients vetted it stimulates the economy with fees and many recipients strengthened the military.

    3. Trump's tax breaks to the wealthy created future debt for the country and could compromise entitlement programs.

    4. Trump's change the environmental policies and violation of Human Rights policies Show how short-sighted he is and how much he doesn't value life.

    5. Obamacare might not have been perfect but it helped save life environmental policies might not be every person's favorite thing but it helps conserve the environment.

    6. When Obama bailed the banks and he bailed out the Auto industry the government got paid back with interest what are the chances the farmers are going to pay back the government with interest 

    7. The wall is costing the US government a ton of money do you realize how much of that could have gone into Healthcare ,education . If Obama was allowed to redirect government spending do you know how much she could have empowered the country

    8. Between how often Trump is allowed to violating emoluments Clause with the military and government spending and with foreign countries trying to gain favor with them don't you think from a financial standpoint and a political standpoint having Obama allowed enabled in a similar manner would empoer the country

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  • how would Republicans react if Clinton or  Carter would have used the logic of trump and his administration?

    1. If Obama would have said my birth certificate is beautiful and would be released when the government entente in charge of oversight is done with processing / auditing and then I will release it. Compare that to trump not releasing his taxes

    2. If Obama said by you being able to keep your doctor he meant people can still keep seeing their doctor it is just that the government option would not pay for it as oppose to trump on trade deals, progress on health care, getting Mexico to pay for the wall

    3. If Carter gave his peanut farm to a relative and several G7 members were making large quantity purchases and he would say that does not violate the made up emolument clause like trump said. Think of all the business interactions and ways trump has profited off the presidency with other countries doing business with trump companies to gain favor with trump   

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  • Who else thinks after the Supreme court DACA ruling it will be pointless for Dems to make a deal with Trump?

    1. Trump has a history of not being trust worthy from a business standpoint he ran a fake charity and had shady business deals, from a political standpoint he has betrayed allies and lied about what he would accomplish, from a personal standpoint he cheated on all his wives. How trust worthy can he possibly be?

    2. What oversight would the dems have guaranteed that trump would not screw over the daca recipients when it is convenient to trump politically with an executive order?

    3. If the Democrats get DACA pass the supreme court why would they make a deal with trump

    4. Who else thinks trump will use this as a distraction to compensate for his failures with trade deals, getting Mexico to pay for the wall diverting attention from his impeachment and other investigations , failures to improve healthcare or heal the racial and political divide in the country. Distractions only hold temporary momentum 

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