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  • I can't get out the habit of singing with my throat when yelling?

    My style of singing sounds like Kurt Cobain but I use my throat and I can't help it. Non of the YouTube videos work and I can't get around singing from the diaphragm

    2 AnswersSinging2 months ago
  • I'm still really worried?!?

    I'm still worried!! I ejaculated in to the bath. The Sperm was in a bath with plain warm water. And I drained the bath. And a minute later my mum ran a bath and had a bath. Should I still be worried about pregnancy?! And how do I stop being worried!??

    Pregnancy2 months ago
  • Bath tub and sperm?

    I had a bath and I ejaculated in the bath. The bath had no soap in just water. Then I drained the bath out. About 2 minutes later and my mum ran a bath in same tub and had a bath. what are the chances of pregnancy. I am really worried??!!!

    7 AnswersPregnancy2 months ago