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  • Donald Trump should never be forgotten, to memorialize him should we use the term ‘Trumped’ to signify someone losing?

    The greatest tribute we can make to Donald Trump is to memorialize him forever. I will start saying someone got ‘Trumped’ when they lose so we never forget him and his presidency. So he never forgets that we will never forget. 

    2 AnswersPolitics13 hours ago
  • If Trump is as bad as the Democrats say he is and you’re a supporter what’s your excuse going to be on judgment day?

    Trump is widely alleged to be a mass Covid murderer, a traitor, a criminal (obstruction of justice), a rapist, sexual predator, tax cheat, draft dodger, college grade cheat, golf cheat (6 aces? lol) and the worlds greatest liar… all denied by him and his supporters. If it’s all true (it’s probably either all true or all untrue) what are you gonna claim on judgment day, ignorance? The devil made you do it? You had no reason to listen to educated people or scientists? Not your fault what he and the republicans do? You do know it’s like Trump in court, you can’t lie?

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  • If Trump isn’t still lying (today) on TV about fraud in the election why hasn’t he alleged  fraud in court even once?

    He has still never alleged fraud or a single thing that he alleges on TV in court yet despite alleging fraud every time he opens his mouth. He has not shown a single bit of evidence that he keeps saying that he has in court yet.

     If he isn’t lying on TV then why isn’t he saying the same things in court? The obvious possibility is 

    he is lying so he can’t say it in court. If there are other possibilities that make sense I’d like to hear them? 

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 days ago
  • Trump pardoned the criminal Flynn today, the hero Sgt. Alwyn Crendall Cashe gets nothing?

    Trump pardoned the convicted criminal Flynn today. Two weeks ago the senate recommended that Sgt. Alwyn Crendall Cashe, who is black, get the Congressional medal of honor. Not a convicted criminal, just a hero who pulled six men out of a burning vehicle and then died from the burns he suffered while on duty in Afghanistan. I guess Trump thinks he’s a loser because he died. 

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  • Did the religious Supreme Court just okay churches to spread pandemics?

    The religious Supreme Court just okayed churches to spread pandemics. Did the religious supreme court justices forget that there is another cure for the spread of infection that’s been around for hundreds of years? 🔥 

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 days ago
  • Should Republicans in Georgia just give it up and not even bother to vote for those Senate seats in January?

    I mean come on, don’t waste your time. The Democrats were able to make tens of thousands of illegal votes count all over the country, think about it, tens of thousands of completely untraceable votes by ghosts that not a single Republican official in any state could find, even with a $1 million reward they couldn’t find even one. Don’t you think they can swing the Georgia Senate race with tens of thousands more illegal, untraceable ghost votes? They obviously committed the perfect crime once it’s not gonna be a problem in Georgia. So Republicans in Georgia it probably doesn’t matter how many of you vote, there’ll be more for the Democrats. 

    4 AnswersPolitics4 days ago
  • Do women really deserve equal pay?

    I’m not going to argue that women don’t deserve equal pay for equal work, they do. But do they actually do equal work?  I know at least one job they don’t even come close to being equal to male counterparts yet they probably get equal pay for that job. That job is tech-support. Only thing women are good for in tech-support is hanging up on men. I’m a little rough to handle when it comes to talking to tech-support, I’ve been hung up on by women more times than I can count, many more times than they’ve actually helped. And yet men have never hung up on me and have usually managed to solve my technical problem, problems that the only solution from the females was either hanging up or none at all. As far as I’m concerned, to talk to a female in any sort of technical support environment is almost a complete waste of time. That’s not to say I’ve never been helped by a female, I can think of one time one did but that’s about it. 

    12 AnswersGender Studies4 days ago
  • Are you stupid enough to give trump money now to put in his pocket?

    Trump is asking everyone for donations, what he isn’t telling everybody is it’s going into his pocket after he’s out of office, can you really be stupid enough to give him money at this point?

    5 AnswersPolitics4 days ago
  • Looking to get back into online, suggestions for PSN MMO (see details)?

    Looking for suggestions for something to play with friends who live elsewhere, probably in the fantasy realm although I wouldn’t rule anything out. 

    Picking up a PS5 ASAP. Friends will have either fours or fives. I want to get back into online group play in something but I’ve been out of it for so long I don’t know what is good out there now. Several friends and I want to get together regularly to group when we all have PlayStations so it has to be something on the PlayStation network. 

    Here are some of the games that I’ve played, most for a year or so from when they first released: ultima online, everquest 1&2, asherons call 1&2, Star Wars galaxies, anarchy online, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and dragons online, dark age of camelot, eve online. I think Star Wars galaxies or WoW was the last thing I played. I don’t exactly have fond memories of raids in WoW. Not much fun if your class doesn’t get used much in a raid. Also I may not have played since the dial-up days which didn’t help much.

  • How does the religious right not see Trump as exactly what the bible predicts?

    It is common religious belief that the devil, Satan, Lucifer comes as a silver tongued liar that charms the so-called righteous into sin, into believing that evil is good, into doing evil. Everything Trump says is a lie, through action and inaction he has killed tens of thousands of Americans with his lies about masks and the pandemic, he is now trying to overthrow our next elected government. How does the religious right not see that he is the slit tongued serpent?

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 week ago
  • Is Kaleigh bucking for Melania’s job?

    Melania is most likely going to divorce the POSOTUS next year, I’m sure her prenup has expired and she looks like she cringes every time he tries to touch her. Looks like Kayeigh wants to do the *job?

    8 AnswersMarriage & Divorce2 weeks ago
  • Did Eric Cartman win the presidency 4 years ago?

    I can’t find any evidence that it isn’t him in the white house calling himself Trump. Everything he’s done in the last four years fits

    6 AnswersPolitics2 weeks ago
  • What would Eric Cartman do differently than Trump if he were president?

    It’s pretty well known that there is virtually nothing below Eric Cartman so I guess the question is pretty self-explanatory. Is there anything Eric Cartman has done on South Park that is below Trump, something even Trump wouldn’t do?

    6 AnswersComedy3 weeks ago
  • How many times in his presidency has Trump said to himself “I can’t believe they swallow this horsesh*t I peddle.” ?

    We know he thinks it, we know he’s said it. If you don’t know he actually said it or actually thinks it, you watch too much of his paid propaganda wing, Fox (the real fake news).

    3 AnswersPolitics4 weeks ago
  • If any of the conspiracy theories Trump has proposed were true wouldn’t there be a pulitzer for anyone that proved even one of them?

    Trump has proposed as true facts many conspiracy theories since before he was elected. More than twenty can be found with a simple search. 

    If any, even a single one, were true wouldn’t a journalist have investigated? If any of the outrageous theories he has come up with were true it would be an instant Pulitzer prize for whoever uncovered it and published it. 

    I see only three possibilities. Either no journalist is investigating or all of these conspiracies are so well hidden absolutely no one can uncover them or Trump is the biggest liar in the world?

    Media & Journalism2 months ago
  • Would police story be a good basis for a Star Trek series?

    Police story was a show that featured different actors in different precincts in different cities each episode. If there was a Star Trek series based on that every episode would be about a different ship and crew. This would be different because they would be able to recycle the sets, new and old, and they wouldn’t have to pay recurring actors. The cost of the surgeries would be drastically reduced. And most importantly the characters and ships can die. You would never know how a story is going to end, unlike currently where you know the main characters can’t die. 

    3 AnswersDrama2 months ago
  • When the aliens come will you fight them or collaborate?

    Do we deserve to keep this planet and destroy it ourselves or should we help the aliens destroy us? There are always people willing to do anything

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys2 months ago
  • Name some sci-fi movies made this century that are actually B grade and not F or worse?

    It seems like everything I have seen for the most part makes the old B grade movies look like A+++. Specifically virtually every single thing made by the so-called Syfy channel isn’t watchable, isn’t even F grade. And even if it was watchable who wants to watch 1 hour of advertising with a 90 min. movie. They should be called the advertising channel, more ads than any other channel. And the programming isn’t even 50% sci-fi, hence the name change probably. I’m sick of their insufferable crapola, give me some good titles to watch. 

    Movies2 months ago
  • Should the people who pose the question here choose their own correct answer?

    They might as well just write the answer themselves 

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers2 months ago