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  • How to study with depression?

    I don't want a basic answer of eating, meditating, sleeping and exercising bull. I need help now. Something has happened to me that changed my life. Everything feels so heavy to do. My body feels so numb and tingly. Iv been forcing to smile and laugh which is not me at all. I dont want to talk to anybody. I just want to sit on the couch and sleep or just sit. It feels so comfortable. I feel sleepy all the time and even the things I normally love doing, feels like a chore. I keep having negative thoughts racing in my head. I sometimes get this feeling Im looking through a window and cant control my body. I feel trapped in my own body. I have two exams comming up and Im here trying to do it. But its so hard to concentrate when my brain goes on a whole flashback or rant every 2 minutes. It feels so heavy to do it. Everything feels so heavy, I cant even keep my eyes open cus its so heavy. I need some strategy. I need to know what others did in times similar to mine. Im not talking about laziness or bad mood. Im talking about real depression. Yes, I am having suicidal thoughts. But they arnt very strong. so i think im ok for the time being. please help. tried meditation, works for 5min and goes back again. tried working out, i havnt been eating normally so im very weak, i pass out easily. i try to eat, force it in, feel like puking all the time. constantly short of breath all day. sleep alot. idk what to do. its my cry for help 

    2 AnswersMental Health10 months ago