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  • Unsocialized new puppy during quarantine, HELP! ?

    So we got a new puppy right as the covid quartile began. She hasn’t seen anyone besides the 4 members of our family for the entire duration she’s been with us, a month now! 

    This week a neighbor wee countered on a walk sweetly tried to call her over and I noticed her growling. She’s 3 pounds by the way- tiny. Yesterday my mom finally came over for an outside dinner and when she tried to approach her the puppy FREAKED!! Yelping so loud and even exposed her teeth towards her like she was gonna bite or something. Afterwards she paced in a constant circle - SO WIERD- I guess due to anxiety...? 

    What the hell. How do we go about fixing this, especially since we are having almost zero contact with people thanks to covid quarantine 😩😣

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  • Puppy crying when she has to be alone, any ideas? ?

    So we got a puppy. She’s now 10 weeks old. When we can’t watch her in the house (not fully potty trained) we put her out on our back porch. It’s super nice, she has a comfy bed and toys! But she will peer in the window and cry seeing us inside. 

    Should we just ignore the crying and teach her she has to be on her own some....? 

    Thanks .

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  • How do I know for sure if our new puppy has fleas? ?

    She had ticks when we got her :(  But Im unsure of fleas. She does scratch some, but when I look through her fur thoroughly I don’t see any anything at all! 

    Is it common to just have one without the other, fleas / ticks? 

    I found another tick on her today 😩 5 days later. HELP!!!! This has to end, I don’t want her coming inside if she has fleas or ticks. 

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  • Attachment image

    How much time should you spend with a puppy?

    My 9 year old got a puppy and after a week the honeymoon phase is slowly subsiding. 

    I view the puppy as a pet, not a human/ child. So I think it’s fine that my daughter resume things and interest in her own life but I feel bad for the little pup if she doesn’t pay her much mind. What’s a heathy amount or time I should make sure she spends with the puppy?  Thanks! First pet 

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  • How can overtime be avoided? ?

    I have 2 employees who really want unlimited hours, but being a family owned business I cannot afford to pay them that much OT. They have asked to waive their OT rate rather than me hire another employee. But I know that is illegal and they can not “opt out” ot OT pay. Any other way to allow them the hours they want without putting myself at risk ...?

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  • HOW to get rid of one elf on the shelf? 10 POINTS?

    grandmother surprised daughter, and myself, with a second elf on the shelf. We do not need a second one, grrr. How can I make the new one be a temporary visitor?

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  • HELP!!! Christmas 911?

    A friend of the family bought my daughter and elf on the shelf. Gave it to her in the box and all (sigh) We already have and elf on the shelf and she knows that! grrrrr. But more importantly my daughter keeps asking me how or where she got the elf if they actually (are suppose) to come from the north pole from Santa. Very annoyed right now. Any suggestions for an explanation on how this "friend" came across this Packaged elf on the shelf


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  • How long should it take for a new house to feel like home?

    My husband and I built our dream home but it's not been a dream, rather a nightmare. It's out in the country so we are battling mice in the attic, spiders, some house issues etc

    Overall it is causing me SO MUCH stress and anxiety! I want to RUN back to my old home and former life living in town!

    He is devestated that I'm unhappy out here. I keep waiting and praying and waiting..... but over 2 months later I still cry several times a week about it.

    Is there hope that it will eventually grow on me. I just think living in the country is not for everyone, me being part of that group. The house trouble and mice problem make it all 10x worse!

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  • What is most likely the cause of a Strong urine smell in one area of a brand new home.?

    So we just build a house, have only been in it 2 months and from day one there has a been an awful urine smell in one area of the house (daughter room and the jack and jill bathroom)

    It isn't constant, that is the puzzling part!

    I feel like it is a mice urine issue as we are battling mice in our attic... country home. But we've only caught maybe 10 total. I assumed for there to be a urine odor issue it had to be more of like an infestation? We haven't had a single mouse inside the house.

    What could it be, mice urine in the wall(s)?

    Mold somewhere?

    Ventilation done incorrectly?


    btw, it is not a dry p trap already checked that

    thank you.

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  • Tips to wean my 2 year old?

    I have been nursing for 4.5 years!! Tandum nursed and nursed all through pregnancy #2.

    My little one is weeks shy of being two years old and I really want to wean him! But he just bugs and bugs to nurse. Distractions only last a few minutes then he's tugging on my shirt again!

    He isn't talking yet so we can't really communicate or feed him stories about why it went away blah blah blah

    I tried the vinegar/ lemon juice trick and he just makes a stink face and goes for it anyway! I feel like I will never be free of nursing

    Any help / advice appreciated !

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  • Night Weaning 20 month old? 10 points!?

    So I've got my 20 month old down to nursing only twice in 24 hours. The two times he STILL wakes up through the night. He takes a bottle of formula great all day and EVEN TO GO TO SLEEP! But middle if the night he pushes it away and won't take it. Any tips to get him completely weaned?? Thanks

    3 AnswersNewborn & Baby6 years ago
  • How much Milk should a 15 month old have? 10 points?

    I'm at the end of weaning my 15 moth old. He still does not eat hardly any table food, he mostly just wants bottles. How many should I aim to limit him to? (Bottles of formula that is)

    He is on the Toddler formula 12-36 months one.

    And any tips to get him to eat more food rather than just drinking so much formula?


    6 AnswersNewborn & Baby7 years ago
  • 15 month old stopped eating, could it be teething?

    I weaned him over the weekend but I don't think it was that. It started just before I weaned him. For the past 3 days he's just drinking bottles and doesn't want any food. Not even his favorite foods. He never was a big eater before but now he doesn't want anything! He will turn his face and not even want to try it or take one bite and spit it out.

    Could this be because of teething? I don't know what else it could be. Should I be concerned?

    He is weeing, pooing and playing fine.

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  • How much of supplements that you take actually gets in to breast milk? 10 points?

    Supplements: anything from things like Vitamin C, to Benadryl to anything you take in pill form. How much makes it in to breast milk?

    And do pills wear off like alcohol would?

    ie: if you take benadryl at bed time but don't nurse for 8-10 hours, would there be less in your milk?


    2 AnswersNewborn & Baby7 years ago
  • How did you night wean?

    My 15 month old doesn't really seem to mind or miss breastfeeding during the day at all. He will tug on my shirt and I offer a bottle, he is happy to take it. But at night, to go to sleep he pushes the bottle away some times and wants to nurse. Any ideas / tips to cut out those night feedings?

    He also STILL wakes up about 3x a night... AGH!!!! Should I offer bottle of water, just rock and no milk?? Currently I nurse him each time, but I can sort of see that he isn't nursing as aggressively as he use to, in other words he doesn't need or may not even really want to nurse. He just sort of does because I offer.

    Thoughts? Experience? THANK YOU

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  • Tips on Weaning a 14 month old, THANK YUO!?

    I really want to start weaning my 14 month old. I figured I would start by cutting out all day time nursing. My question is when, if at all, should I offer bottles?

    For example if he eats a good breakfast. Should I maybe do bottles as snacks?? Or??? Im not really sure how to go about it. Thanks in advance.

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  • How much does a 14 month old eat?

    I am just starting to try and wean my 14 month old from breastfeeding. But I am worried he isn't eating enough table food. This is probably because I still nurse him SO much! HOPEFULLY as I cut out nursing, he will in result eat more food.

    Should I just offer Breakfast, lunch & dinner with snacks.

    Should I just keep spooning him bites until he turns his head or pushes spoon away??

    HOW do I know if he is eating enough?


    3 AnswersNewborn & Baby7 years ago