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Don't take all my answers too seriously... especially those on Polls & Surveys. I try to be helpful when I can be. I'm not very chatty when it comes to e-mailing.. it's hard to jhold a conversation via e-mail.. (you know what I mean?) anyway if you have a question or something else// shoot me an e-mail and I'll try to answer it fast. When I say "no offence" I mean offence... no offence more about me (cause I'm awesome) I'm American I still like Lindsay Lohan.. but she deserves jail time. Buffy The Vampire Slayer = Must watch tv show.. if you have not seen it.. you should! Joss Whedon is AMAZING! Gilmore Girls - also great.. great writing I like Cheese, Gum and other stuff of Mexican descent.. don't let my skin color fool you.. I consider myself Latina not Caucasian If you read all this.. I'm sorry you wasted your time

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