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  • Why am I shedding so much hair?

    I am a 17 year old male. I literally cannot talk to anyone I know about this because they think im overreacting. I have always had very thick hair, as I am Italian. I was that kid that was always running his hands through his hair and all that. And of course, there was times when I would lose some strands. This especially happened when it was dry. I never gave it a second thought. However, there was a two month period this year (from like April to June" in which I wore hats every single day. Also, I live in Florida, and it is very hot around Springtime. Anyway, i finally stopped wearing hats after i felt as if strands were coming off way easier. I havent wore a hat from like 3 weeks, but thing havent gotten better. I still have a full set of hair, my hairline has not receded, and there is no baldspots or thinning on the top. You cant see my scalp unless I show it to you. But I literally am afraid to take showers nowadays because everytime I run the comb thtough my hair I see 10-15 strands. The last time i took a shower I was literally covered in my own hair. Why in the world are these strands coming out so easy? Trust me when I say they never did this before. Could it be because of the 2 month period wearing hats all day? Or maybe because I lost so much weight at once (I was like 190 in September and am now closer to 140)? Or am I going bald? 

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