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* If you want to be my contact PLEASE email me first. There are so many trolls and haters around lately. It is now 2011 but I think this needs to be put into place more than ever: ~I'm 19 years old ~My b-days April 11, ~ If you ask me for any personal information(phone number,address,etc) I am going to lie to you * I love anime! My favorite anime is Bleach- I am also in love with the live musicals of this! They are awesome! ~ I am going to be a future actress/voice actress ~ Im in college at the moment,it takes up most of my time so Im not on here as much as I used to be. Not fun. I'll try to change that soon though. ~ I play indoor soccer and am in theater ~I'm 4'11- quite short for my age * I love the people who thumb me down for no reason. I give you loveee. O_O ~I like writing things on my profile and you obviously enjoy reading them! My MAL: ~ #6 Soul Reapers

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