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  • What is the difference between Total Bail Amount and Total HOLD Bail Amount?


    I'm looking at LASD website and saw someone who's in county with a bail showing below.

    Total Bail Amount: 230,000.00

    Total Hold Bail Amount: 250,000.00 Grand Total: 480,000.00

    What exactly is the difference between Total bail amount and Total HOLD bail amount?

    Does this mean his total bail to get released is $480,000 that needs to be paid?

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  • When I drink water, I feel cold sensation in my right chest and a little lower down to the rib. Is this normal?

    Hello, when I drink water sometimes, I feel cool / watery sensation going down my right chest and a little down lower to the rib. I thought my food pipe would be in the middle behind my sternum. Is this supposed to be normal?

    Also, I may have GERD or Esophagitis so this is why I'm asking. I'm scheduled for endoscopy by next month but I'm still curious beforehand. My right side chest does hurt after I eat. Is it possible that there is a hole in my esophagus?


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  • What is causing my chest pain? Please help me.?

    Age 29


    5'9 height

    140 lbs weight

    Smoker but quit 2 days ago

    not a heavy drinker (once a week)

    no drug use


    I'm starting to get depressed more and more every single day because this is affecting my life. I have a chest pain that feels tight/lock and had it for about 5-6 months. I've seen several doctors but they said they "think" it's costochondritis. So therefore, I did disregard it as costochondritis until I started to develop new symptoms about couple days ago. This new symptom is a sharp, pinching-like, stabbing pain around my chest. It happens in the left, middle, and right side of my chest (basically all over). Sometimes, when I am not doing anything and just sitting still, I would develop a very strong pinching pain on one of my chest out of nowhere. I would also get a sensation as if something was stuck in my throat. 4 days ago, I developed some sort of red circle in the middle of my sternum. If I touched it, it causes static-like sharp pain all around it. I went to the ER 2 times (2 different hospital) but the doctor couldn't really evaluate me and dismissed me. Anyways, with this new chest stabbing/pinching like pain, something stuck in throat, I also get a very stuffy breath as if it's hard to breathe. I'm not sure if its shortness of breath but it feels very stuffy. I also develop random cough. I have also developed a new red bump on my middle sternum (today). It hurts when I touch it. I've been to many doctors but none of them can figure it out.

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  • Chest pain - Chest sting when rubbing or touching. What could it be?


    I'm getting these chest stinging when I touch or rub my chest in certain areas. It is also accompany with a chest pain on my right side (sometimes left side) upon moving my arm in certain position. It feels like something is locked/tight but the pain is only there when I stick my chest out or stick my chest in or flexing my chest. Another symptom I'm having is a ball-like sensation in my throat. Also, I've had this chest pain for about 5-6 months, every single day.

    What could it be?


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  • What could possibly be wrong with me? What do I need to get checked?

    My sternum hurts when I move around like my neck for example. If I move my neck to the left or right, my chest would hurt. I've done 2 ekg, chest CT scan, chest X-ray, and even blood test. Everything came out normal.

    I'm also getting very random itchy throat that would cause me to cough. The itchy throat comes around at a random time and goes away after a few minute or after a few cough.

    What exactly would be wrong with me? Anyone experience something similar? Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Chest Pain - Cannot figure out what it is or what to do. What should I do?

    I've been having this chest pain for a while. If I twist my neck (look left or right) then I can feel the tight pain in the middle left side of my chest. If I take a deep breath, I can feel the pain. If I move my arm back (stretching) I can feel the pain.

    Sometimes, I would pull my arm up like I'm yawning to pop my sternum and relieve the tension. I took 2 advil and the pain is still there. I'm skinny, so I can feel my sternum bone. If I press any of my sternum bone where the pain is located, there is no pain from the bone. I think it might be under. However, there is pain on the lower part of the sternum only when I press it. Other symptoms I'm getting are like dry throat / dry cough. Sometimes, I cough small amount of saliva blood. Metallic taste and you can see it. My stools are normal. No stomach pain. Only pain is literally my chest. If I stay still, it doesn't hurt. Only if I move around it hurts. Also, I feel like the random coughs I get comes straight from my chest. Sometimes, I'm walking around and I get the urge to cough a lot due to a tickling sensation in my throat. My mouth feels dried. My throat feels dried.

    I've taken chest CT & Xray - there was nothing. Said everything is fine. I took ECG - said my heart was fine. I've done blood test - shows everything is normal except low vitamin D. At this point, I'm not sure what to do or how I can fix this.

    Do I have to do Chest MRI to see tissue and more details of my blood flow?


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  • Is it tension headache? Or something more serious?

    Every time I watch a movie, I get an intense head pressure, feels very tight and feels like something is going to blow up in my head. It gets worse when watching a movie in theater. Is this just an anxiety head tension or is it possibly something worse?

    Also, I do have TMJ and been having jaw problems. It started to get worse lately.

    After the movie, my lower right side back started hurting (stinging pain).

    Thank you.

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  • What is this white circle on my jaw? Is it serious? Dense Bone Island possibly?


    I went to the dentist recently and came upon this white circle that is located where my wisdom tooth used to be.

    I already took out all 4 wisdom tooth (2 minor/babies) when I was younger. I wanted to know if anyone can tell me what this white circle is? It's shown on the bottom right side. I did ask the doctor and they said they don't know but it isn't alarming since it's not "black" or have any "black lines" on the edge but still, this makes me very curious as to what exactly it is.


    Here is the link to the photo.

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  • Is my condition serious or normal? Regarding Headache?

    So one night, I came home from work and laid on my bed watching tv. While laying down, my head kept building up tension/tightness that were very uncomfortable but no pain. I thought this might had to do with the way I was laying down. Anyways, 1 hour later, my head started to hurt and kept building up. I tried to just rest it away and while laying down in a certain position and watching tv then all of a sudden, my headache just all at once disappeared out of nowhere. It went from like 100 to 0. It felt like something just got released in my brain that was causing the headache and made the pain disappear. The headache lasted about 15 minutes. Is this normal? Am I overthinking this? This gave me a slight panic attack and I started to sweat.


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  • Stretching arm causes chest pain. What can I do? How do I fix this?

    For almost 3-4 weeks, I have been having this chest pain mainly in the sternum. There is no pain if I stand still, but if I move my arm back or raise my arm up, there is this tight pain in my chest that feels like something is locked and needs to be popped. It's like those feeling where when you're cracking your knuckles, one of the finger gets locked and once you pull it enough for it to pop, you feel relieved.

    I did go to the doctor and he told me I most likely have costochondritis. I did x-ray and everything came out normal. I did EKG and everything came out normal. So what can it be?

    Also, I'm a smoker. I smoke juul and cigarettes. I don't exercise nor do I work out. This pain just happened suddenly out of nowhere and it's been going on for almost 4 weeks now. The pain is there when I move my neck or my arm around.

    If anyone has experienced the same thing, please let me know what I can do or what you suggest.

    Thank you!

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  • Attachment image

    Is my ECG normal? Does anyone know how to read this? Can anyone tell me if there is any possibility of angina or signs of heart attack?


    I've recently got an ECG test for chest pain and heart attacks. I wanted to see if anyone can read it and see if it is normal?

    Medical problem: I've been dealing with an chest pain for almost 3-4 weeks now. It hurts the most when I sneeze. Sometimes, I would get like a random bubbling/pound feeling on my heart that ends with forcing a single cough. When this happens, I would get lightheaded and somewhere around my arm would start hurting. I've had this happen several times but I'm not sure if this is heart attack because I haven't really truly felt one before. Anyways, I did go to the doctor and the doctor did assure me that I'm not facing any heart attack, but I just want to make sure he hasn't mis-read anything or made any error because he seems to be pushing things real fasts so I'm here now to see if there are any nurses or medical experts that can read an ECG and reassure me.

    Thank you!

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  • Areola Color Question?

    Hi, I checked my nipple today and saw that my left nipple looks fine but my right nipple is totally weird. I have areola on the top half of my right nipple but the bottom half has no color. Is this normal? My left nipple has full areola around the nipple but on my right side, theres only half.

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  • Do big watch brands such as Omega, Rolex, Tag go on sale for holidays?


    I'm treating myself to my first luxury watch. I picked the Omega Seamaster but figured holidays are right around the corner. Do luxury brand such as Omega go on sale? Should I wait until Christmas or maybe even Valentine?

    Also, is it worth getting a quartz seamaster or should I try to get myself a automatic?


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  • What medical condition do I have? UTI, STD, or something else?


    I'm 26 male. I've recently been having symptoms with my private area. Here are the list of symptoms I am currently have.

    1.Burning/painful urination.

    2. Itchy feeling (similar to bug bite) on the tip of the head but inside not outside.

    3. Itchy feeling inside the long line part (neck) of the area. I believe it's called urethra?

    4. Bad urine smell

    So what happened was that this started happening after I had sex with a girl I was seeing. I've had sex with her for about 1 week then it was the next week when I started to get the symptoms with the itchiness inside my urethra and painful urination.

    The week after that, I went to urgent care and met a doctor. After explaining everything to him, he diagnosed it as an UTI but didn't test me. He said it's most likely an UTI so he put me on 10 days of cipro. However, since he didn't do any testing, I felt uncomfortable taking antibiotics without being sure if it was STDs or not. So before starting my antibiotics, I went to go get tested for STD such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. 2 days later, result came out negative for both STD but now I'm worried that I've may have gotten tested too soon before it can be found.

    Anyways, I'm on my 4th day of cipro now but my concern is that I've been told the symptoms should disappear after 48 hours of antibiotics but I've been on it for 4 days and the same symptoms are still there. Is it possible I have something else cause it still itches inside of my area!


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  • Cumming inside girl finishing her pregnancy question!!!!?


    So me and my girl made love yesterday. However, right before I came, i held my genitals shut, attempting to pull out but failed to hold it all in together before i fully came out. A little came out while my manhood was shut towards the freedom of her hole. My girl was on her period and its basically the day shes ending. (brownish blood, sorry for this detail. not sure how else to explain). She should be ovulating around next week Wednesdayish. We made love on Friday. She also started her period around last Saturday /Sunday.

    What are the chances she ll get pregnant? As you can see, this is my first time of situation like this happening so it kind of worries me. Thanks.

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  • What types of Vitamin/Supplements should I take?


    So I have a problem with my body. I went to the doctor to get a check up and blood check shows nothing. Says everything is normal. Also did a chest xray because something was hurting under my right breast. Shows nothing again. Said I was normal. The doctor then said that it may be all in my head and I should try to change myself. So I want to try this by first taking healthy supplements/vitamin. My body is extremely skinny, to the point where I look anorexic. It's all bones around my elbow, my bicep, my body, and my legs. My legs are super skinny that if I stand straight, my legs looks like a C. I also have a thigh gap, which looks disturbing. Overall, I'm a male.

    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone can suggest what type of vitamins/supplements I should start trying. Although they may not be the solution, I want to try anything I can to get fatter, or atleast some meat to look normal.


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  • What kind of doctor do I need to see? (Please let me know which doctor's medical field such as, GP, Internal Medicine, ETC.)?

    Hello, I feel like I have a condition. I may be over-thinking it but it's always better to spend money and know rather than be worried about it. I do not have health insurance and absolutely an amateur when it comes to seeing a doctor.

    My symptoms are

    Fragile (very tired almost every day)

    unintentional weightloss (bone skinny)

    Head pressures

    Can't breath well

    Not fresh when waking up any longer.

    Chest pains sometimes.


    Dry skin

    Confused sometimes

    Short term memory lost sometimes

    So I need to do a walk in or set an appointment but I would like to know which doctor would be the best for me to see to find out if there is any problem. Money may be an issue but for now, I'd rather attempt to save myself from misery.


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