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  • please translate from chavacano to english...?

    my friend texted me this: con puede yo isqueji el mujer fara queda mi esfosa, etu el uno n mga mujer yo pensa cay tali quentigo el ta busca yo na un mujer.... i wonder what this really means.

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  • Homework..pls help me!?

    Please define each words below and give an example for each:

    1.) Hospitality


    3.) Respect for elders

    4.) Loyalty

    5.) Utang-na-loob ( debt of gratitude)

    6.) Pakikisama

    7.) Fatalistic

    8.) Sensitive

    9.) Indolent

    10.) Jealousy

    11.) Regionalistic

    thanks in advance

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  • assignment in literature?

    i need 5 examples for apostrophe and hyperbole..

    topic: Figures of speech

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  • assignment in history...?

    1.)Definition of history

    2.)significance of studying philippine history

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  • assignment in P.E..,.?

    1.) History of Arnis

    2.) Classification of Arnis

    3.) Salutation and formalities for arnis

    4.) equipment and attire for arnis

    4 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • pls help?!?

    I like this guy for almost a year, and hes also into me. The problem is...he is the shy type of person who does not approach me unless he gives me photocopies of our lectures for class. we both feel weird when we are near each other, we barely talk...the problem is, i think he is jealous of me and one of my guy classmate who has been going with me every monday,wednesday and friday for an hour in the afternoon (because we both are advance than my crush)...Now everyone things its me and my classmate!!! i just treat him as a brother because we are just girls in the family....its so weird people telling or teasing us coz we both know each other crushes....Im very approachable but my crush doesnt have the guts to talk to me...what do you think i should do? Do you think my crush is jealous?

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  • homework pls help!?

    1.) Are all writings literature? explain.

    2.) Why do we study literature?

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  • is it a scam or not? pls help?

    i received an email from this woman from west africa that she wants me to place her 5,700,00 US dollars in my account and will get the money when she will stay permanently here in the philippines. She got the money as her father died who was in the military. I want to help her because i think she really needs help but thats a large amount of money which i dont trust her to give it to me and deposit it in my account. it might be a scam you know, i dont wanna go to jail. so what do you think i should do? i emailed her back and told her that you cannot trust anyone in giving a large amount of money coz anyone can steal it from her. I am still underaged to even earn that large amount of money. The bank would get please help me

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  • open a dental clinic or work for aspen dental in the US?

    im so confused about what to do. Im a half-filipino..half-german aspiring dentist. I want to live in the US someday and bring my family there too. SO... Open my own clinic which will be expensive or work for aspen dental in the US ? give me your suggestion/s..

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  • dental school?

    I am almost graduating from my couse which is Doctor of Dental Medicine. I want to pursue my graduate study in USA. I was wondering what dental schools are nice and cheap? what are advantages of that school? does it have dormitories? pls help me.

    1 AnswerStudying Abroad1 decade ago
  • give me a place where to spend a vacation with the family?

    please give me details and prices of a certain country you think is best for family getaways.

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  • top ten causes of death in the philippines(latest)?

    it should be in a table form with lots of data... i really need help for this, its an assignment due on saturday (april 26,08).. pls help me!

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases1 decade ago
  • What do you think about NokiaE61i?

    Im planning to buy a phone. I like this phone because you can do almost everything with it. But i want your opinion about this phone.

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • What is a Lomocam?

    Whats a lomocam? what can it do?

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  • What's the best digital camera?

    Im planning to buy a very nice and carry-all-around camera. But the thing is, i dont know what brand or whats good in a camera. So, please give me your opinion or what do u think is the best cam.

    8 AnswersCameras1 decade ago
  • How can you meet the perfect guy?

    Where?When? How? multi-ethnic, so theres a lot of things about me that are interesting. The only thing is i wanna meet my mr. perfect, i always wait but my parents expect a guy who is tall, rich, honest, smart, and has the almost the same quality like me. I wanna have a guy like that but in my sites people always ask me "do you have a bf?" and i always say NO, because i dont wanna have internet relationship with other people. I wanna meet real people who would care for a woman like me.

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