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  • Are there job opportunities using my own handwriting?

    There is one gift I do have and have been praised for by many over the years and that is my handwriting.

    I am presently a domestic engineer (home-duties) and have been questioning my abilities- what I am good at etc. for the sake of my future. Handwriting, in many styles, is one skill I definitely have.

    So, where to from here?

    How can I push forward with this and perhaps make this art of mine into employment, preferably at home?

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  • I Am Moving But How Do I Get My 2 Cockatiels From Qld to Vic Safe And Sound? ?

    We are moving interstate and I really don't want to be leaving my two 'tiels behind! We are travelling down in a full car and our furniture will be in a container via rail... I haven't as yet researched on what the best transport is for birds or any other animal for that matter, any suggestions anyone? The town we will be settling in is a good two and a half hours away from major airports.

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  • Cockatiel sits and rests in food bowl?

    Hello, thanks for reading. More info;

    First time bird owner.

    Have had him for a month and so far our relationship is going excellent. Very friendly, affectionate and tame. Still yet learning to talk. Young, appx 12 weeks old.

    Huge cage, lots of toys- very happy in there and when out. Well stimulated and entertained.

    Lately been sitting in his bowl of seed. Loves his seed but resting in it as if its a nest!

    Have been reading past messages with hope of finding answer before posting here, all I have really come up with is He may infact be a She and is 'egg-bound'?

    Diet, personaility and all habits seem normal.

    He does have a bed and sleeps in it all night. Very comfortable, clean & warm. Could he just be more cosier on top of the seeds? He still eats them.

    Once again, thanks for reading, I hope I have given enough details to receive answers for this 'thing' his doing.


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