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  • Pattern Day Trader Restrictions ?

    So I was marked as a Pattern Day Trader on Robinhood cuz I had to take advantage of selling at 300%+. What now? Am I still allowed to trade and hold?

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  • Venmo MasterCard Costco?

    For anyone who has both please respond. 

    So I have a Costco membership and the Venmo MasterCard. On the Cashback/Rewards section for the card it states this for Using the Venmo card at Costco, “$20 cashback towards new membership purchase”. Does this refer that I will only get $20 cash back if I’m a new Costco member? It doesn’t really give more information. Anyone who has used it pls lmk 

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  • Found a cigar in my Moms purse?

    IDC if you say its her life etc... Smoking is bad !!!!

    I already asked her why she had it and I feel like telling my Dad cuz she's obviously keeping this a secret from him. No one in our household drinks or smokes besides my sister who is obsessed with Tequila. Should I tell my Dad or black mail my Mom in to getting me that Burberry Wallet, backpack and Tie I want 

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  • Disabling Instagram?

    How long can I disable my IG account? I disabled it and I don't know when I will come back to use it. I also don't want it to get deleted. anyone know? I plan to stay off for a couple of years 

  • How much does hair grow in a month?

    I just turned 24 today I am a healthy male who abstains from eating soda, chips, and candy. I like eating healthy and I work out on average 10 hours a week. My hair is 7 inches long and I’m just curious how much it would grow in month because I plan on letting it grow out during this quarantine. I haven’t cut it since March just that I don’t remember how long it was the last time I cut it 

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  • Credit Card Late Payment ?

    ok so I have a banana republic credit card and I used it to buy some face mask since it gives me 5% off. I ordered these mask back in June. However the mask were out of stock so they never processed the order. it finally ended up processing this month when the finally restocked. The payment due date was 7/11, however, it didn't show that I had a current balance and it didn't give me the option to make a payment although it did previously. It was very confusing because I had the email saying that the purchase had been complete. I was finally able to pay today 7/14 which is 3 days after the due date. Would this affect my credit score in any way? when I paid, it said that I had a current balance of $20 and a minimum payment of $0. The credit limit for the card is $1000.

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  • GF's cousin Affair?

    Ok so first of all she's not mY GF but we both obviously like each other and she's technically not her cousin, let me explain. this is how they are related; The sister of the mom of the girl I like is married to the brother of the cousins mom. I hope that made sense. They basically grew up together as cousins tho. Anyways, she gave me a BJ one time and we would have these crazy make out sessions. We would basically do 3rd base sexual activities on each other. Should I tell the her? The girl I like and I weren't anything serious prior to those incidents happening 

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  • Plucking out Grey hair ?

    I’m 24 year old male with thick black 7inch hair. I do however have a few white/grey hair that are very visible. If I move my hair around you can easily see Atleast 20. 

     ive heard a myth that if you pluck out your grey hair, more would grow. Is that true or can I freely just pluck out the visible ones ?

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  • Whats APR on a credit card?

    I don't really understand it. does it only apply when youre not paying your bill on time? Can someone give me and example of APR with a $500 amount 

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  • Credit Card Payment SCARED ?

    Due date 7/11

    Closing Date 7/14

    Currently Balance $0

    If I had a Pending transaction of $418, and I made payment today of exactly $418 on the same $418 pending transaction, what will the payment be considered? An on time payment even if the transaction is pending or would it turn into a late payment by the time it processes?

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    Credit Card Payment Question

    Due date is 7/11

    Closing Date is 7/14

    Credit Limit is $500Pending amount $418I am a young college student who has had a credit card for four months and ive used it in those four months spending more than $2000 always paying everything on time. I recently bought some something worth $418 and it is still pending to be processed. Since the due date is tomorrow, I just paid the $418 to the pending $418. Will that be recored as an early payment? I always pay every time it says current balance but since the $418 has not processed, the current balance has been $0. Just wondering what will happen during this type of scenario. I know they say to always stay under 30% of your credit line before the due date and closing date and ive always stayed at 0%. It is just that in this case, the purchase never finished pending. Any credit experts that can tell me what will happen, because from my understating, I paid what I used as credit so I should be fine right?

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  • Due date vs Closing date?

    Which one is more important so it won't affect my credit score?

    My due date is 7/11

    My closing date is 7/14

    My transactions are still pending and I've used 75% of my credit limit. 

    I'm a young college student who always pays everything on time

    Should I make the payment even if the transaction is still pending?

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  • Venmo Issue?

    I have money in my Venmo. however, when I pay someone through Venmo, it sometimes uses the money from my banks checking account. To me this doesn't make sense because in my Venmo account, I have more than enough money to pay for what I wanted to pay.

    Does anymore else have the same issue. This happens 7/10 times to me 

    Personal Finance1 month ago
  • Should I Get Venmo Card?

    I'm a college student who is more of a credit card user. However, since college students never pay each other with cash, we use apps like Venmo or Zelle which we all know. I myself like to use Zelle more since its already used by my bank and the money just stay there. But some students or friends use Venmo cuz most of their money is in Venmo etc. I saw the Venmo card and I thought it was pretty cool + all the cool colors it has options and I am considering getting one.

    I also know the benefits of the card which are listed on its website. Question is, is it worth getting for someone who won't really be using is for day to day purchases? 

    I currently have 1 credit card and two debit cards. Would this card be a good addition?

    3 AnswersLos Angeles1 month ago
  • Undergrad BA from University  & Certificate from JR College?

    I am currently finishing my last semester at Pasadena City College (PPC) and I am transferring to Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) this coming fall. I plan on taking 15-18 units a semester in hopes of graduating early. However, during summer vacation I plan on taking a couple of courses at PCC to receive a certificate. I would only need to take 5 courses since I completed half of the courses required while completing my AA. 


    Since I am transferring and my transcript would be sent to CPP and all other transferring procedures taking place etc... 

    Would I need to apply to PCC again to complete the certificate?

    Lets say I attempt receiving the certificate and I complete it before finishing CPP, would I need to transfer those courses from PCC to CPP?

    Would I need to let CPP know that I am still taking courses at PCC?

    I don't really need the certificate but since its only 5 courses, I don't see why not attempt and receive it just so it can look nice on my LinkedIn and resume. Having an extra certificate doesn't hurt anybody 

    Also, im am asking here in case anybody knows or has done this since its very hard to reach out to schools RN cuz of the COVID-19

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  • Subsidized Loan/ Credit ?

    So I am eligible to receive a $5000 subsidized loan from my 2020-2021 school year. ($2500 for each semester). I don't think I would actually be using more than 10% of that money since I have a part time Job that pays well and can cover the expenses. 

    My question is, would It be smart to accept the loan and pay off the entire loan in multiple payments before I graduate?(which would be in 2 years). This of course would be the ideal plan before interest begins to accumulate after I graduate. 

    I've never missed a deadline with any of the things I have to pay: bills, credit, etc... The reason I am considering doing this is to build credit paying back the loan. I'm only building credit with small bills I have to pay and of course by using my credit card. I've read the paying back school loans helps build credit which is why I figured it would be a good idea. 

    For those of you who have more knowledge regarding credit or anyone who has paid back school loans on time responsible, please let me know what you think below. =)

    Personal Finance4 months ago
  • Paying Student Loan?

    Lets say my school loans me $5000 for a school year. $2500 for Fall & $2500 for Spring with 4% interest. 

    I have 2 questionsQuestion 1If I pay it all back in one payment, would I end up paying more than $5000? Or would I still be paying interest?($2500 for Fall & $2500 for Spring)

    Question 2

    If I pay the loan back in multiple payments never missing a deadline, would I be paying more than $5000?

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance4 months ago
  • Student Loans?

    Lets say I get $5000 as a loan

    The interest rate  is 4%

    If I pay off the entire loan on the first payment would I end up paying more than $5000? Im asking because I want to accept the loan offered to me by my school but not because I need it but because I want to use this loan to build credit. 

    3 AnswersPersonal Finance4 months ago
  • Credit Card Bill/Score?

    I am barley beginning on my credit. I've already used my card spending about $500 worth this month. I always pay things on time all the time. Ive paid off everything besides a $16.41 Amazon purchase that I purchased around 10 days ago because it still says pending. My PAYMENT DUE DATE IS 04/11/2020 and my CLOSING DATE IS 04/14/2020. I have a $500 credit line & my current balance says $0. My total available credit says $483.59 due to the $16.41 from the Amazon purchase. My due date is in 5 days. Lets say that Amazon purchase does not get processed on time. Will that affect my Credit Score? or will it have no effect since there was no way for me to pay it. 

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  • Credit Card Payment ?

    So I got my first Credit Card with a $500 Credit line. I’ve used it and have a current balance of $126.43. My payment due date says April 11 & Closing date is April 14. 

    My Total Minimum Payment Due says $0.00I’m very new to this and it’s hard to reach out to my bank because if the Corona Virus quarantine situation. I want to pay my bill so I payed $26.43 just to see if anything would happen. It removed the $26.43 from my checking account But it didn’t lower my current balance of $126.43My question is what happened when I pay a part of my credit card while $0 is due. Does that make me be ahead on my payment? My credit statement still says total minimum payment due is $0.00. Did I lose my $26.43 dollars because it did not lower my balance? Will my current balance of $126.43 lower because  I paid $26.43? 

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