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  • is a giftcard a good gift?

    My mom is gonna be 65 on the 27th. Everytime i ask her what she wants she gives me 20 different answers. when the kids ask what she wants she does the same thing. is it wrong to just give her cash or visa giftcard since she is so unsure. as for the kids they wanna get her a pair of pajamas or a dress. so i was thinking pjs or the dress from the kids, and cash or visa giftcard from me. is that good enough? i worked overtime a lot over the last  few weeks so i wanna make sure i spoil her like she always has for  me and the kids

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  • Opinion on my baby names?

    I'm 39 weeks pregnant with my daughter and I got 6 names I like. Her middle name is gonna be Lynn. The names are Erika, Hanna, Lizana, Lydia, Victoria, and Nicoletta. Based on these names which one do you like most? I know it's up to me but I'd just like some opinions on the names my 7 year old and i picked. My 7 year old daughter wanted to name my daughter and these were our favorites.

    18 AnswersBaby Names2 months ago
  • Has anyone had this issue?

    I been taking hair skin and nails vitamin and after I take them I'm sleepy all day. Is this a common thing or no?

    7 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style2 months ago
  • Dad keeps needing surgeries after quadruple bypass?

    His heart function was at 25 percent before the bypass once he was strong enough to make it safely through the surgery. Ever since then he has been having issues everyday. He always needs more surgeries. He is only 67 years old and he had issues breathing so he has to go on the ventilator to be able to breath. I called to ask my dad if he wanted all these surgeries but unfortunately he has been incubated so havent been able to talk to him. He has 4 surgeries within a two week period, cant walk and has been diagnosed with dementia. Everyday I have had to make huge decisions on whether to do these surgeries. I approved them because the doctors say this surgery makes it better but afterword he gets worse again. I dont wanna put my dad through all these surgeries because I worry that it will be too much on him. However I'm afraid of making the wrong decision. I get details on each procedure before it's done but when is enough? At what point is it cruel to put him through all these surgeries? My dad told me years ago that if he became a vegetable he wanted to be taken off the ventilator. However he isnt a vegetable and again cant ask when he wants the surgeries to stop cause he is incubated. Mom tells me to stop having these surgeries cause it's too much and I agreed. After I told the doctor that this was the last surgery I'd put him through I hung up. Has anyone had this dilemma with these type of things. I just wanna do the right thing and make sure that this isnt too much.

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  • Are designer shoes worth it?

    I have a friend who is obssessed with designer things. She has designer clothes, designer bags, and designer shoes. We were talking about her new shoes she got. They cost her over 1500 dollars and I think she said they were Christian louibutons or something. I said that's too much for a pair of shoes. She said designers shoes last a lifetime and they are worth the money. Is this true? I have nice heels but none of them are over 20 dollars and they last awhile. So is she right? Does the saying you get what you pay for apply to this?

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  • What is acute heart failure and how long can you live with it?

    Long story short my dad has been really sick for weeks. He is in the hospital now and he has 2 collapsed lungs, a weak heart, and fluid in his lungs. Since I'm his power of attorney I allowed them to do surgery to get the fluid out. They got a liter of fluid out but he was still dependant on the respirator. Well today the nurse in ICU said he had a weak heart and acute heart failure. He is eating and drinking though. I asked her to clarify what it was but she explained it in medical terms so I dont know all the fancy medical words. She did say acute heart failure is much worse then congestive heart failure. I'm extremely upset and need some words of wisdom. Is this a death sentence? Will he have to stay in ICU? How long can he live with this condition? I been researching all this but keep getting conflicted answers. Is acute heart failure able to be cured? My grandfather died at 65 from the same thing and my dads 67. Will he be ok?

    5 AnswersHeart Diseases6 months ago
  • Will neuturing a cat make him not spray?

    I have  4 month old male cat. He is getting netured this saturday. He hasnt been spraying yet. But is it true that neturing male cats will cause them not to spray? I keep getting mixed answers.

    16 AnswersCats11 months ago
  • Does risperidone and lexapro cause high blood pressure.?

    while i was on these two meds my blood pressure readings were high.I completely weaned off respidone cause it was making me sleepy. So im totally off risperidone and instead of 10mg of lexapro im down to 2.5 mg of lexapro. Ever since being off risperdone my blood pressure readings are back in a healthy range. Is it possible the respidone was the problem or is it just a coincidence

    1 AnswerMedicine11 months ago
  • Is craigslist a good place to get a pet? ?

    My dog died a year ago. After coping and experiencing grief and accepting it I decided a kitten would be a perfect gift to give the kids and I for christmas. I put up a ad saying I was looking for a cat and got a message. The girl said the kitten was free and she had his litter box,  food,  toys,  and cat litter. I have seen pictures. But she asked for my address to drop the cat off at 1am in the morning. I haven't responded. She doesn't sound like a scammer but I don't want her at my house because she is a stranger. We decided to meet in public and I'm bringing a friend with me. Are cats on craigslist real or is this a scam? Are cats off craigslist good pets? 

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  • Did I spend enough for christmas.? ?

    I did my shopping for christmas and got my kids a laptop for 200 dollars. I ordered two so the total was 400. But my mom said I should get them more things but I think I spent enough. Its all they are getting for christmas cause its a expensive gift. Is my mom right and should I buy more gifts or is the expensive gift enough? 

    6 AnswersChristmas12 months ago
  • Did I do the right thing?

    I have a so called friend who only calls when she needs something. A few days ago she called me with another one of her "problems" and I got so sick of it that I told her I'm pregnant and don't need your stress. I also told her to go find someone else to use cause I'm not dealing with it and I told her to get out of my life because she's so negative. I then hung up and she has been calling nonstop stop and I been ignoring it. I been dealing with this for years and I had enough. I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my second son. My other son and my daughter don't like her and they even yelled at her before. I just wanna enjoy my pregnancy, spend time with the kids and have a good life. Did I do the right thing? I felt I was mean but I also know that I think I did the right thing but still feel guilty. So did I handle it the right way

    1 AnswerPregnancy2 years ago
  • How many pairs of shorts do you guys get for your kid/kids for summer?

    Mom says 14 pairs and i say 5 to 7. My daughter has all her spring clothes out but when i pulled out my sons shorts from the dresser he doesnt fit in them anymore since he went through a major growth spurt. so im picking some up today. So how many shorts is enough?

    10 AnswersAdolescent2 years ago
  • Is lithium a good drug for bipolar?

    My doctor has tries a lot of different drugs for me and none work. She said lithium is gonna be used next time if the rispidone doesn't work. Does lithium work well or is it too dangerous

    1 AnswerMedicine2 years ago
  • Is it ok to text message break up if the person your dating lives 3 hours away from you?

    My friend has gotton major heat because she broke with her man over text. However they Live 3 hours away from each other. Wouldnt it be dumb to drive three hours to have a break up conversation that lasts less then 5 minutes? I say text break up is fine if its a long distance relationship but if theres is no long distance between them then the break up should be done in person. Otherwise its scummy. Whats your opinión? My friend has been crying her eyes Out cause of these assholes being mean to her and i tell her that her situation is different cause its long distance. I hate seeing My friend so sad. Do u agree with me or disagree?

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  • Is it too early to test for pregnancy?

    Been trying to concieve. Last time I had sex was January 31. I tested 14 days after sex and got a negative. I haven't tested since. Is 30 days after still too early to test again? Or can I test now?

    2 AnswersTrying to Conceive2 years ago
  • Known my friend for 11 years and all she does is dump her problems on me?

    I am so sick of it. I told her many times nicely that I have enough on my plate as it is and that I needed to work on myself because I felt I was being taken advantage of. She never listens. So she called me today with another one of her "problems" and I yelled at her that I was sick of her dumping her **** on me and that I had enough of her nonsense and I wasn't gonna deal with anymore of her drama and to stop using me and I needed distance from her for awhile. I hung up on her. the only time she calls is to dump her drama on me. this time though after I hung up I blocked her. i got enough on my plate with my grandfather whose slowly dying, stress at work, and i also have depression. but now i feel bad for yelling at her. but i can only take so much. should i just keep her outta my life? would u have handled this the way i did? or did i go about this wrong?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Pay the card off in full or carry a balance monthly?

    I have bad credit and by some miracle was preapproved for a card for bad credit. I applied and got approved. I have a 300 dollar limit. I did Max it out as I got a new place and money was tight. Bill came already and I was told many ways to pay it off. I was told by one person to pay in full, another said pay half off and the third person said pay the minimum balance. My check comes next week on the 4th and the Bill is due the 11th. I wanna pay it off but I got three different answers. Which is the best way to boost my credit?

    1 AnswerCredit2 years ago
  • concerned for my daughter?

    My daughter is 5 years old and she has twitching violently in her sleep for awhile. I have epilepsy and had it since I was 2. I have tonic clonic epilepsy and When I went in the hospital cause I was twitching violently in my sleep as well for a few nights the scan showed I also have seizures in my sleep as well. Since I have epilepsy could I have passed it to her? Although mine started at 2 shes 5 so assume if it is epilepsy it just showed up later then mine. I got her an appointment at the doctors Monday so they can see if epilepsy is beginning or not. If so I wanna get it taken care of early. Has anyone had a child this happens to and had the child end up with epilepsy or any other outcome? I will ask these questions at the doctors Monday but in the meantime I wanted to see if anyone could relate to this?

    3 AnswersOther - Diseases2 years ago
  • 2 year mark of my brothers death coming soon and I'm STILL devastated?

    My brother died when I was 28 at the age of 34. Now it's almost 2 years later and I'm still sad. I have gone through the grieving process so I dont know why I'm still so sad. Shouldn't I be over this already? What the hell is wrong with me? I shouldnt be so sad still. He was my only sibling and my best friend.

    16 AnswersFamily2 years ago