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  • How can I transfer iPod information without reformatting it?

    My iPod is formatted to be compatible with Mac. I have a PC now and I have about 700 songs I would like to transfer to my iTunes. I use Vista...not sure if that matters or not. I downloaded a program that says it was designed to do that, but when I connected my iPod it says I need to reformat it. What can I do to get my music off?

    5 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Salvage yard in SF Bay Area?

    I need to find a salvage yard in my area and very quickly! I need to find a driver's side mirror for my Saturn. Anyone know of any junk yards in the area?

    2 AnswersSan Francisco1 decade ago
  • I think I might be pregnant...?

    I have a normal, 28 day cycle, but I am now 3 days late. I have some symptoms, like frequent urination (like once an hour), backache, tiredness, weight gain, appetite changes, headache, heartburn. I took a test yesterday that came up negative, but I am still not convinced that I'm not pregnant. I haven't had much stress this month or anything, so I am not sure what's up. I used the ClearBlue digital pregnancy test. Is there a better test I can use? Will Planned Parenthood or another clinic have more reliable tests? What should I do now?

    I got pregnant last year (in July) and I had no idea. I just felt cramping really bad and found out I was pregnant before I was even late...

    8 AnswersTrying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • Questions about egg donation?

    I know you can get paid a really good amount of money to donate eggs. I was wondering if anyone knows what the catch is? I know you have to undergo injections and outpatient surgery to have the egg retrieved. Does anyone know any downside to this? Is there some ridiculously bad catch?

    3 AnswersTrying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • I have a question about Mirena?

    I was wondering why it says in the brochure and commercial that you should have a child before using it? I just got Mirena inserted yesterday and the doctor didn't really have an answer for me. I noticed other birth control methods don't say to do that. Does anyone know?

    I do want a child someday, but I have suffered a miscarriage recently and have been advised not to conceive for a year. I don't want there to be some information I don't know or something that didn't get explained to me.

    3 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Do you think I could be pregnant? ?

    I got pregnant in June but it unfortunately ended in a miscarriage in September. I got on the patch and in October I had a normal period. In November, I took a morning after pill and the next week stopped my patch because it was making me ill. Then my period came a week late. I was waiting to get an IUD put in but my appointment is bumped to 3 weeks from now. I was supposed to get my period Thursday or Friday, and now I am late. I took a test a few days ago and it was negative. I am wondering if I could be pregnant?

    (I only wanted to get on the IUD because the doctor told me if I get pregnant in the next year, I could have a very difficult pregnancy. I also can't have too many hormones because I get very sick and I am allergic to the patch, so I am limited on what I can have. I would not oppose to being pregnant right now.)

    2 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Ok, I am a bit freaked! ?

    Okay, I just got off my patch, and i was a week late for my period while taking it. When I got it, it was way heavier than normal and every other day I stopped bleeding. (I got my period on the 14th) I have been bleeding since. Now it's light but it's not like menstrual blood. It's like brown or bright red and fills up a thin pantiliner every couple hours. I can't figure out what's going on. I am having pain in my pelvis, like cramping. I am not sure what this could be. Help?

    2 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • How do I deal with insane in-laws?

    Okay, I have had so many problems with my fiance's parents. (They are East Indian and from South Africa, and I am white, if this helps.) This woman refused to meet me and always called me names, and I never did anything to her. She would refer to me as "that whore" and would say I am ruining her son's life. She only decided to meet me after I had a miscarriage in September. Then she says she did it only so she could see her son, because he refused to see her because she treated me so poorly. She made it a point to tell me I am not good for her son, I have no goals, no ambition, I constantly play the victim and guys don't like that, and all I want to do is be pregnant, just because her son has sex with me doesn't mean he wants anything from me, and that I didn't care about him because I wasn't willing to not have the child. Then she wonders why I don't want to speak to her anymore. She does nothing out of kindness, rather it's so she can say she was nice to us later. (she even says now she's been nothing but kind to me!!!) She has even said his ex is better than me because she never got pregnant!!! She has severe asthma, but she blames me for her stress and illness and mentions this all the time. She also told me if I end up pregnant again, it will be my fault and she will disown her son, which will also be my fault! She also said we cannot marry until he is finished with school. He is going to law school and neither of us see the point in waiting another four years.

    We have been engaged since July, and we plan on getting married in March. It's just going to be a justice of the peace ceremony at first. We plan on having a big celebration sometime in the next year or so, but there are no final plans as far as that goes.

    I know how insane his mother is and how poorly she treats her family, and he treats her sons' girlfriends like crap. She is very controlling and if she doesn't have her way, she blames everyone for everything she can. She says her sons owe her everything since she brought them to this country. They moved here when they were both little in the early 90s, and she will continue to use this excuse probably for the rest of her life.

    I love my fiance very much and I plan on having a life with him and having children and working together. We want to be married and we will do that. My family will know and so will our friends, but we can't tell his family because they are so awful. What can I do to deal with these people better?

    6 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • I'm on birth control, and I missed my!?

    In September I had a miscarriage, and soon after I started the patch. I got my period in October. I haven't messed up my change days or anything, but I was supposed to get my period Friday and it didn't happen. Also, to be extra safe, after my fiance and I were intimate, I took a morning after pill last week on Thursday (after I started my "off week"). I have been told by a doctor not to become pregnant for about 6 months to a year, in order to avoid any problems. I am also trying to wait a couple years in order to get more schooling done and to heal and come to terms with losing my child. I am very scared. I have an appointment on the 20th to get an IUD put in, and I am very scared. I am not sure what to do. Any advice?

    2 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • When I go to reset my password I can't. What can I do?

    In another email account, after I go to the page where I have to enter my birthday and zip, I can't remember the answer to my secret question. I changed my password and I can't remember what I changed it to. What do I do?

    2 AnswersPassword and Sign In1 decade ago
  • Job related complaint?

    Who would i go to if I had a job related complaint and the HR at my company did nothing to resolve the issue?

    4 AnswersLaw & Legal1 decade ago
  • Pregnancy loss and future pregnancies?

    I have a few questions. I went to the ER about three weeks ago and found out that my cervix was measuring 13 weeks but my baby only measured nine. What's worse is that my baby had died around that time and I had to have a D&C.

    I am now on the patch because I do not want to get pregnant again right away, and I am going to stay on about a year or so before I think about trying again. I want to know what is the miscarriage risk if you've already had two? Are there any kinds of problems that can arise because of a miscarriage?

    4 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago