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  • MATLAB installer error: Exception calling main?

    So I was already using matlab2013 on my previous laptop without any issue but now I shifted to Apple MacBook Pro and I tried installing the same version MATLAB 2013 on windows10 but I keep getting this error "Exception calling main" whenever I open the setup file.

    I have also tried to install MATLAB 2009 but I keep getting the same error.

    Software1 month ago
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    Sum of product?

    Find the following:

    1. Standard SOP expression

    2. KMap

    3. Minimum SOP expression

    4. Circuit diagram

         Segment b,c,d,e,f,g

    Engineering2 months ago
  • Microprocessor programming?

    a) If crystal oscillator frequency is 1MHz. Make a delay subroutine which will generate

    a delay of 800microseconds.

    b) Write an assembly language code that will check the content of memory location

    $139. If it is equivalent 5 put value 0x11 in it else put $22 in it.

    c) The AVR’s Stack is as Big as its RAM Memory? (yes/no)

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design2 months ago
  • Programming?

    Write a code that will show “MPS-ROCK” on LCD using 8-bit data. You can write a program in assembly or C language.


  • Microprocessor?

    A nuclear launch code in the form of numbers is made and its integrity is of highest priority so that it won't go into the wrong hands. Let those codes are ($12, $45, $09, $0B, $49, $0A, $21) is encrypted using a checksum key (As checksum key will only validate the authenticity of codes).

    Part-A: Write a code that will take the above number as an input, store them, and then find the checksum key and validate the authenticity of the key.

    Part-B If codes are changed and going to misuse, how will you detect and stop the launch. If you detect codes are tempered shut all necessary communication that stops the transmission of codes. (hint: use a port as a control port for communication control purpose)

  • Microprocessor?

    Consider a 16MHz crystal oscillator is connected to AVR Atmega32. Find the value of a counter (use timer2) that needed to be initialized if a square wave is of 32 microseconds is generated. Use normal mode with a pre-scaler = 1:64

    1 AnswerEngineering2 months ago
  • Microprocessor?

    Write a program that will create a square wave of 40 % duty cycle on bit 5 port B.

    assume crystal oscillator of 2 MHz is connected to the microcontroller, generate a delay 0.25 seconds use that delay to control the duty cycle. During the ON time switch on the LED connected to even pin of PORTD, while in OFF time switch on the LEDs connected to odd pins of PORTD. Also, show the calculation of 0.25 seconds delay subroutine.

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  • Find the auxiliary equation. Also find yp.?


    while y(0)=1, y'(0)=0

    1 AnswerMathematics2 months ago
  • Solve the ODE?


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  • Find the general solution ?


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    Probability Question?

    Let X be a Gaussian random variable with and .

    a) Find out .

    b) Find out .

    c) Find out

    d) Find out

    e) Find out

    Use the following table.

    1 AnswerMathematics3 months ago
  • Probability Question?

    Q1) Two balls are randomly selected without replacement from a box containing three black balls numbered 1, 2, 3 and two white balls numbered 4 and 5. Assuming that all outcomes are equally likely. 

    Find out the probabilities of following events.

    a) Probability that the color of second ball is white.

    b) Probability that the color of second ball is black.

    c) Probability that both balls are black.

    d) Probability that both balls are white.

    2 AnswersMathematics3 months ago
  • Can i get solution to my assignment on Yahoo Answers? And how much time would that take?

    Feel free to suggest any website where i can get solution to my Questions ASAP

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  • Chemistry. . .?

    The standard enthalpy changes of combustion of glucose and ethanol are given as –2820 and

    –1368kJ mol–1 respectively.

    Glucose, C6H12O6, can be converted into ethanol.

    C6H12O6(s) → 2C2H5OH(l) + 2CO2(g)

    What is the standard enthalpy change for this reaction?

    A –1452kJ mol–1

    B –84kJ mol–1

    C +84kJ mol–1

    D +1452kJ mol

    1 AnswerChemistry4 years ago