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  • Changing text size in PDF document?

    I am trying to fill out an application that is a clickable PDF form, and I'd obviously like it to be as neat as possible. The problem is that the way the text boxes are formatted, it cuts off about the top third of letters and numbers. I tried to change the font size, but it does not seem to be allowed with my basic software. Is there a work around for this problem.

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  • Adjusting the blower on a hot air furnace?

    I have a furnace that was replaced over the summer. Now that the heat is used more, I can tell that I am having a problem with the hot air blower (and maybe the furnace) short cycling.

    Here's the setup:

    1. oil fired, hydronic furnace in a three zone house. 2 zones are hydronic baseboard. The third zone is a hot air plenum supplied by the boiler.

    2. The hot air plenum is controlled by a thermostat and an aquastat. The thermostat is setup to call for heat to the plenum when the living room temps are too cold. The aquastat turns the blower fan on and off based on plenum water temps.

    3. The boiler is set to "cold start" meaning the temps will drop to room temps when heat is not needed.

    The problem:

    When the hot air zone initially calls for heat, the furnace will kick on and after a couple minutes so will the blower. On this initial start up of the blower, it will usually short cycle. By this, I mean the blower will turn off after only a couple minutes. Then, it will turn back on. This process of the blower and the furnace making short cycles will repeat until the temperature has risen enough that the thermostat stops calling for heat.

    What adjustments do I need to make so stop the short cycling?

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  • How long for a plumber to swap oil furnaces?

    I have an older oil burning, hydronic furnace installed in my house, and a much newer one that was pulled out of another building I own. I want to remove the old furnace and hookup the newer one. The newer one was professionally uninstalled, and that tech said it should be "pretty easy" to swap. Everything is stubbed out, so I think its a matter of connecting the supply/return/fill water pipes, oil supply, electrical, and vents.

    I do not need haul away on the other furnace or any other services. Everything is in location and easy to work on. I just need someone to disconnect the old one, hook up the new one, and make sure everything is running right. How many hours/how much $$$ would you expect this job to take.

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  • GFCI circuit breaker won't reset...?

    I have an regular outlet(not GFCI) in my bathroom and it is worn out to the point that it won't hold a plug. I went to replace it, but I wanted to test if it was GFCI protected. I put on my tester which indicated that it was indeed GFCI protected, and I tested it by pressing the button on the tester. It tripped the GFCI. It turns out that it is protected by a GFCI circuit breaker in the panel board (the ones with a test button).

    The problem came when I went to reset the panel breaker. I click it positively to the "off" positiion then positively back to the "on" position. This does not restore power. I've looked to see if there are any GFCI receptable breakers, but have not found anything.

    Are there any other things I am missing before I call an electrician? I did not change any wiring. I simply tested the circuit and now it won't restore power. Could the panel circuit breaker go bad?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 years ago
  • Assumption of Risk on Private Property?

    State of Maine.

    I own and live on a 5 acre parcel of property that includes my home, barn, and hobby agricultural activities. I often have family, friends, and increasingly friends of friends coming to visit and participate. Although I love having them and want to include them in things, I am getting a little concerned about liability. I believe my property is reasonably safe and take precautions, but accidents ranging from a trip and fall to a severe tractor accident as possible.

    Maine allows for assumption of risk in agrotourism, but I do not think I fall under that catgegory. I am considering posting some sort of assumption of risk sign at te driveway that states something to the effect of

    "Warning- Assumption of Risk

    Every person entering this property does so at their own risk. Use of this property comes with risks of property damage and loss, injury, and death that are inherent to the land, environment, animals, equipment, and human activities that occur on this property. By entering, you are agreeing to hold the property, owners, and agents harmless of legal liability for damage, loss, injury, or death."

    Would this sign, in conjunction with reasonable care to prevent accidents, provide me any legal protection?

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • Paid for 2 pack, received 1 pack. Seller won't refund shipping.?

    I asked this a couple days ago in a different category without answers. I'm hoping for some advice.

    I ordered a 2 pack of floor lamps from a second party seller off The ad on as well as my receipt indicate that it was a 2 pack. I paid $268 for the lamps and $25 for the shipping because these are heavy lamps. While I was at work, the company emailed me to say that there was an error, and the ad should have only been for 1 lamp. They told me to contact them ASAP. I didn't get the email until after work, and they had already shipped the single lamp when I tried to cancel.

    I believe that the price was way to high for a single lamp. I've contacted them about a return, which they say they'll do, but that they will not return the initial shipping fee and they will not pay for the return shipping. The return shipping is about $35 due to weight. So, basically, they are saying that they will refund the lamp price, but not $60 in shipping costs.

    At this point, what are my rights? I am thinking about requesting a chargeback on my credit card. I have receipts and screen shots of the ad (which is still up and incorrect). Thoughts?

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  • Can I move a kitchen sink?

    I am going to remodel my kitchen. The kitchen sink is awkwardly in the corner, and I want to move it about 3 feet so that it is more well centered in the kitchen counter. I've replaced kitchen sinks before, but never moved them. Will I run into any trouble just extending the drain and water pipes over three feet? There is space for me to do it.

    5 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling3 years ago
  • Do bigger batteries mean longer run time or higher performance?

    I recently bought an 18 volt cordless tool kit. It came with (2) 4 ah batteries. I want to buy two more batteries. I've found the 4 ah batteries to have very good run time and performance. They are fine with the circular saw, but they are pretty heavy on the drill and driver. I'm thinking about buying a couple of 2 ah batteries because they are smaller and cheaper. The batteries recharge quickly, and I'll alway have a spare if I buy two more. So, my question is will this affect performance or just run time?

    3 AnswersOther - Electronics3 years ago
  • Recently installed motion detector light won't stay on?

    I recently installed a motion detector light in my garage so that I don't have to fumble in the dark for the switch. It is a basic, inexpensive light with two screw in bulbs. Initially, it worked great. I set it to stay on for 5 minutes, and it worked flawlessly for about a week. Then, it started having a problem where it would detect motion but only stay on for a few seconds. It detects motion perfectly but won't keep the light on for any amount of time. I'm go through all the settings and it doesn't fix the problem. I thought the LED bulbs might be the issue, but its the same with incandescent bulbs also. I'm thinking I got a faulty unit at this point.

    Is there anything else I should try before uninstalling it and exchanging it?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • Worth It?-Rust Proofing an older Truck?

    I have a 17 year old truck in a high salt state. Although it has held up reasonable well, the rust is starting to sink its teeth in- some small spots on the body, the chrome bumpers, and some areas of moderate surface rust on the frame. I had it looked over by a trusted mechanic. He says the car is mechanically solid. And that the rust is not a safety issue as of now. He recommends me doing a "Scrape and Fluid Film." Basically, he wants to put in 3-4 hours of work scraping and applying about a gallon of fluid film, which will run $3-400. I'm acquainted with fluid film, and I know it does work well. I also trust the mechanic. I'm just a bit dubious because I think you'd need a lot more than 3 hours work to scrape down what need scraping and apply the fluid film. I don't know how much better he could do in 3-4 hours than I can with a wire brush, pressure washer, and some cans of FF. So, does anybody have experience with this and have an opinion on whether its worth $3-400. Or should I just drop 50 on some cans of FF, clean the truck off best I can, and spray it myself?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • When can I turn the heat lamp off on young chickens?

    I have 17 chicks that were born on June 8, which makes them about 7 weeks old. I'm wondering when it is safe to turn the heat lamp off on them. They now look like little chickens and are almost completely feathered. During the days, they don't really sit under it. At night, some do and some don't.

    Daytime highs are 75-85 and lows are 55-60 right now. I'm going to run a light and water heater in winter, but is it safe to turn the heat light off right now? How about just during the days?

    2 AnswersBirds3 years ago
  • How long will tool manufacturers continue to make replacement batteries for their cordless tools?

    I'm thinking about buying into a set of cordless tools: drill, impact driver, circ. saw, etc...Right now I've only got a cordless drill and the rest are corded. I've thought it was a shame that your tool became useless after the battery failed, and replacement batteries cost as much as new kits. But, I'm pretty impressed by the new cordless tools, and I am willing to spend money occasionally on new batteries. My question is how long do you think companies will offer replacement batteries? Some of my corded tools are 15+ years old and working fine. I don't want to have paperweights because I can't find batteries.

    Brands I am considering are Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee

    8 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)4 years ago
  • Can I charge a tenant for reporting non existant maintenance issues that cost me service calls?

    I have had a tenant for 6 months. Overall, he's been good- pays rent, clean, quiet. The problem is that twice he's reported problems with the furnace that weren't there, and it's costing me a lot of money.

    The first time, he said he smelt propane. I told him to turn off the main tank valve, and immediately called the service guy. The tech restarted the furnace and inspected the entire thing. Nothing was wrong. That cost me $150.

    Recently, he called and urgently reported that there was lots of "smoke and heat" coming from the basement door. I hung up, and called the fire department. The showed up lights and sirens, and they found nothing. They shut off my furnace, and made me call the service guy back before restarting it. The service guy found nothing. That was a $150 service call. And, apparently, my city charges rental property owners for fire calls, So, that was another $200.

    So, I'm into this goose chase for $500. I ate the first service call because I didn't want to discourage him from calling in a real emergency. But, this is getting steep and frustrating.

    Can I charge him for this recent false alarm?

    11 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • Can I drive over a brick patio?

    I have a dry set brick patio (packed sand, set bricks, and sand compacted into joints). Where is is located gets pretty much all the snow off the metal roof, and I am left with mountains of wet, heavy snow. Shoveling is an agonizing event, and a walk behind snowblower can't chew through the heavy wet snow.

    I have a compact tract with a good snowblower on it. The tractor weighs 1660lbs, and I'd guess the whole setup weights between 2000-2200 pounds including the blower a lightly filled ballast box.

    Can I safely use this tractor on the patio without damaging it?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • I found an 8 year old check. What to do?

    About 8 years ago, a family member passed away. I was attending college and using my parents house as my permanent mailing address.

    Fast forward to present day. I returned home from out of state, and my mom hands me a box full of "important papers" that she had collected as it got mailed to her. In this box, I found an over 8 year old uncashed check from my family member's estate. Without me knowing, this family member left me about an $4000 inheritance, which I never claimed.

    I feel pretty bad about the situation, especially because I never acknowledged the gift to his side of the family. So, I've got to deal with that.

    But, is it still possible to claim this inheritance. The check says that it is void after a few months. Should I call the issuing institution to see what they can do?

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Can you pay down the principal on a rental property to reduce your tax liability?

    I own a small apartment building which has positive cash flow. This year, due to a raise in my salary and a bonus from my wife's job, we are looking at higher tax liability. Can I make a one time early payment towards the mortgage on the rental property, thereby reducing my income on the property, and lower my tax liability?

    10 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • How to use a generator transfer switch?


    I recently moved into a house that is equipped with a generator transfer switch for power outages. I want to make sure I know how to safely use it.

    The setup is as follows: The main house circuit panel is in the basement. Next to it is the transfer panel which has 6 circuits (well pump, furnace, fridge, various outlets). Each one of these circuits has a three position switch: Generator, Off, Line. In the normal conditions, the circuits are all turned to "line." Then, there is a 220 power cord that can run from the transfer switch to lawn so that you can hookup the portable generator.

    The previous owner said that all I have to do is startup the generator, run the power cord to the trasfer switch, and flip the circuits to "generator."

    I was always under the impression that you had to flip the main house breaker to isolate the house from the grid to protect utility workers? Is this true?

    I just want to make sure I've got the procedure down right before I have to use it.


    3 AnswersEngineering4 years ago
  • Making seltzer in a keg?

    My family spends quite a bit of money on cans of seltzer, and we have a spare fridge. I was thinking about making a seltzer system. From what I've read, all you need is a five gallon key, a CO2 tank/regulator, a tap, and the hose fittings.

    From there, you just fill the keg with water, chill it, and let it carb under pressure?

    Is it really that simple? Is there anything else I need?

    4 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits4 years ago
  • How to insulate a barn?

    I have a barn that I want to create an insulated workshop in half. This will mean insulating 2 exterior walls. It is modern 2x4 construction on a concrete slab. It does not have a moisture barrier on the panel siding, so it gets some light seepage at seams. How show I handle insulated these section so I don't create a water problem. There are a few pieces of fiberglass insulation that you can see have trapped water and grown mold. I was thinking about nailing strapping to the broad faces of the studs and fitting rigid foam so that there is a breathing space behind. Any other ideas?

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)4 years ago
  • Floor jack will only lift when the foot is weighted?

    I was given a very heavy duty, old floor jack. It will lift a vehicle and hold it up all day without losing any pressure(yes, I always use jack stands).

    The thing I've noticed is that it will not raise the foot unless the foot is actually weighted. For example, when its fully lowered, I have to step on it while I pump it to get it to raise into position. Once it's weighted, it works perfectly.

    Does anybody know the cause or fix for this? I checked the oil, and it seems full.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago