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  • How to ground a 15 years old boy who doesn't follow any rules?

    My son doesn't follow our rules. He misses curfews, ditches classes, uses cuss words, doesn't clean up after himself. I don't know how to ground him. I take away his phone privileges but he goes on his computer and checks the social media that way. When I disconnect the computer and internet he says he needs it for homework or he goes out of the house. One time I said if you go out I am not going to let you in, so he didn't come home and spent the night at a friend. Once I withheld his allowance, after a few days I noticed that he has put my credit cards on his phone and pays by apple pay. I had to cancel all my cards and now I have to hide my wallet. He is tall and strong boy and sometimes when I am mad and argue with him, he picks me up and walks around the house and laughs and try to mock me. I am a single mom and having a hard time dealing with his misbehavior. Any recommendations?

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  • my 15 year old son says he smoked weed once to experiment.?

    I have been talking about this since he was 12 and explained all the dangers and outcomes. I also told him that he could try that when he is 21. Yesterday we were going to get his blood test for an anual checkup and he asked what they will look for in the blood test. and finally admitted that he tried weed last week for the first time and was afraid if it showed up in the blood test. I am not sure if he is telling the truth about doing it just once. I was devestated but try not to overreact. I talked some more about all the negative facts but Obviously talking hasn't worked. He keeps saying he knows everything. Please let me know what is the next step and how to react to this situation.

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  • Should I confront my husband about an old afair?

    I am 42 and my husband is 46. We have a 3yr old doughter. Last summer I went to visit my mom in Rome for 2mo. When I got back I notice my husband has changed. He changed his style to look younger, he was going to the gym,, etc. I checked his phone and noticed a phone no. that I didn't recognize. I called and a woman answered . To make the story short, I didn't talk to her, but I found out that who she was. She is a friend of a friend who we met in a party once. I was so devestated, angry and sad. But I couldn't confront him. I was thinking that If I say anything about the afair, then I have to leave him. At that time, I wasn't working and having a small child, I was totally dependent. On the other hand, I didn't want all the friends and family to findout about this. That would have been so painful for me. I contnue living with him and just going through the motions and pretending . At the same time thinking about my options, seperations or divorce. This lasted 3 month and the afair ended. I know this because I was reading their texts. He went through a lot of emotional ups and downs and it seemed that he is really sorry for what he did. Kept buying me gifts and showing me so much love. He is still that way and back to being a good husband But now I can not look at him the same way. Deep down I feel anger and that I can never love him again. My question is, should I tell him every thing? Is that going to help? Or should I just wait and give it time to heal?

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  • Middle school friend problem!?

    My son is 13 and in middle school. Last year he found a friend who became his best friend and they started hanging out all the time seeing each other after school and weekend. a few weeks ago he stopped coming over and answering my son's phones . When my son insisted to know the reason, he said that his mother thinks that my son is a bad influence and told him to stop hanging out with him. So my question is this: Should I contact his mother and find out why she thinks that way?

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  • Has anyone here been to Downtown Disney, California for New years eve celebration?

    . We are planning to go with kids, 10-13, I don't know what to expect and what time is the best to go there.

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